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 Cultured Clarified Butter 
Made from grass-fed pasture raised cows 

Organic. 100% Natural. Lactose-Free
Made with Authentic Ayurvedic Procedure


Ghee!? What is that?

Well, Ghee is basically butter but without the unhealthy fats and milk solids. In a way, it is the gooood part of butter.

It is flavorful, nutrient-dense, and lactose-free. Cool, right? Not only does it make an excellent substitute for butter, but other cooking oils too.

It also has a good shelf life and a nutty, rich taste you’ll love.  


Enriched with Vitamin A, D, E and K, ghee enriches the body’s ability to absorb nutrients while improving immunity and digestion. 

Only the Goood Fats

Ghee is made through a unique process that keeps the essential fatty acids intact and removes the trans-fat (and the lactose!). It meets 90% of your Omega-Fatty acid requirement.

Healthier than butter and cooking oils

It is lactose-free and has a high smoke point, which means you can heat it up to a high temperate in the pan without the ghee losing its nutrition or creating free radicals (unlike oil and butter).

And you can cook nearly anything with this superfood.
Waffles, pancakes, toast? Yes! 

No Refrigeration Required

Yep, you could keep it on your countertop or cabinet. It’ll still be healthy and tasty to eat as it is free of milk-solids and thus, extremely shelf-stable.

◆         ◆         ◆

What makes Ayuttva Ghee awesome?

Let’s start with some basics.
There are 2 kinds of cow milks- A1 and A2. A1 is produced by mutated cow breeds, is watery and lacks certain good enzymes. A2, on the other hand, is produced by superior cultured jersey cows. It is healthier and more nutritious than A1.

AYUTTVA's Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee is made under the full moon from pasture raised, grass-fed A2 quality cow’s milk.
The vibrations because of the gravitational pull during a full moon are known to enhance the nutritional powers if ghee. The lunar energies help in calming the mind and strengthening the body.

Interesting, right?

◆         ◆         ◆

Adding Ayurvedic Goodness 

The magic lies in the Ayurvedic process.

To ensure all the energy-uplifting properties of this superfood remain intact, a unique Ayurvedic process involving low cooking temperature is employed.

Apart from preserving its pure rich, nutty and buttery flavor, this unique process also makes the Ghee nutrient-dense and helps preserve the rich essential fatty acids in their original state. Ayurveda prescribes ghee as a reliable food source that pacifies all the three doshas- Vata, Pita and Kapha.

Ghee is traditionally believed to be the ‘Food of the Gods’ and is a Sattvic food or food that is pure and balanced. As it improves overall health and enhances vibrancy, Ayurvedic ghee is one of the foremost components used in the traditional Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda that contributes to longevity and better health.

You’ll love this golden goodness! 

100% Organic

Made from milk from Pasture-raised cows


Prepared using Ayurvedic Procedures

Proudly Made in USA

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Use AYUTTVA's Ayurvedic Cultured Ghee

As a cooking oil

Sauté your veggies or meat 

In place of butter

Grease your pan with ghee and make pancakes or crepes

To toast

Toast your bread, bagels or waffles

In Buddha Bowls

Yep, that’s one ingredient for a flavorsome meal

For dry skin and hair

You are going to love the results! It’s immensely nourishing.



"Delicious and Nutritious"

"This is my 4th jar. I use it in any recipe that requires oil or butter. It has a delicious, subtly butter flavor. I tried a different product and it does not come close to the outstanding quality of your Organic ghee..."

 - Deborah P. about our Ayurvedic Ghees


"Best ghee ever"

"This product is exceptional… it has a wonderful nutty taste and my husband says he likes it better than butter." 

- Diana L. about our Ayurvedic Ghees


"I use ghee a lot and this brand was tastier and had a more rich flavor than others. I will be ordering again."

- Kennetha C. about our Ayurvedic Ghees


"Amazing products!"

"...First off I have NEVER been disappointed by any of their products!! Their customer service and fast shipping is certainly awesome! Kudos to the customer service department for for always quick response and follow up.

First rate products!" 

-Sandy F. about The Ayurveda Experience products


"What I love about this company is that every product I have purchased from them has worked the way they promised it would. I highly recommend using their products!!" 

- Shelly D. about The Ayurveda Experience products 


"One of the best ghee"

"It tastes good and made with best ingredients and my friend’s kid loves it. He is 2 years old and can spot the difference." 

- Anonymous about our Ayurvedic Ghees



"I love your ghee… I am a hard person to like any ghee. But yours, was buttery like golden bliss. Yummy"

 - Christine B about our Ayurvedic Ghees

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