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  • Daily Face Care Kit for Mature or Dry Skin

    A luxurious kit consisting of a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum, and cream for your daily needs. Perfect for mature, dry, and Vata skin types!

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    Buy Ajara Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature Skin, worth $171, at just $99 USD.

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    Ajara Dry & Mature Skin Facial Kit contains everything that one needs to perform a full and comprehensive facial. Perfect for mature, dry, and Vata skin types, this package is a huge help for somebody who wants to opt for a facial but doesn't know where to begin. Don't worry, your skin will thank you for this luxurious, Ayurvedic rejuvenation.

    This super deal includes: 

    1. Coconut Rose Softening Cleanser (60 ml)
    The Coconut Rose Softening Wash is not your usual wash. It is an uplifting, oil-based facial cleanser specially formulated for dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, and leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. Made from organic ingredients, like Coconut, Rose, Sunflower, and more, it is so pure and natural, you can even feel the coconut granules in it that gently caress and cleanse your skin.

    Use a pea-sized amount on moist skin and rinse off, twice a day.

    2. Oatmeal Nutmeg Smoothifying Exfoliator (2 Oz)
    This 2-in-1 scrub and mask is made to deep-cleanse your skin. A unique blend of flours, goat milk, and dosha-balancing Ayurvedic herbs, this scrub will clean and make the skin feel fresh. With its oatmeal granules, this scrub offers greater exfoliation and yet, does not dry the skin out at all. Instead, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

    Take a teaspoon and add as much water as you'd like based on the consistency. Scrub well and rinse. Ideally done 3-4 times a week.

    3. Geranium Rose Hydrating Toner (75 ml)

    A super-hydrating facial mist that's absolutely free of alcohol, acids, artificial fragrances, or anything unnatural.

    It's Vegan and 100% Organic. The Soy Glycerin gives a burst of hydration, beyond anything you've experienced with a toner before.

    The Rose gives it a rich natural aroma, and really, really moisturizes, feeling as if you used a cream!
     Ajara’s rose hydrating toner is perfect for both dry and sensitive skin. The cooling, smoothing qualities of both Rose and Rose Geranium, beautiful as they are, make you feel beautiful! It leaves skin that feels soft, hydrated, and refreshed. 

    Spritz around a few pumps on the face for anytime refreshment.

    4. Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum (15 ml)

    Ajara’s Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum is a sweetly scented blend made specifically to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate dry skin without feeling greasy.
    However, it's not a traditional formula.

    The fresh presence of citrusy Neroli and Orange bring a twist to the warming and moisturizing Sesame oil - the most used traditional massage oil in Ayurveda. With its aromatherapeutic essential oils, this serum has been specially formulated for dry, mature skin as it helps to restore moisture and provide nourishment. Not only that - it will help ground body & mind for the Vata season of life.

    Apply 3-4 drops to moist skin and massage it in.

    5. Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate (15 g) (Earlier known as Narshya)
    This airy blend of nut butter and herbal oils is a potent, nutritive step for skin drenched in suppleness and hydration.

    Maturing skin types often require a deeper, more nourishing form of moisturizer. This product is best for mature skin as well as skin showing flakiness, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones. 

    Manjishta is great for the skin, Gotukola is very calming and soothing, Ashwagandha even-tones the skin - this blend of Ayurvedic herbs makes this a really potent formula that is great night or day.

    It's best used as the last step of your daily skin care regime, after spritzing an Ajara toner on your face. You only need a very small amount. Take some cream on fingertips, then feather across damp facial skin. 

    It's a rich cream, but light enough to be used under your makeup and to apply makeup right away. 

    Use only a pea-sized amount, twice daily.

    Buy Ajara Dry Skin Kit, worth $171, at just $99 USD.
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    Coconut Rose Softening Wash:  Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil*, Avena sativa (Oat) kernel flour*, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) kernel paste*, Cera flava (Beeswax)*, Xanthan Gum, Rosa spp. (Rose) petal oil, Aniba rosaeodora (Rosewood) wood oil* + Pelargonium roseum asperum (Rose Geranium) leaf/flower oil*    *Organic

    Oatmeal Nutmeg Smoothifying Exfoliator: Avena sativa (Oat) kernel flour*, Hordeum vulgare (Barley) kernel flour*, Cicer arietinum (Garbanzo) bean flour*, Goat Milk Powder, Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg) seed powder*, Vitamin D + Folic Acid    *Organic

    Geranium Rose Hydrating Toner: Rosa damascena (Rose) flower distillate*, Pelargonium spp. (Rose Geranium) leaf/flower distillate* + Vegetable Glycerine*    *Organic

    Neroli Orange Nutritive Serum: Sesamum indicum (Sesame) seed oil*, Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) resin oil*, Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil* + Citrus aurantium (Neroli) oil  *Organic

    Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate: Cocos nucifera (Coconut) kernel oil*, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) seed butter*, Manihot esculenta (Tapioca) root starch*, Angelica archangelica root extract*, Psoralea corylifolia (Bakuchi) seed extract, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) root extract*, Rubia cordifolia (Manjistha) root extract*, Azadirachta indica (Neem) leaf extract*, Withania somnifera (Ashwaganda) root extract*, Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) leaf extract*, Eclipta alba (Bhringaraj) leaf extract*, Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) fruit extract*, Curcuma longa (Turmeric) root extract*, Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) leaf oil*, Citrus tangerinia (Tangerine) fruit peel oil, and Styrax tonkinensis (Benzoin) resin oil  *Organic

    Buy Ajara Daily Face Care Kit for Dry, Mature Skin, worth $171, at just $99 USD.

    Save 42% + FREE Shipping