Are you ready for an
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Are you shifting from one diet to the next?
Unsure of the right foods for you? Are you confused by fad diets and don’t know which direction to turn?
Are you experiencing discomfort and have tried almost everything, but you’re still not sure what to do about your health?

In Ayurveda, each health concern is unique because you are naturally unique. According to Ayurveda, you have a body type or constitution which is like a blueprint of your ideal state of health. When you understand what your unique body type is, you know better how to care for yourself and can make better choices for optimal health throughout all of your life.

Since Ayurveda is highly personalized, it’s based on many factors like your own experience of life, your environment and everything that contributes to your state of health. If you’re willing to make some changes to your diet and lifestyle, Ayurveda can help you meet your health goals so you can experience that natural state of wellness once again. 

What can you experience with Ayurveda? 

  • More energy 
  • Better sleep 
  • Improved digestion 
  • Healthy weight management 
  • A feeling of ease and satisfaction
  • An understanding of your strengths and weaknesses 

Sounds amazing, right? It is!

When you identify the right foods, drinks and activities that are most supportive for you at this time, better health is in your hands. When you learn what works for you and what doesn’t or how to apply a food as a remedy, you’re empowered to take control of your health.

Though Ayurveda appears quite simple on the surface, a qualified professional understands the depth and complexity of this very special science of life. Ayurveda, unlike other preventative health systems, addresses the root cause of discomfort and disease. Once the root cause is identified and removed, discomfort stops in its tracks. A qualified professional can help you practically apply Ayurveda so you can experience a noticeable change in your health. 

With an Ayurvedic Health Consultation, you can learn: 

  • The contributing causes to your current state of dis-ease 
  • Steps you can take to support your health naturally 
  • Dietary adjustments that may help improve your quality of life
  • The best foods for you at this time
  • Foods or other substances that may be aggravating you
  • The best activities for your health at this time
  • Activities to avoid temporarily  
  • Remedies that you can use throughout all of your life 

An online Ayurvedic Health Consultation with a qualified professional can determine your unique body type or dosha, your current state of health according to Ayurveda, the state of your metabolism or agni and the foods and activities that will naturally help you to reestablish a state of homeostasis or a feeling of health.

Ayurveda uses strategic foods, drinks, activities and daily routines to create positive changes in health - all tailored to your body type. 

The Ayurveda Experience is America’s top trusted resource for Ayurveda 

At The Ayurveda Experience, sharing knowledge of Ayurveda is our purpose and passion. With over 300,000 happy customers, our platform is one of the largest Ayurveda websites in the West. Our qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners are part of a team of experts that work together to deliver you accurate knowledge and effective information, along with personalized video courses, articles and product recommendations. We are your one-stop complete Ayurvedic journey from skin to fork to everyday good living.  

Why choose The Ayurveda Experience for an Ayurvedic Health Consultation? 

America’s trusted, go-to website for Ayurveda 

  • Since 2014, over 300,000 happy customers have enjoyed our Ayurvedic products and services. 

Highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic practitioners

  • The Ayurveda Experience practitioners are trained in the true Ayurvedic science of life, with knowledge of Sanskrit, the classical Ayurvedic texts, Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle management and dosha assessment. 

Dedicated customer service team  

  • For any assistance you need, our customer service specialists are here to quickly and efficiently respond to your requests. 

Guaranteed authentic Ayurveda 

  • The Ayurveda Experience is guided by the traditional practice of Ayurveda. That means, this is not a feel-good Ayurvedic spa experience or a one-size-fits all approach to health. During your one-on-one live online consultation, we listen to your personal journey of health and offer you valuable methods to positively impact your life experience.  

100% satisfaction money back guarantee 

  • Your happiness is our top priority so if you’re not completely satisfied with your Ayurvedic consultation, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Charts, dosha analysis and more! 

  • After your consultation, we’ll send you a written personalized diet and lifestyle chart, dosha analysis, personalized step-by-step instructions and optimal foods and drinks for your life right now.

Ayurvedic Practitioners at The Ayurveda Experience are trained at the top Ayurvedic educational institutions in the United States.

They are prepared to identify the contributing causes to ill-health and the dietary remedies and remedial measures that will realign you with your natural state of wellness.

Overseen by India-trained Ayurvedic doctors or vaidyas with education in the complete traditional medical science of Ayurveda, our platform is the place for accurate knowledge and a complete online experience. 

What’s included with an Online Ayurvedic Health Consultation?

  • 50 minutes of live one-on-one consultation with your Ayurvedic Practitioner 
  • Detailed steps for health management that’s personalized to your unique state of health 
  • Daily and seasonal recommendations for optimal health 
  • Insight into your Ayurvedic constitution with tips for supporting your health right now 

What’s an Online Ayurvedic Health Consultation worth? What does it cost?

One visit to the doctor may fail to address the root causes of your symptoms and health concerns. Several visits to the doctor can become unaffordable, inconvenient and time consuming. An Ayurvedic consultation can help you learn valuable and effective health tips which you can use throughout all of your lifetime. That means, less time at the doctor’s office, more money in your pocket and more happy times with family and friends.

