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    Hide it with makeup or make up on lost nutrients to heal from within?

    This 1 step
    is crucial to make
    all the difference.
    This 1 step is crucial to make all the difference.

    Hide it with Makeup or Make up on lost nutrients to heal from within? 

    This 1 step is crucial to make all the difference.  

    Ever noticed those brown spots that show up on your face and body like uninvited guests on a lazy Sunday? Ugh.
    Don’t you just wish they’d leave you alone? Some blame it on your age, some call them liver spots. But what are they really? What causes them?
    And most importantly, is there something that could deal with the villainous duo of pigmentation AND uneven skin tone? 

    Pigmentation, Sunspots, Liver Spots, Age Spots – what are they and what causes them? 

    Meet melanin.
    A substance that provides pigment to the skin and protects it against harmful UV Rays. Here’s when the problem starts- overactive melanocytes in the body could lead to accelerated pigment production. This happens due to skin-cell damage which in turn is caused by the following: 

    • Sun exposure: the main culprit, which is why they're often referred to as sunspots .
    • Hormonal changes: whether it is due to puberty, pregnancy, PCOS, menopause, oral contraceptives, increased estrogen in the body can cause a type of pigmentation called 'Melasma'.
    • Acne: this one needs no introduction. Even after acne clears up, it could leave behind acne spots known as 'post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation'.
    • Age spots: in this case age isn't just a number, but more of a value of time and increased exposure to UV light over the years which leads to a higher concentration of melanin in certain parts of the face and body, showing up as darker spots.

    Why everything you’ve tried so far has failed

    #1 Topicals, laser treatments, chemical peels - too many options, too many claims, too much confusion 

    The beauty industry is flooded with all kinds of topicals that are marketed to “brighten the skin and treat pigmentation”. Retinols, azelaic acid, vitamin C serums, niacinamide, kojic acid, and tranexamic acid are just a few of the popular ones. It’s hard to choose the right one for your bio-individual skin type. And even though you may be tempted to give laser treatments or chemical peels a try, they come with their own set of cons. In the midst of all the clutter and noise, it’s hard to choose the right course which will be beneficial for you and minus any side effects. 

    #2 They’re harming you more than they’re helping you  

    Most topicals available out there are not suitable for sensitive skin and can potentially irritate the skin.
    The other popular choice, Chemical Peels, can also be too aggressive and can even worsen the very condition they set out to treat. They should always be performed under the right guidance. And no points for guessing, they’re extremely costly too. And let’s not forget the laundry list of don’ts and the downtime that comes with them - from being instructed to avoid sun exposure, to no exercise, no sweat and worst of all; in some cases the skin starts peeling. *yikes!*

    Laser therapy goes a step further in terms of cost and the potential harm that it may cause the skin. If not performed correctly, it can cause further hyperpigmentation, scarring or in some cases, burns. Is it worth it to undergo treatment that could totally backfire and make things even worse than before? You deserve better.  

    #3 The main problem: they’re not going to the root of the problem  

    Like all things in life, it’s important to get to the root of the problem. It’s the same when it comes to pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Picture this, you’ve got a plant that looks dull and dry. You think you’ve tried everything. You sprayed the leaves with water, you put it out in the sun, yet it refuses to grow. You’ve done pretty much everything but fix the soil, and that’s where the problem lies. When it comes to the appearance of your skin, the same logic applies.  

    "Start from within to see results from the outside."

    However, all the solutions recommended for pigmentation and dry skin only reach the surface without trying to get to the problem that lies beneath. Your skin needs nourishment and radiance from within to shine on the outside.

    What if you could fix the very root of the problem that causes pigmentation?

    Instead of fighting the battle scars and spots, how about stopping the very thing that causes the outbreak?

    A healthy diet is half the battle won.

    But what is the other half?

    Your gut may have the answer.  

    The missing puzzle piece that could solve your skin concerns, naturally.

    If you’re convinced you've tried EVERYTHING from the most endorsed topicals to fixing your diet to taking prescription meds and even giving up on soaking up some sun *sigh*, this one’s for you.

    You're ignoring this ONE crucial step that is scientifically proven to help fight pigmentation

    Veggies and fruits aside, there are plenty of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body isn't getting to fight this pesky pigmentation. It's like getting an entire army but without the right arsenal of weapons. It can only do so much.

    You could be eating all the salads in the world, and it won’t make up for these herbs which are missing from your diet.  

    What if you could inhibit what makes melanin in the first place? 

