Ayurvedic Thins

Toasted Wheat Crackers 

Now enjoy crispy, guilt-free snacking with the goodness of Ayurvedic Spices

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1 pack of AYUTTVA Wheat Thins contain:




Artificial Flavors

Added Sugar

Comes in 4 different flavors: 

Curry Leaf Thins

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Fenugreek Thins

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Cumin Thins

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Digesto Thins

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Now, to put things into perspective...Why should you absolutely go for Ayuttva’s Ayurvedic Thins and not the chips and crackers you find in your nearest grocery store?

Ayuttva Thins contain less calories in one single serve as compared to other baked wheat crackers.

And are packed with Ayurvedic goooodness!


Allergen advice: Contains wheat. Manufactured in a facility that also handles tree nuts, sesame, wheat, dairy and soy

Our Ayurvedic Thins do NOT contain: 

Yeast, eggs, soy, gelatin, peanuts, shellfish, artificial sweeteners, colors from artificial sources, artificial flavors, agave, salicylates. 

Heather, a customer, tried all 4 flavors of Ayuttva's Ayurvedic Wheat Thins and this is what she had to say:


So good!
I ordered the cumin crackers as I thought it would be a great way to get all the benefits of cumin in a tasty treat. I was not disappointed. The crackers are crispy and light. They are wrapped in 5 packs within the box so it’s easy to stop after just a few rather than continually reaching your hand into the box and mindlessly eating the whole thing. I added the Ayuttva ghee to the crackers and that was absolutely delicious!

-Heather M. about Ayuttva Cumin Thins


These crackers are so delicious! The fenugreek is a great snack for a breastfeeding mother who doesn’t want to get her fenugreek from a tea. I love having this option available to recommend to my clients as a way to help stimulate milk production. And even if you are not breastfeeding, these are just plain delicious. Very light and crispy and an excellent source of fiber. Being able to take Ayurvedic herbs in the form of a cracker is such a great idea!

-Heather M. about Ayuttva Fenugreek Thins


Favorite crackers!
I tried all four of the Ayuttva crackers because it was too hard to decide which ones I wanted. They are all amazing but these curry crackers are my absolute favorite! I love that curry is great for helping to regulate blood sugar levels so this really makes a perfect snack. Getting Ayurvedic herbs through a cracker was an absolutely brilliant idea. So glad I found these!

-Heather M. about Ayuttva Curry Leaf Thins


Great after lunch snack!
These digestive crackers are so delicious! I enjoy having a crispy treat with my lunch or right after. I like to eat these with my kitchari and a little extra ghee. They are crisped to perfection and I love that the crackers are packed into 5 packs within the box so it’s easy to eat just one serving and not go over.

-Heather M. about Ayuttva Digesto Thins


Ayurvedic Thins - Toasted Wheat Crackers - Set Of 4 Flavors

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