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    Ajara (‘Ageless’ in Sanskrit) is a range of pristine, indulging, nurturing skincare essentials which finds its roots in the age-old science of Life - Ayurveda.

    A reliable American brand that celebrates the essence of true, natural beauty, Ajara takes pride in creating a pure, high-integrity personal care line that is adored and cherished by women across the USA and around the globe.

    Thoughtfully handcrafted with pure, safe, recognizable ingredients (many of which can be found in your own kitchen), Ajara ensures unique, specific skin care for your skin type and Dosha.

    With Ajara, your everyday skincare routines won’t remain a chore anymore but will become a look-forward-to treat. 

    What makes Ajara different

    To start with, Ajara products have been so thoughtfully designed that each serum, cleanser, scrub, cream, or even toner has been handcrafted keeping in mind different skin types. Besides, Ajara personal care essentials are made from purposeful ingredients that are easily identifiable. (In fact, many of the ingredients can be even found at home, and some, even in the kitchen).

    Using pure ingredients – organic when possible, wildcrafted when not – Ajara embodies the idea of clean beauty. We steer clear from using harsh chemicals.

    Image of hands shown applying natural products.

     At Ajara, we say,

     "In this chemically choked world, women deserve skincare products that have ingredients safe enough to be eaten! The products should be that natural.”

    Image of ingredients showing that natural products are made using ingredients that safe enough to consume.

     Our line is a range of Natural, Pure, Effective Ayurveda-inspired skincare products that are based on ancient formulations that have been showing results for thousands of years!

    These products are specially created to be compliant with US regulations and meet the needs of the modern user.

    Gif. showing edible ingredients

    Ajara’s Ayurveda-inspired products have been thoughtfully, meticulously handcrafted with natural, organic ingredients taken right off from Nature’s lap. With extensive research, we have made specialized products to suit various skin types and Doshas.

    We believe that living harmoniously with nature and each other is the best path to healthier bodies, healthier families, and a healthier planet. By mindfully observing the interactions within the living world on a macro and microcosmic level, ancient sages gained the wisdom now known as Ayurveda. This primordial knowledge provides Ajara with the inspiration and guidance to create self-care products and tools to fit a modern lifestyle while honoring mother nature and every individual whose lives we touch.

     And so, needless to say, but nevertheless important to mention:

     We strictly NEVER  test on animals.

    Ajara - Ageless Advantage

    power herbs

    Infused with the power of Ayurvedic Herbs


    Organic and Wildcrafted Pure ingredients

    Free of artificial fragrance

    No added Artificial fragrance 

    Not tested on animals

    Infused with the power of Ayurvedic Herbs

    Organic and Wildcrafted Pure ingredients

    No added Artificial fragrance 

    Not tested on animals

    Ajara logo

    We know that everyone’s life experience is unique and presents them with their own distinctive set of needs. Therefore it is important to build personal relationships and treat every person with reverence, care, and compassion. To that end, we enter each day with a special sense of beauty and abundance, intentionally infusing joy into everything we create.

    Such is its essence that you can recognize an Ajara product just by the smell and feel of it – by the uniqueness of its lovely aroma and delightfully soft, gentle texture. The handcrafted blend of some of the choicest ingredients, ranging from the ones found in your kitchen to some precious ones found deep under the oceans or across the world, Ajara ensures that each day of your skincare regimen is an experience that you cherish, that you look forward to, that your skin generously welcomes. With such pure ingredients, the idea of safe and natural beauty care is what Ajara stands for. 

    How Ajara was born

    AJARA Ayurvedic Beauty is the brainchild and cherished love of Nicole Hinterstocker. Innovating and creating skin care formulas since childhood, she planted the seeds of AJARA: Ayurvedic Beauty in the vast deserts of New Mexico, late in the fall of 2002. Now rooted in Wisconsin, AJARA blossoms from a lifelong interest in—and pursuit of—healing the body, mind, and spirit. Embracing her calling to help individuals recognize their unique needs and inherent beauty, Nicole became a pioneer in the art and science of marrying the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern skin care practices. 

