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    Get a meticulously designed, Ayurvedic face cleansing jelly with your Youth Spring purchase

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    Before you get Yauvari, here's a special offer you shouldn't miss!!


    Get this exceptional Ayurvedic, toxic-chemicals-free face cleansing jelly at 10% OFF with your Youth Spring purchase!


    Before you provide intense, skin-firming moisture to your face with Yauvari, introduce it to the Ayurvedic way of deep-cleansing it to perfection!

    With THE ONLY Black-Seed Powered Ayurveda-inspired Jelly

    Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly


    This is not your run-of-the-mill face wash. This is a unique, natural, Ayurvedic face cleansing jelly that Deep-Cleanses, Brightens & Softens the look of Dull, Dry, Blemished skin by removing the fussy layer of dirt, grime & residual makeup.

    And here's the cherry on the cake - Being light, non-soapy, non-stripping & compatible with even sensitive skin, this Black-Seed Gentle Jelly doesn't leave your skin feeling excessively dry or tight. In fact, it makes your skin feel fresh, awake and rejuvenated from the very first wash!

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    Now, you can uplevel your moisturization routine by making it deeper, more intense!

    Here's how -
    By cleansing your facial canvas with Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly, you let the essence of Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring smoothly seep into the deeper levels of your skin and further Maximize its Impact!


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    Capture the essence of Liquid Sunshine on your face with every wash!

    "I’m in LoveI don’t know what it is about this face cleanser but I’m so in love with it. Just the smell alone starts my happy dance and my skin loves it so much. BTW, unsolicited comment here and I never leave reviews." - Belinda

     "My Favourite CleanserThis is my new favourite face cleanser, it works so well and leaves my face nice and soft. It cleans really well and rinses off completely, so there is never a feeling of residue left behind. As well, my skin never feels tight or dry like it does with most other cleansers I've tried. I normally wear eyeliner, mascara, brow pencil or gel and face powder daily. This cleanser removes all the makeup completely and quickly without having to rub or scrub my skin hard or repeatedly. Just a light quick massage over my closed eyes removes all the makeup. The scent and texture of this product is lovely and I look forward to using it everyday, even when I'm tired and lazy at night, I never skip washing my face anymore because I enjoy using this cleanser so much." - Kaleigh



    Nicumin Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly at 10% OFF!



    If you buy this product today, you also get a FREE travel-sized bottle of Yauvari!
    Free gift gets added in your cart.    Limited time offer, until stock lasts. Hurry!