Stop working against your skin’s issues and start working with its natural state.

Find your way to ‘skin nirvana’ with our Facial Freedom Formula that is natural and safe!

Clear through the web of pretentious products and
find your way to truly good skin with Ayurveda.

Where does your facial skin land on our skin-condition color palette?

  • Bumpy
  • Dry
  • Inflamed
  • Uneven
  • Splotchy
  • (OR, is your skin annoyed with you for using so many products on it?)
Skin-Condition Color Palette

Your face tells you a lot about your skin – how it feels, what it needs, what it wants and what it lacks. If you think that all of the above cannot be met in a single skincare routine, think again. Think Ayurveda.

How to get to Truly Good Skin

Extracted from the seed of a dermo-purifying deciduous plant sustainably sourced from its native regions in Nepal, here is a vegan, organic Himalayan treasure that works on the five essential facial skin features: 


Pore health




Let us introduce you to someone your moody skin needs to meet right away,
a.k.a. Himalaya’s really well-kept skincare secret!

Jojoba Oil is a thing of the past, and if you’re vegan (which we love!) you need something that is not Ghee but has the same benefits. So many oil-based facial products in the market are simply that – a single oil promising you the world.

The truth is, your skin is a complex organ that needs a complex, expert blend of natural and herbal extracts that work on the many problems on the facial skin. Ayurveda has long known the secrets of Truly Good Skin, and now we can share them with you!

Whether you have oily skin, t-zone complaints, normal skin with seasonal troubles or just skin that won’t let you rest – Dhatelo Oil is your friend.

Use it BEFORE everything else and AFTER waxing, shaving and tweezing so you can see the terrific BEFORE/AFTER results in just a few weeks!

Before we tell you all about it, we want you to see for yourself what it can do!



After 1 week of daily use, skin redness looked significantly less prominent, and after 4 weeks of daily use, the appearance of redness and irritation were almost invisible!

What made this happen?

The Ayurvedic powerhouse fruit – Dhatelo

Dhatelo Oil

The fruit named Dhatelo is native to the Himalayan regions and is known across the valley for its far-reaching skin and hair benefits. Used as whole fruit, seed, and extract, its goodness lies in the many inherent natural supplements it contains. In Ayurveda, it has been a crucial ingredient in skincare, aiding in both topical and underlying problems and providing a wholesome health boost.

Loved across North Eastern regions in Nepal for its naturally occurring Vitamin E, Omega 6 and Omega 9s, Dhatelo oil is the active oil in the Replenishing Serum, creating firmness on all the key areas of the face.

Herbal Power-Punch

That’s not all! Dhatelo combined with Aloe works to reconstitute lost hydration due to excessive sun-exposure.

Dhatelo befriends Sesame and Horse Chestnut to clarify and even out the look of moody, discolored skin.

Dhatelo knows how to work with Oat Peptides and Green Tea Leaf extract to maintain an ageless matte texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines and age-spots.

If you haven’t heard of this herbal power-punch yet, it’s because few have!

At Ayulogica we do our research to always bring the most precious and time-tested Ayurvedic solutions nature has to offer, in an affordable, sustainable way.

So, if your facial skin is:

Bumpy skin


it calms and pacifies your skin’s tantrums

Dry skin


it quenches the skin’s innermost layers with moisture

Inflamed skin


it addresses redness by naturally cooling the skin

Uneven skin


it gives your skin a nourishing plumpness

Splotchy skin


it aids in creating smoother, healthier-looking skin

The teachings of Ayurveda and the logic behind wellness and skincare have come together to create a wholesome solution for your skin.

Imagine a few drops of light, natural lubrication that is skincare, wellness and luxury in a polyherbal facial freedom formula straight from Ayurveda.

Experience Freedom:

✔ Freedom from facials hoping the inflammation will go down
Freedom from harsh, unnatural acid-based face products
Freedom from fear that your facial skin might react to a chemical product


The freedom to look at yourself in the mirror and feel nothing but good.

Ayulogica has just the thing for you.

A Replenishing Serum, and in fact, you will soon see that it is...

THE Replenishing Serum!