     The result is a ­distinctive line of eco-friendly lifestyle products for individuals and health service professionals, presented with the support of comprehensive education, customized training, and unparalleled customer service. Through this, AJARA lives its mission to bring Ayurveda into everyday living, with beauty, joy and ease.  

    As a young girl inheriting the sensitive skin of her grandmother, founder Nicole Hinterstocker was unable to use most commercially available cosmetics. Creating “potions" from common natural ingredients, she found she could instinctively heal her delicate skin. Pursuing her lifelong calling, Nicole studied for many years with Dr. Vasant Lad: Ayurvedic physician, respected author, and head professor at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Acknowledging Nicole’s expertise, she was invited to lead trainings there, and encouraged to create Ayurvedic skin care formulas. AJARA Beauty, born in the Autumn of 2002 with a small array of highly customized facial care products, established its roots in Nicole's home state of Wisconsin. Pioneering a nine-category skin-type identification system, AJARA: Beauty now formulates a full line of nurturing, pure and natural skin, hair, and body care products.

    Women showing AJARA products

    Recognizing beauty beyond the skin, AJARA Beauty remains committed to helping individuals care for themselves, others, and the planet through holistic and radiant living. 


    "Since childhood, I have faced many issues with my skin due to the major availability of chemical-laden cosmetic products in the market. With no other options floating, I had to apply those on my skin, only to realize they aren’t compatible with my skin type.

    Thus, I was fueled with the need to create a cosmetic brand that is chemical-free, specially formulated to replace the chemical-laden cosmetics and is importantly suitable for the majority of skin types.

    The ingredients used in Ajara products are mainly inspired by my very own kitchen and have been formulated into the Ajara Skincare brand. The name Ajara in itself means Ageless. I take pride in saying that my products are so natural and pure that one can eat them! I mean, yes, literally!"

    - Nicole

    What our cherished customers say about Ajara:


    My best self-care practice is Ajara!
    When doing my monthly budget I always make sure there is money set aside for Ajara products. When I apply the products I get a physical, emotional and psychological boost. These products are my top self care produce to honor my body- mind-spirit connection!"

    - Agnes J.


    “Ajara Experience
    I absolutely love all the products I have bought from Ayurveda. The quality is exceptional, the results are excellent and the compliments I get from friends and family on my skin are a bonus. The price is affordable which is refreshing too. I will continue to use these products for my changing and maturing skin.

    - Lynn J.


    "Finest skin care.
    I am 49 and I have tried EVERY high end beauty serum, lotion, and elixir on the market, I think! Nothing, I mean it, has come close to giving me the youthful glow I have now from using the Ajara skin care! I am constantly complimented on looking WAY younger than my age, and I feel great finally using products that aren't made with harsh chemicals!! Its Ajara or NOTHIN for me now!!"

    - Collen L.


    “Great products!!!
    They do what they claim to do!!! I was looking through some skin care products , came along and never thought I would like oils, always thought they would be greasy and too oily for me, but I thought I would give them a chance and they are so soothing and your skin is so soft and the aroma of these oils are amazing, the price of these products are reasonable and I was using high dollar ones and don’t even compare to Ayurveda Experience, so glad I came across this company and I will be using these products from now on , thank you AYURVEDA ❤️”

    - Cindy N.


    "Love my new skincare regime
    I’ve tried lots of other skincare products (some very expensive ones) and none have made the changes to my skin that these oils and eye cream have. My skin looks hydrated, fresh and has a lovely glow about it. I’ve been receiving so many compliments from other women about what good skin I have - something I never thought would happen to me. I hardly wear makeup now as I feel good without it

    - Suzanne M.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | 100% Satisfaction
    100% Satisfaction | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Explore our wide range of products:

    At Ajara, we believe in taking care of our skin on an everyday basis, making sure it has a healthy, blissful, natural glow at all times.