    True Gut-to-Mirror Beauty with scientifically proven, time-tested herbs that battle pigmentation and win.
    Every time.

    1. Amla 

    Meet the mother of all herbs, power packed with Vitamin C and tannins. This can do a whole lot more for your skin health and pigmentation than any Vitamin C serum ever could. It’s a heavy lifter when it comes to collagen production. Renowned for its youth-boosting properties, it fights sun damage and as a result reduces blemishes and pigmentation. The results? Glowing, even toned, skin! 

    2. Shatavari

    A wonder herb that reigns flawless skin, no surprises then that it’s also called the ‘Queen of Herbs’. It’s got mystical rejuvenating properties and is also an effective adaptogen that helps our body deal with stress and skin oxidation by preventing collagen breakdown. It also helps maintain hormonal balance as it contains compounds that are like estrogen, which is especially helpful as one ages. Shatavari is a skin specialist in its own right and helps maintain the skin’s firmness and resilience.

    3. Guduchi

    This miracle herb is an anti-aging guru, trusted for its age-defying properties in the East. It helps to naturally detoxify the body and flush out impurities and toxins from the blood. The deep cleanse from within is what enables it to reduce dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, giving you even toned, radiant skin.   

    4. Fenugreek

    These glorious golden seeds contain a whole assortment of nutrients such as thiamin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin C, K, and B6. An incredible lineup that tackles sun damage, dark spots and pigmentation. Also known to have skin soothing properties, they help intensively moisturize and hydrate and give you the most supple, flawless skin ever. Good things do really come in small packages!

    5. Bakuchi 

    It would be apt to call it ‘Blemish-reducing Bakuchi”. This super herb does wonders for the skin from reducing patchiness and dark spots to boosting collagen that ensures plump youthful skin. This one herb does it all!

    6. Ashwagandha

    We’ve all heard of the magical qualities of ginseng - now meet this Indian version which has been revered for centuries for its rich bioactive compounds. Scientific research has shown that it contains Withaferin, a compound that is powerful in the reduction of dark spots. And that’s not all, it’s also packed with withanolides, saponins and alkaloids - making it an age-old age-spot warrior. So, if you want to turn back the clock on your skin, you want this on your team!

    7. Turmeric 

    You’ve probably heard of this one since Turmeric Latte and Turmeric Water is all the rage. Ayurveda (an ancient Indian science of well-being) has used this as a holy grail for centuries, way before it got cool. An exceptional detoxifier, this golden hued herb can give your skin the glow you’ve always wanted. It contains ‘curcumin’ a compound which reduces melanin production and helps actively balance the skin’s texture and reduce pigmentation. It’s a go-to for boosting the skin’s appearance and renewing its firmness.

    8. Papaya 

    Who knew this delicious fruit could do SO much for your skin. It contains lycopene, a substance that helps reduce the signs of aging. It also contains an enzyme called papain which is an efficient skin exfoliator, it helps remove the dead skin cells that clog pores, which in turn helps reveal brighter, glowing skin.

    9. Neem

    There’s no bad blood when it comes to this one. Literally. This sacred Ayurvedic herb is a blood purifier that helps rid the body of toxins that dull the skin, to reveal a healthy glow. This ‘nature’s drugstore’ is enriched with a combination of more than 150 compounds that boost collagen, reduce pigmentation and intensively moisturize the skin.

    10. Gokshura

    Not just an herb, it’s a powerful shield for your skin, fighting against sun damage and harmful UV rays. It’s loaded with the goodness of flavonoid glycosides, proteins and Vitamin C, making it an all-natural depigmentation remedy. It’s a sought-after herb to help reduce blemishes, dark spots, patchiness and wrinkles. Gokshura is simply a go-to for glowing skin! 

    11. Five-Leaved Chaste Tree 

    Ultra-rich in flavonoids and phenols; containing a whole treasure trove of Vitamin C & D, this Ayurvedic herb is a potent detoxifier that cleanses the body from deep within. It helps improve the skin’s overall texture by fighting off blemishes, patchy skin and dark spots. 

    12. Grapeseed 

    Not only does it come with its own set of powerful properties, but it is also a true team player that enables the vitamin E and vitamin C already present in the body to be more effective in skin’s overall preservation. A super boost of vitamin E and fatty acids, as well as proanthocyanidin is what enables grapeseed to even out skin tone, improve the symptoms of hyperpigmentation and improve skin’s elasticity and hydration. 