Not a cream. Not a face mask. Not even an oil.
Just nature in a clear-to-see solution for your skin’s worst mood swings.

The Ayulogica Replenishing Serum is your skin’s soon-to-be best friend till the end!

A serum designed to cater to every skin type, boost your face’s natural beauty, and bring a host of benefits that work on every layer of your skin from within, helping your skin show off its best colors. A new age formulation combining age-old skincare ingredients in a light, non-greasy serum you can use in many ways!

Is this your first thought – ‘Yet another thing to include in my daily routine, yet another expense, yet another hope hung on a new cosmetic!’


Ayulogica Replenishing Serum is NOT just any cosmetic or skincare – it is AYURVEDA.

You might have tried:

Face mask

A face mask to help even the skin tone across your face.

Cold cream

A calming face cream to help reduce redness on the skin.

Face cream

A cold cream to induce more moisture into your facial skin.

facial scrub

A facial scrub to rub away the bumps on your face.

Are you still really willing to do ALL THIS? 😕

Ayurveda advocates simplicity – Ingredients that do not demand a degree in chemistry to understand, methods that mimic domestic cooking, effects that are simple to understand and clear to see.

Confusion should NOT be the reason you END UP buying something!

A few edifying drops of the Replenishing Serum used on cleansed skin morning and evening will become Step One in your skincare routine.

What is skin care for you?

What is skin care for you?

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturizing
  • Protective primer
  • Overnight repair
    (Did we miss anything?) 

Truly Good Skin comes from natural goodness that purifies and helps maintain the skin’s own defenses. The Replenishing Serum with Dhatelo Oil does exactly that as you:

Protection Layer

Put it on as the first layer of protection after you wash your face.

Protection Layer

Dab it on as a primer before you apply your moisturizer.


Layer it before makeup to create a barrier for your pores.

Facial Hair Removal Aftercare Serum

Work in a few drops of this fragrance-free serum after facial hair removal.

Night repair serum

Apply it at night for rejuvenation.


With positive feedback, Replenishing Serum has become people's favorite go-to for sensitive skin, specifically after harsh treatments or exposure to external stressors. This is what they have been saying about it: 


"I was impressed with the results. My skin used to flare up after brief exposure to sun and after a facial. I have very sensitive skin. When I applied just a few drops of the serum, my skin normalized.... And it is gluten free which is great for me being sensitive to gluten. I would highly recommend using this serum for people with sensitive skin and looking for a serum that will address their concerns and moisturize without drying out the skin and also gives a firming effect."

-Christine L. about Replenishing Serum


“This product is wonderful for providing an even skin tone. I have mature and sun damaged skin this product has reduced the visibility and provided a more even tone. I am able to not wear make up and go outside without feeling that my skin is uneven..”

-Mandy about Replenishing Serum


“This product is amazing , results are visible within days... skin is more firm now. ”

-Pooja B. about Replenishing Serum

100% Satisfaction | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
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100% Satisfaction | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals

Cosmetic brands give you skin types that are just skin deep. True skin care is deeper than that.
To cater to your specific skin issues, first:


Skin’s Baseline Mood

❓ Does your face carry signs of aging beyond your age?

❓ What does your wake-up skin look like?

❓ How does your skin feel from day to day?

❓ Which season gives it rashes or flakiness?

❓ Does hair removal cause bumps or inflammation?

❓ When does your facial skin have break-outs?

Knowing your skin’s Baseline Mood is essential, so you can start addressing its many colors...with Ayurveda’s proven ancient herbal methods and formulas.

The Replenishing Serum contains natural and herbal extracts in scientifically identified quantities to placate and restore balance instead of causing flare-ups and irritating the skin further.

The main active ingredient - Dhatelo oil acts as a unifying component activating all these benefits and intensifying their impact so you get amazing, supple skin within the first few uses.

Natural protectors in the Replenishing Serum work with your skin’s baseline mood to make it better. Horse Chestnut extract is gluten-free and comes with flavonoid compounds that naturally improve skin tone.

Oat Peptides naturally boost moisture-retention in your facial skin, aiding in creating a moisture barrier and softening the top layer of your face.

