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VEGAN | Gluten-Free | No Harmful Chemicals | No Mineral Oils | Cruelty-Free | Free-Shipping | Fragrance-Free

formulated and made in USA



Dry-Sensitive Skin Set

3 Step Regimen for Dry-Sensitive, Aging Skin to Keep Redness and Dryness in Check

A uniquely designed trio that comes with 3 special formulas that address 3 different concerns of mature skin!

  • Replenishing Serum: A rare, intensely calming Sensitivity-Checking serum for reaction-prone skin that immediately soothes skin and reduces the appearance of redness
  • Curcuma Narangi Gentle Cleansing Creme: A Unique 30-second cleanser enriched with Curcuma for a deep cleanse without drying.
  • Aloe Vera Narangi Gel Mask: A moisturizing and refreshing 10-minute face mask for brighter, hydrated and softer skin

Replenishing Serum

Unique and Powerful Sensitivity and Redness Checker with Dhatelo Oil

To Immediately Assuage “Reaction-Prone” Skin, Counter Skin-Irritability and Reduce the Appearance of Redness.
A Triple-Mineral Complex Designed to Specially meet the needs of extremely sensitive skin. 
Perfect for daily use, twice a day or for use after harsh treatmentssuch as shaving, threading or waxing etc.


Calendula Horsechestnut  Firming Creme

Action-packed Moisturizing Marvel Enriched with Horsechestnut Extract and Oat Peptide

A unique formula with Dhatelo Oil, Oat Peptide and Quinoa Milk Protein for intense-moisturization, plumped and firmed skin and a dewy glow.
Reduce the appearance of signs of aging and achieve a youthful, healthy glow
Use twice a day for best results.


Curcuma Narangi Gentle Cleansing Creme

A Non-Drying Turmeric Enriched Face Wash for a Gentle but Deep Cleanse and Glow 

A hydrating face wash that whisks away dirt and impurities and brings out a smoothened, supple look.
Deep-cleanse, gently exfoliate and glow with uber-refreshing Vitamin C & ZERO Nasty Ingredients.


Aloe Vera Narangi
Gel Mask

Standalone, Golden-Gel for a Bi-Weekly Deep-Moisture Treatment

Pamper, smoothen and moisturize your skin.
A 10 minute tantalizing treat to replenish the moisture balance of dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin types. Reclaim the dewy glow lost to tiredness, dullness and aging with superlative hydration without the mess & the fuss!
Happy Masque-ing!


Neem Amla Clarifying Masque

Brilliant Clarifying Clay Masque for Clogged, Acne-Prone Skin

A brilliant blue, naturally pigmented clay masque to get perfect, polished, porcelain-like skin with swashbuckling smoothness. Minimize the appearance of pores, clarify the complexion and keep the skin clean and radiant.


Narangi Marigold Toner

Tone with Double Vitamin C

Purify, Tone and exfoliate with Triple-action facial tone to beat the look of aging. 
Soothe and enhance the appearance of the skin and add citrusy, thirst-quenching hydration to the skin. 
Recharge your glow with youthful brightness and refreshing vibes.


Tulsi Pore Refiner

A Tulsi Enriched Pre-Moisturization Pore-Refining Treatment

Trust this vegan Pore Refiner with the ever-formidable influence of the 'Queen of Herbs’ (Tulsi) and the ‘Lens-shaped Beauty-Boosters' (Lentils) to end your quest for a non-greasy, non-sticky, non-shiny look with a mattified brilliance! Try this pore-refining gel to minimize the appearance of pores, clarify the complexion and balance out excessive Kapha (clogged, congested, oily skin).   


"...Sometimes, we are guilted into using products that are better for the environment or animals because they're more ethical. Not only does this company support better treatment of animals through their cruelty free and vegan products, but it also provides fantastic results. Excellent quality of products!! I love that they have cruelty free, vegan skincare products that actually work. For sure an amazing company that deserves more recognition." - Sandra V

Now, don’t be guilted but release yourself from any guilt or stress about your skin with Ayulogica’s scientifically formulated skincare based on ancient Ayurvedic principles!

