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  • List of Ingredients


    Sesame Oil

    Vigna Mungo Seed Extract (Black Gram)


    Cetearyl Alcohol


    Sweet Almond Oil

    Aloe Vera Oil

    Aloe Barbadensis Gel Extract

    Cetearyl Olivate

    Glyceryl Stearate

    Cetearyl Glucoside,



    Sesame Oil

    Vigna Mungo Seed Extract


    Cetearyl Alcohol


    Sweet Almond

    Aloe Vera Oil

    Aloe Barbadensis Gel Extract

    Cetearyl Olivate

    Glyceryl Stearate

    Cetearyl Glucoside,



    Indian Madder (Manjistha)


    Gum Acacia

    Xanthan Gum


    Dehydroacetic Acid

    Sacred Lotus

    Benzyl Alcohol





    Dermatologically Tested Vegan Animal Test Free Peta

    Introducing our hero ingredients

    What do they do for your skin?

    Aging Skin’s Ayurvedic Knight in the most simplistic exterior – BLACK GRAM!

    In Ayurveda, Black Gram is known for its Vata-reducing and moisturizing properties. It is the ONLY pulse that’s got upwards of 10 times of phosphorus than any other pulse!

    Black gram is an extremely nutritious, enriching food as it contains high levels of protein (25g/100g), potassium (983mg/100g), calcium (138 mg/100g), iron (7.57 mg/100g), niacin (1.447 mg/100g), Thiamine (0.273 mg/100g), and riboflavin (0.254 mg/100g).    

    These characteristics are what lend Black Gram its unctuo-licious powers to fight the appearance of aging signs on the face and the neck to deliver cushiony-soft, velvety-smooth skin.

    While the world is slowly waking up to the skin-moisturizing wonders of Black Gram through The Ayurveda Experience’s range of products, we combined the goodness of this kitchen-frequenter lentil with Vitamin A-rich juicy Apricot for its high amounts of vitamins, flavonoids and potassium known for working wonderfully well for aging skin and reducing the appearance of the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Since apricots have high water content, they’re also an efficient ingredient in providing that much needed hydration to your cheeks and render a velvety-smooth finish.

    To make this a holistic skincare solution, we went ahead to include Ayurveda’s Power-Purifying herb Manjistha or Indian Madder that lends firming, skin-clearing, glow-boosting and complexion-enhancing properties to Blavana!

    This brick-red herb, root of the plant that has heart-shaped leaves, embodies blood and the pure power of ‘life’ itself in its stunning color. As an herbal ingredient, it also imparts a gorgeous reddish tone to anything it’s mixed with, hence the beautiful peach-ish shade of Blavana which comes from Manjistha and not from any chemical dyes or colorants! Bonus: It does not stain the skin either!

    The powers behind Blavana’s ultra-rich formula do not end here.

    We added Aloe Vera Oil, the go-to Ayurvedic skin hydrating specialist along with Cucumber Juice to keep skin soothed, soft, smooth, cool, hydrated and glowing. The inclusion of 2 quintessential Ayurvedic oils, Sweet Almond Oil and Sesame Seed Oil, offer nutrition and richness that emulsifies into the skin and deeply restores and retains moisture.     

    How do they do it?


    Did you know Black Gram is called ‘Mash’ in Ayurvedic literature which means 'the herb that strengthens and promotes health'?! 

    Revered as a natural Vata pacifier in Ayurveda, Black Gram imparts smoothness and moisture to the skin and keeps it feeling plump and soft. INTERESTINGLY, Black Gram is a potent ingredient that helps overcome the appearance of aggressive signs of aging. But that’s not all. It doesn’t just fade away the look of aging but also upholds the health of your skin! 

    Scientific studies mention that the seeds of Black Gram contain essential and non-essential amino acids, minerals, acceptable fatty acids, tocopherol - a rich source of phenolic acids, flavonoids and condensed tannin contents. They are also an excellent source of B-complex vitamins, Vitamin A and essential folates that keep skin taut and firm.  

    Particularly recommended for restoring the health of thin, frail, delicate or translucent-looking skin, Black Gram:

    • Ensures that the skin stays moisturized, supple and soft 
    • Helps reduce the look of deepened wrinkles  
    • Gives skin a silky-smooth feel and polished look 

    Traditionally recognized as a natural purifying herb and a natural complexion-booster in Ayurveda, Manjistha or Indian Madder lends skin a glowing, refreshed and youthful look. It is also known to impart a golden sheen, in order to take away the day-to-day dullness that sits on your skin and makes you look older.  

    Loaded with skin-soothing, glow-giving, complexion-enhancing compounds like munjisthin and purpurin which are glycosides, Manjistha gives the skin a lit-from-within illuminated appearance. In addition, it is also highly revered for:  

    • Promoting a youthful dewy sheen with an ageless look 
    • Calming and relaxing inflamed, fiery skin  
    • Enhancing and evening out the skin tone, and for 
    • Gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin  



    Ayurveda believes Apricots to have ‘Jara Nashanam’ and ‘Kaidev Nighantu’ or Age-Defying Components. It is also called ‘Kapha Krita’ or something that increases Kapha.