For ages, Green Tea extract has been the warrior element in acne-prone and inflammation-prone skin. In Ayurveda, Green Tea extract is utilized to maximize its calming, soothing benefits along with another golden skincare ingredient Aloe Vera. Aloe takes care of your skin’s innermost and outermost needs like a pro – nourishes, protects and soothes all at once!

The triple mineral complex of Magnesium aspartate, Zinc gluconate and Copper gluconate work to visibly fade signs of aging and over time, the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet too!

Replenishing Serum with Dhatelo Oil, Horse Chestnut extract, Oat Peptides, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract and Triple Mineral Complex

How does Replenishing Serum work?

Your face braves everything with you

With age, your skin takes on the hardships of your life...and over time it starts to complain – you see lines, uneven skin tone, loose and tired looking skin – and you are reminded of the years, not the experience you’ve gathered. Watch as Dhatelo Oil makes your skin come alive with holistic nutrition!

Harsh weather conditions such as dry winds, extreme heat, dusty storms and heavy rain and snow create a hostile environment for your skin all year. Let the Aloe Vera and Sesame Seed Oil create a year-round balancing environment for your skin.

Every emotion you go through takes shape on your face – furrowed brows from stress, tension headaches that cause you to squeeze your eyes shut, grimaces that leave their mark all around your mouth. Give your face a natural boost of good moods with Oat Peptides, Horse Chestnut and Green Tea Leaf extracts and watch your skin smile!

It is understandable that when you look in the mirror, you want to see yourself, not the things you have been through. The Ayulogica Replenishing Serum aids in balancing your skin from within, with purity and clarity about what it does.

If your cupboard is full of cosmetic and chemical-based products that promise the world and give you nothing but the need to buy them again and hope for the best – you need to demand more from your skincare.

Demand holistic skin wellness.

Holistic Skin Wellness

Hair removal methods, no matter how easy to do or painless, do create disturbance under the skin as they force the hair away from either the surface or the roots. It is okay for your skin to react a little as you wax, shave or tweeze!

What you must do is be prepared for post-hair-removal mood swings and with Ayulogica’s Replenishing Serum, now you can be!

With herbal extracts proven for their enriching skin benefits, The Replenishing Serum fulfils all your after-wax needs. Hair removal can cause abrasive patches, adult acne and whiteheads. Along with protecting and hydrating, our ace ingredient Dhatelo Oil also aids in making skin look nourished, juicy and clarified

The Replenishing Serum has been working wonders for so many people!
Read what they have to say about the many benefits of the serum:


“As a woman now in her middle sixties, I have mature and sun-damaged skin, but with a good balance of oily to normal. I love products that get close to reproducing the plumped up glowing skin of my youth and I try to avoid chemicals and synthetics as often as possible.
Since I’ve had positive experiences with Ayuvedic healing modalities, I was excited to try Ayulogica’s Replenishing Serum for a few different reasons. Created by a scientist with a love and appreciation for the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda, Ayulogica is a plant based medicinal system utilizing herbs and botanicals.
The usage of horse chestnut especially popped out at me as I used to take horse chestnut supplements when I had long periods of being on my feet as it greatly aids in circulatory problems, varicose veins, swelling in the legs, etc. It makes sense that it would be part of a formulation in calming the skin."

-Bev about Replenishing Serum


"I have really enjoyed using Ayulogica Products. I am 53 and my face is clearer and more even toned than it's been since my 30's; I especially love that my face and neck are moisturized without the shine I have seen in the past. As I work towards better health I'm looking forward to using other products that will improve the appearance of skin on my body..."

-Sheila S. about Replenishing Serum


"Excellent quality of products!! I love that they have cruelty free, vegan skincare products that actually work. Sometimes, we are guilted into using products that are better for the environment or animals because they're more ethical. Not only does this company support better treatment of animals through their cruelty free and vegan products, but it also provides fantastic results. For sure an amazing company that deserves more recognition.”

-Sandra V.C. about Replenishing Serum

100% Satisfaction | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
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100% Satisfaction | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals
Gluten-Free | Free Shipping | Vegan | 100% Fragrance Free | No Harmful Chemicals | Not Tested on Animals


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