    13. Pomegranate 

    This bejeweled looking fruit is a treasure trove of nutrients such as tannins, anthocyanins and ellagic acid that help fight cellular damage caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure. Just like its rich and juicy texture, it helps rejuvenate the skin and gives a plump and supple glow. It plays a double role, that of a detoxifying agent and a heroic replenisher. It not only protects the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin that helps in skin cell regeneration; but it also goes deep within to boost blood flow to reveal that healthy glow. A true anti-aging champion, it helps with tissue repair, skin invigoration and actively clears the skin off age spots.

    14. Lemon

    The good old salad companion and all-time favorite summer refresher is a known legend as a source of Vitamin C. No surprises then that it fiercely fights sun damage, boosts collagen to reveal firm and youthful skin; and helps reduce pigmentation. So when life gives you lemons, get ready for glowing skin! 

    15. Ginger 

    Now here’s a superfood that is also a skincare superstar. Ginger is packed with powerful compounds that boost blood flow to even out skin tone, reduce pigmentation and prevent sun damage, resulting in brighter, healthier skin. 

    Now that you’ve got the power of knowledge and know all about these mighty herbs and natural ingredients, it’s time to put it to the test. Gathering all these ingredients and attempting to make a DIY concoction isn’t anything less than a wild goose chase. What’s the right measure? What quantity does one need to consume to obtain maximum benefits? It’s not an easy task.

    But there’s one sneaky way you could get all 15 herbs along with the glowing results that come with it.

    Women who have consumed this magic glow-giving herb supermix have reported SO many benefits.

    Let’s hear them out. 


    “I’ve only taken these a week, but I can see my skin glowing and more youthful. The skin on my body is noticeably softer even in the coldest week of winter so far. The pimples I had, are shrinking or drying up. It might be in my head, but I feel a little more gently energetic an hour or so after taking them. Bonus!” 


    “I started noticing a brighter more even complexion after about 2 weeks of consistent use.. twice a day… morning and night. I eat healthy and drink a lot of water but this added supplement with its all natural ingredients made all the difference. My dermatologist even complemented me on my healthy skin!!” 


    “I have been taking TonEQ for about a month now. I have noticed my brown spots have faded to about half of what they were.” 

    An arsenal of Ayurvedic Herbs often ignored in the diet, in one single supplement is a gamechanger to see results. Most women reported that they experienced the following benefits:  

    Brightened skin and reduced blemishes

    Visibly reduced appearance of pigmentation and patchiness, even from the most notorious places 

    Even-toned complexion giving a flawless no makeup look 

    Reduced appearance of age spots 

    Protection of the skin from further UV damage, improvement in skin’s resilience 

    Enhanced skincare and diet efforts with all-natural Ayurvedic herbs 

    Visible results in
    2-4 weeks

    That’s the verdict on Ayuttva’s TonEQ, a unique dietary supplement that inhibits the activation of Tyrosinase, reduces melanin synthesis to reveal glowing skin from within. And here's the real deal, Tyrosinase is the enzyme responsible for melanin production, so inhibiting its activity would lead to reduced melanin production which would lead to reduced pigmentation. TonEQ does exactly that.

    It goes straight to the root of the problem.   

    TonEQ - a pioneer supplement that is scientifically tested AND clinically proven to reduce melanin concentration (up to 75%) and tyrosinase activity (up to 43%)  

    There are a lot of supplements and tonics flooding the markets, but guess what - most of them are not scientifically tested, and being clinically proven is totally out of the question. TonEQ is vouched for by its loyalists and for good reason: the claims are based on scientific testing and efficacy studies that have proven that TonEQ reduces melanin synthesis by inhibiting tyrosinase enzyme activity which promotes even toned, glowing skin and reduces blemishes and hyperpigmentation.  

    51+ confusing products working at the surface vs 15+ time-tested herbs delivered straight to your gut.

    But why do I need a supplement when I have a healthy diet? 

    While a healthy diet is always a step in the right direction, there are certain pigmentation fighting pioneers that are not present in most fruits and vegetables, especially these powerful Ayurvedic ingredients that are completely unknown in the west, or at the very least not part of an everyday diet.

    To make the most of their nutritional and medicinal properties, it is important to consume them regularly, and a small, easy to consume supplement is the best possible way.

    Imagine the combined benefits of 15+ herbs in just ONE go. Your skin will thank you for it and you’ll be thankful for all the compliments that’ll be coming your way, non-stop. 