A new-age Ayurvedic brand, scientifically formulated and made in the US, Ayulogica is designed for today‘s busy, multi-tasking, stressed-out population. Ayulogica is a brand that knows what it's REALLY like when the skin ages and no longer remains of ‘one’ skin-type, that knows sensitivity comes with dryness when the skin becomes thinner, that’s formulated specifically for picky skincare users, who want to be careful about what they put on their face and what those products do to the planet.

Ayulogica offers a completely customized approach towards your skincare based on your lifestyle, your current state of mind and body balance. We incorporate adaptogens, like Ashwagandha and Tulsi, that reportedly promote homeostasis, for example, by reducing the appearance of cellular sensitivity and immune suppression. We target addressing stress-related skin problems using a sustainable approach where less is more and products are multi-tasking for the multi-tasking women and men and others.

Ayulogica is VEGAN | Gluten-Free | No Harmful Chemicals | No Mineral Oils | Cruelty-Free | Fragrance-Free | Made in USA

People's Experience

Customer used Replenishing Serum

What people have to say


“I have been using this crème for the past 10 years and have found its results absolutely amazing and consistent. My skin's visible firmness, density and elasticity is significantly improved. I would recommend this crème to anybody who is seriously aspiring for a younger looking skin.”

- Urvashi G. , about Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème


"I just started using the Rose Sesame Firming Masque two months ago, and already, I'm seeing great results! I use it in the morning and the night, and consistently, my skin always feels a lot firmer. I am definitely going to continue using this!" 

- Lynnette J. Caston, about Rose Sesame Firming Masque


“I've used drug store to high-end firming cremes and lotions, nothing worked on my skin. This firming and Moisturizing Creme is the best! I love their passion to use best ingredients and a great customer service is a bonus!”

- Diana C. , about Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème


"I use this product day and night. I struggled with the price of it but figured it wasn't any more expensive than the products I was buying week after week only to be dissatisfied with. The first time I used it I knew I had found my forever cream! Not enough words to describe how in love with this I'm in. When a lady finally finds "the perfect product" she needs to stick with it and I have! People even have noticed a difference in the wrinkles. They've basically disappeared compared to before I started using this product! Should be able to have a 10 star rating!" 

- Chloe, about Calendula Horse Chestnut Firming Crème


"Calming and controlled my skin
This mask is really light and refreshing. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my skins texture tone and suppleness" 

- Mandy, about Neem Amla Clarifying Mask


"Obsessed with this toner, I only put it on a clean face, not over makeup but directions say you could do that also. I've been using it for a little over a week but can already tell a huge difference along with the cleanser and moisturizing creme. My skin definitely feels smoother and looks brighter! Also something to mention, i've been doing a lot of heated exercise classes the past couple months, and my skin was so bad, after a little over a week of using the products almost all of it has cleared up, and seem to have fewer clogged pores as well! Not 100% yet but I really feel like thats a real possibility if I keep following the routine!" 

- Ashlyn, about Narangi Marigold Toner


"I am thrilled to have discovered this brand. I have been using the Gel masque for over a week and my skin feels soft, hydrated and I love the aroma of citrus oils - so calming and refreshing. I can't wait to get the complete regimen for my skin type." 

- Sara, about Aloe Vera Narangi Gel Mask


"Helped normalize my acne-dry skin.
This is a step above other natural skin care products I have tried. The first time I started using this brand , I was struggling with a strange combination of oily, dry, and acne prone skin. After only a couple days using these cleansers and moisturizers, my skin balanced out and made a turn-around. After that, I looked more into Ayurveda, and found it has thousands of years of history! No wonder the products work." 

- Maya J., about Neem Amla Clarifying Mask


... I have been applying the Tulsi Pore Refiner for exfoliation results, on the hair line and nose. This product is gentle to the skin, even near the eyes and upper cheeks, as I could remove the dead skin cells by circular motion of a finger tip. The Serum was effective for skin dryness to a normal balance. ... " 

- Thomas W., about Tulsi Pore Refiner