    According to modern skin science, Apricots are most known as potent skin hydrators as they have naturally high water content. They also come with multifaceted health-boosting properties for skin like:   

    • Reducing the appearance of early signs of wrinkles and fine lines 
    • Improving skin’s firmness, density and volume for a supple look 

    Rich in Vitamin A and E, flavonoids and potassium, Apricots can also infuse the skin with a dash of youthful vibrance by energizing dull, tired or under-nutritioned skin.

    You must have used Aloe Vera either in raw form or as a gel for various skin concerns. In Ayurveda, Aloe is said to be ‘Hima’ or coolant. It is considered a go-to solution for skin and hair issues and is said to be 'Haret tvagamyan' or something that abolishes skin issues (Kaidev Nighantu). 

    Ideal for all skin types, there really isn’t anything that this miraculous herb can’t do for your skin! From regularizing dryness to promoting an even tone by lightening the look of dark patches and other pigmentation to even cooling and soothing all skin tantrums, Aloe Vera is that handy, reliable and stunningly versatile ‘skin-saver’! 

    • Dry, irritable, scaly or ‘crepey’-looking skin that’s scratchy? 
    • Spots and blemishes that call your skin home for years now? 
    • Adamant crow’s feet and wrinkles around the mouth? 
    • Angry red bumps and scars littered all over your skin? 

    Aloe Vera’s got your back, no matter what! 

    Enriched with 75 potentially active compounds, the gel itself is a nutritious storehouse of everything from youth-boosting Vitamin C & E to protein-building folic acid and amino acids and even moisture-binding saponins. 



    Revered in Ayurveda as a natural coolant (Pitta-pacifying property), just like its serene appearance, Sacred Lotus casts a charm of relaxation and calmness over the skin too. As its nutrition profile is naturally health-promoting, Sacred Lotus is also a commonly used culinary ingredient in many Asian cuisines.

    Traditionally used in a number of rejuvenation therapies, this exotic plant also serves as an excellent means to: 

    • Hold moisture in the skin and keep it soft and plump against dryness 
    • Fight the look of aged skin as it’s an excellent agent for promoting youthful beauty, and  
    • Help smoothen the appearance of the skin when it looks too porous. 

    Extremely beneficial for soothing blushed or flushed skin, especially those skin types that are a tad high on the sensitivity scale, Cucumber juice is a godsend for protecting the integrity of skin. Another lesser known yet highly useful benefit of Cucumber juice is that it’s also quite proficient at maintaining balance and for ‘health-ifying' skin from the inside. 

    Makes sense why they advise to have Cucumber juice while on a detox or cleanse, now, doesn’t it? 
    It’s just as good for the skin from outside, as it is from the inside! 

    To top it off, it also functions well to: 

    • Readily add a sprightly sheen and glassy look 
    • Reduce the appearance of redness, puffiness and blemishes 



    Glycerine is a natural compound that’s clear, colorless and odorless - a syrupy liquid derived from vegetable oils. For skin, it functions as a humectant (a substance that boosts moisture and hydration) and by all means is safe to be used externally and is highly effective for steadying the skin’s natural level of moisture

    With a nutrient load of highly benevolent compounds, glycerine shows emollient qualities as it acutely hydrates the stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin), provides protection against external irritants and retains moisture, for: 

    • One upping your entire appearance with a glossy sheen 
    • Keeping skin moisturized and healthy by banishing dry, dull skin 
    • Softening and smoothening the skin texture and preserving youthfulness. 

    It’s just as good for the skin from outside, as it is from the inside!

    Distinctive and Safe Formulations

    Crafted specially for you


    • Sulfate
    • Parabens
    • Formaldehyde
    • Formaldehyde releasing agents
    • Phthalate
    • Retinyl palmitate
    • Palmitate
    • Mineral oil
    • Oxybenzone
    • Hydrquinone
    • Triclosan
    • Triclocarbon
    • PTFE/PFOA, Styrene
    • Polyacrylamide/acrylamide
    • Acetaldehyde
    • Acetonitrile
    • Methylene chloride
    • Animal fats and oil
    • Animal musks
    • Benzalkonium chloride
    • Resorcinol
    • Carbon Black
    • Acetone
    • Butoxyethanol
    • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
    • Methylcellosolve
    • Methylisothiazolinone/
    • methylchloroisothiazolinone
    • Mercury and mercury compounds (thimerosal)
    • Bisphenol A (BPA)
    • Aluminum Salts
    • Benzophenone + Related Compounds
    • Insoluble Plastic Microbeads
    • Toluene
    • BHA/BHT
    • Nanoparticles as defined by EU
    • Petrolatum
    • Parrafin
    • Silicon
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Talc
    • Lead/Lead Acetate
    Dermatologically Tested Vegan Animal Test Free Peta