While Western medicine targets symptoms by isolating them from your experience of life, Ayurveda addresses all aspects of your life. Ayurveda provides a holistic approach to healing incorporating your entire day, habits and life experience into your recommendation plan so you can find wholeness (health) once again. 

Unlike the vast majority of conventional health and coaching appointments, The Ayurveda Experience offers a complete 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason at all you’re dissatisfied with your consultation, we’ll send your money back in a total refund, no-questions-asked, if you don’t see any value in your consultation experience.

This promise of a money-back guarantee is just unheard of in the health sector. But we’re confident that Ayurvedic wisdom can improve lives everywhere. Our Ayurvedic experts will offer you valuable and insightful information that you can use right away and throughout your life to positively impact your health. Your happiness is our top priority, guaranteed!

Schedule your consultation today and learn which healthy choices are best for you so you can experience the life you always wanted - happy and healthy!

Online Ayurvedic Health Consultations at The Ayurveda Experience are just $95.00 USD for 50 minutes of live consultation with a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Here’s what others who have used our services have said: 

“I had NO idea it would be this extensive and thorough! I am in a state of wonder - that such accurate information about my own life, habits and physical experiences could be written so accurately…

I have reviewed all of the papers you sent 0 and I must admit I am awestruck, First, the overview of the different Prakriti and Doshas was easily understood and quite interesting. The basics explained a great deal about how influential our parents personal dietary habits and cultural influence have upon our own personal Prakriti.”

- K. Krebs 

“First, please accept my thanks and my gratitude for my report and your words of wisdom. I learned so much from our conversation last Friday. I really want to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have really opened my eyes. I now feel armed with all of the knowledge about who I am, and why I am the way that I am. I am a very STRONG Vata-Pitta! I am working on making some much needed changes in my life. I’m going to start implementing the practices I read about in the report in order to become a better “me”. Thank you, Vaidya Bhanot, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom! You’ve really inspired me!”

- Rachel Marquez 

How does it work?

Your consultation will be one-on-one with your Ayurvedic Practitioner. It will be live and online using video conferencing technology.

When you sign up for an online consultation, select a day and time that works best for you. When your spot is confirmed, we’ll send you an email with all the information you need for your appointment: a Zoom conference link and links to intake forms which you can fill out online. You can either join your practitioner using Zoom on your desktop or join on your mobile phone with the Zoom mobile app.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to better health. 

We Respect Your Privacy - Always 

The Ayurveda Experience takes the utmost care to maintain data privacy.
Your information is secure and never shared with a third party.

Ayurvedic consultations are only available to residents of
California, Georgia, Oklahoma, Idaho, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Maine.  

Here’s what others who have used our services have said: 

I am enjoying this product! I have been using it for several weeks and definitely notice a difference in my skin texture. I have aging skin, sun damage and winter dryness. My skin already feels smoother and clearer since I began massaging with jojoba oil and the Kansa wand. Several friends have commented on how healthy my complexion looks. I highly recommend this to anyone with similar skin issues. I am very, very pleased with this purchase. Thank you so much!

- Charlotte Davis

Namaste to all of Ayuverda Experience Team, 
Ayurveda is a great ancient Wisdom who everyone need to discover and apply to the daily life..... and if you have a plataform like The Ayuverda Experience,,,,,it is all much easy and reward....... 

The discover of Ayurveda Experience Team has make tremendous change on my life, taking more reponsable of this préciate life which has been gift to our souls...... 
Very grateful for all ,,,,blessings from the Divine to expand even more your Project........ 
Warm regards from Spain 

-Maria de los Angeles Ortiz Ruiz

Dear Ayurveda Experience Team... 

“Warm Heartfelt gratitude for your information. I could not ask for better more courteous prompt response, especially during this time of year.
May your team and families be blessed with joyful hearts, peaceful minds, vibrant health this coming New Year and everyday there after.
Thank you for your service which helps the rest of us receive your wonderful products so we too many enhance our well being.” 

“Always looking for the gifts in every situation....the gift here has been the ability to communicate with your team. Feels very personal and special.” 

“It certainly has been a pleasure and a joy to have experienced your professional caring manner. Hence why I shall be a devoted and loyal subscriber to your products. Thank you for all you are and all you do to make this world a better and healthier place.” 

Much Joy...Laughter....Light....     

- Rebecca Dale


Ayurvedic Practitioners at The Ayurveda Experience are trained in the science and the practical application of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India. While Ayurveda is a vast science, Ayurvedic consultations are for informational purposes only. Always consult your medical provider for assistance with your health conditions. Ayurvedic Practitioners are trained in the management of diet and lifestyle according to your state of health.

The goal of Ayurveda is to establish positive changes in your health and wellness using holistic methods like diet, lifestyle, healthy routines and other specific activities for health like self-massage. Ayurvedic practitioners are not licensed medical providers, do not provide medical diagnosis and may not recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatment. Ayurvedic practitioners do not manage the use of legend medications, perform surgery or perform x-rays.