    Easy to consume: It comes in small, easy to swallow capsules  

    No taste woes: Comes with the benefits of 15 herbs without that herby taste  

    No nasty sugar: Unlike other gummies, TonEQ is completely sugar-free  

    No dietary change needed: You don’t need to make any changes in your diet, it’s safe to consume as is

    All natural herbs, no chemicals, no nasties, no hidden ingredients  

    Time-tested and scientifically tested and proven to show results  

    A potent formula that works its way from the inside out 

    True skin health transformation, not just a surface level quick-fix  

    The only supplement you need for supple, glowing skin 

    But with just one bottle of TonEQ you can watch your SQ (Skin Quotient) change for the better. Most loyalists of TonEQ have shared their experiences and vouch for the results that they’ve felt in JUST 2-3 weeks! So, let’s challenge that pesky pigmentation and dryness, shall we? Take the first step to renewed, glowing skin, naturally.  

    The 6-in-1 Supplement for Glowing Skin, at any Age

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    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - Ayurvedic supplement with Amla, Licorice and other herbs for Even-Toned, Brightened and Healthy looking skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva
    10% OFF
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - Ayurvedic supplement with Amla, Licorice and other herbs for Even-Toned, Brightened and Healthy looking skin Supplements Ayuttva
    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin Supplements Ayuttva

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9


    TonEQ Pack of 2 - An Ayurvedic Supplement for Even-Toned, Brightened & Healthy Skin

    • Scientifically proven to down-regulate excess melanin up to 75%, helping reduce age spots, patchiness, and pigmentation
    • Evens skin tone and gives skin that looks blemish-free all over your body
    • Has 15+ anti-aging herbs loaded with potent antioxidants
    • Provides essential Ayurvedic phytonutrients for sun-damaged, photo-aged, and dark spot-ridden skin
    • Supports Photo-protection for your skin and strengthens its response to UV and free radical damage
    • Reduces dullness, activates glow, and boosts brightness visibly in 2-4 weeks

    180 capsules 

    2 month’s supply






    7 reasons why TonEQ is the best Skin-Support System for you


    TonEQ is a unique, natural, Ayurvedic, skin-tone equalizing formula that’s been designed to address the concerns of aging skin, photo-aging, age-spots and unevenness and pigmentation. It contains natural, powerful, exotic, quality checked Ayurvedic herbs that have known to work for over 5000 years and are extremely difficult to find here in the west.


    An efficacy study was conducted to establish the depigmentation potential of TonEQ by inhibition of Tyrosinase enzyme activity. The study was a cell line study establishing the mechanism of action of TonEQ in regulating tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin, the pigment that imparts skin color. The recommended dosage was found to significantly reduce melanin concentration (up to 75%) and tyrosinase activity (by up to 43%) thereby providing skin glow, helping reduce blemishes and controlling hyperpigmentation. 


    Boasting of a robust ingredient list, TonEQ brings the best of Ayurvedic herbs to your body that have diverse properties beneficial to your health. It’s not just a vain, temporary skin-care solution, but a real, skin-health solution. It gives you freedom from the expenses and the risks of chemical/laser treatments and makes for a healthy choice! 

    #4 TonEQ works on the ENTIRE BODY 

    Due to TonEQ’s mechanism of operation, it has effects on the entire body and not just the face. TonEQ helps reduce pigmentation in areas such as the inner thighs, back of the neck and other areas where it may not be as convenient to apply topical treatments. Without having to spend time or making any extra effort, you can work on the skin-tone all over your body with just one step of taking TonEQ!

    #5 TonEQ is AFFORDABLE 

    TonEQ when compared to other skin supplements showed that it is 57% cheaper than the bestseller brand and 37% cheaper than the 2nd bestseller brand, when compared on a monthly basis.

    As for its sustainable size, 1 bottle of TonEQ lasts twice as long as these 2 other brands!

    TonEQ comes with the goodness of 17 Ayurvedic, chosen herbs known for their richness in even-toning skin, as compared to the other brands which have only 7 herbs and 1 ingredient respectively!

    What’s more, unlike both bestselling brands, TonEQ is scientifically tested, so you can be rest assured that you’re consuming scientifically tested, natural and Ayurvedic herbs! 


    With no known side-effects, TonEQ is a superlative Ayurvedic product that passes multiple checks. We’ve taken not 1, but 10 steps to ensure safety and quality for TonEQ. 

    #7 TonEQ comes with a 100% SATISFACTION, 30-Day MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 

    In the off chance that you feel that it does not fit right with your system, write to us within 30 days of receiving the order and we will give you a refund.   

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