    We have an array of products, ranging from unique Cleansers (the perfect way to start your skincare ritual) to Eyecare heroes (for a well-rested, refreshed look, every day) to Serums and Creams (for that dewy-soft, glowing finish) to Hair cleansers and oils (for the much-enviable bounce and shine), to Roll-on aroma (which can also instantly calm your stress). Our lineup of products can become your skin-BFF and you can easily avoid going to salons and spas (saving much time), and replace all your expensive, temporary boosters with a pristine ritual—your personal all-natural, spa-like, organic skincare! 

    Meet our Customer-Favorites:

    Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter Image

    Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter

    Ayurvedic Golden Emollient that delicately nurtures tender under-eyes to bring out moisturized, radiant under-eyes. 

    "A product that DOES make a difference I have used this eye cream now for a while and people are noticing, It feels nice and smooth going on the skin and melts into the skin right away, don't bother with any other product, because this is the one and only one you will need”

    - Toni C.

    Ajara Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter
    Eye-em special eye care duo

    Eye-Am-Special Duo

    Save 10% on this 2-step eye-pampering ritual that soothes tired-looking, puffy eyes and brings out well-rested, refreshed look with its day and night care.

     "No more tired looking eyes!
    Wonderful duo, just what my tired eyes needed. I can't believe how much better they look” 

    - Lesa T.

    Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature Skin

    Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature Skin

    A wholesome daily care essential to enliven dry, mature skin that moisturizes, nourishes your skin with effective Ayurvedic essentials, each serving a specific purpose.

     "Fell in love with this kit
    My skin is very sensitive, oily, and dry during the winter months.I have been using this product for over two weeks now, and I cannot due without!!!!My skin is so soft and glowing... I say beautiful healthy skin. I have been getting many compliments and my husband is using my products since he sees the results on me! ...I am definitely in love and will continue to recommend and use this wonderful product." 

    - Abir

    Daily Face care kit for dry mature skin
    Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum Image

    Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum

    An on-the-go refreshing, moisturizing staple for Dry Skin.

    Made thoughtfully for those with have dry skin that needs quick, non-greasy moisturization and rejuvenation. We call this special serum our ‘5-second, anywhere, anytime makeover’ formula! 

     “Ajara Serum I really am loving all your products!!! The serum is amazing. I use it during the day when i need a pick me up. I HARDLY EVER WEAR MAKE UP other than eye liner and mascara. Cant remember when i have had a breakout or blemish. Great product and products!”

    - Sheila L.

    Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate Image

    Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate

    This Ultra-light creamy delight for dry skin. A skincare staple, Narshya is a luxurious, skin-coddling care that brings the benefits of 5 skincare products in 1. 

    “A true Beauty Cream
    Beautifully surprised is the first emotion I felt using this Cream. Wish the product size were bigger but, you really don’t need much so I’m very mindful of how much product I use. It was probably after two or three applications I noticed...the uniformity of my skin was actually improving. Hahah....I sound like an advertisement....well, I do love this product!” 

    - Patricia O.

    Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate Image

    Carol's Experience with Ajara

    Heather's Experience with Ajara


    Every ingredient is unique logo

    Something unique about Ajara, in fact, is its USP - every single ingredient in every single product of the Ajara skin care line is recognizable. It's important for you to know what you're putting on your skin and what's going into your blood stream through your skin pores. It's important that you know it's safe and natural.

    Infused with the power of ayurvedic herbs

    Each of the Ajara products are carefully formulated on the basis of Ayurvedic principles. Each product caters to a specific need of the skin and yet they're all very nurturing with only the most effective herbs and essential oil combinations.

    No Added Fragrance

    All essential oils are pure and come from the most reliable resources and thus carry their own original fragrance, which in itself is so healing and transporting. When you use Ajara products, you'll know what real nature smells like and it feels calming and soothing for the mind, body and the spirit. Want to be sure of the difference? Just pick up any other skin care product in your home and compare the way they smell and feel and you'll know what natural really means.

    Home made in USA

    While the organic ingredients come from various parts of the world, all of Ajara's products are hand-made in the USA. Each bottle is packaged with considerate love, affection and appreciation of you, to ensure the safety of every household and to serve you with the very best.