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    As Ayurvedic aficionados, we’re bringing in an exciting opportunity!!



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    “So much moisture!”

    “I usually wake up in the morning to dry wrinkles at the top of my cheekbones. No more. I love waking up in the morning to soft moisturized skin!” 

    -Kathy P. about other iYURA Face & Body Oils

    7 Benefits of being an Author for The Ayurveda Experience!

    Every article we post is aimed at bringing direct value to our audience and bringing them closer to Ayurvedic life and learnings.

    If this interests you, here is what we provide you in return for sharing your knowledge and experience with our audience.

    • We provide back links to your website (subject to manual review). 
    • An opportunity to get your article published on our official website.
    • The articles are shared on our social media channels with around 300,000+ Ayurveda enthusiasts.
    • You'll receive proper support and feedback from us when producing articles. This may add value to your future          projects and strengthen your understanding of the Ayurveda community.
    • Our articles are usually indexed within hours which makes it easier to reach a wider audience.
    • We believe that writing for a huge audience that is keenly interested in Ayurveda lifestyle and well-being, will be        a great addition to your portfolio.
    • You will get a Byline with a brief biography under each article that you write for us. This will have a positive                impact on your credibility as an Ayurvedic author.


    The magic of The Ayurvedic Science has still not reached every nook and corner which leaves a large majority of people still staying under the rock.

    • ✔Our blogs widely cover topics related to Ayurvedic lifestyle and wellness, like balancing your Doshas,                           homemade DIY skin and haircare, information about Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients, etc.   
    • ✔The Ayurveda Experience platform hosts a wide range of skin, hair and body care products. They are not mere           blends of ingredients but well-thought-through ancient recipes that are a step ahead of natural products 
    • ✔We have put our best foot forward with our Vegan product line, catering to the needs of the people who are               inclined towards veganism. The Ayurveda Experience introduces a holistic approach to the “Ayurvedic way of           life”. We aid in helping our audience unfold the mystery behind 5000-years old Ayurvedic texts for their                       complete well-being. 


    The wisdom of Ayurveda is not widespread yet. Through the medium of self-care products and educational videos, our goal is to expand the Ayurveda Community while distributing the wealth of this ancient science across the globe!

    Being America’s largest platform for Ayurveda, we wish to reach those passionate about Ayurvedic Science.  

    The Ayurveda Experience reaches directly to its audience worldwide who do not have access to the rare ingredients mentioned in Ayurvedic texts.

    We stand out as pacesetters of authentic Ayurvedic formulations
    . We believe there is so much knowledge out there that Ayurveda holds which keeps us on a constant lookout for authors who resonate with our values & beliefs. 

    Can you offer Ayurvedic knowledge and insight through written words to our global audience?

    Yes, I Want to Start Right Away!

    “….. This company actually changed my whole life. I love the night and day oils as well. Before I found Ayurveda Oils I was always so unhappy with my skin. I had acne and it left scars. I have spent a lot of money and had a lot of work done to my face because of the scaring. These oils changed my appearance so much! These particular oils impart a brilliant dewy shine, just like they claim. I am just so happy with all the products from this company!............”

    Lynn L.- United States reviews our oils

    "I first purchased this duo over 2 years ago. I never really saw a difference in my skin with any creams or oils until I took a chance with Ayurveda. I finally, first time ever could see my skin as creamy and moisturized. Exactly what I have been searching for and finally obtained. So worth giving this a try..."

    - Susan L.  about iYURA's Day & Night Duo

    Awesome product. I have been using Ayurveda skin care products for about a year now and will never go back to Lancôme, clinque or any other department store skin care products! And I mean seriously...You will not be sorry when you give it a chance! I need to say my skin is oily and I am not interested in any other product that only claims to control the oil in my skin but does not deliver! Thank you Ayurveda!”

    - Jacqueline A. about Prinourish Superfood Serum

    Want to know if you're eligible to write for The Ayurveda Experience? Here’s what we are looking for:

    • Are you an Ayurvedic Practitioner? 
    • Are you currently, or have you been a student of Ayurveda in the past? 
    • Are you a professor who teaches Ayurveda? 
    • Do you run a blog related to Yoga, Ayurvedic lifestyle, Ayurvedic treatments & medicine?  

    If you’ve answered yes, to one or more of the above – we’d love to get in touch!


    • The content should be totally new and should not have been published elsewhere. 
    • The write-up must be of high quality, well written, concise and highly engaging for The Ayurveda Experience readers.
            At the same time, it should add value to our customers. 
    • Topics that can be covered include Ayurvedic treatments and medicines, Yoga, Recipes, home remedies, and anything          that revolves around Ayurveda. 
    • The article length must be minimum 900 words 
    • Images used for the write-up should be sent to us as separate attachments. Additionally, the images need to be royalty        free.
    • Each post may be accompanied by one or two links.
    • Please provide the guest author bio of about 50 words with good quality Image (1:1)


    • The article must not be available in public domain elsewhere on the internet. Note: We are strictly against duplicate                  content. 
    • We won’t provide backlinks without verification of the destination site and not to any ecommerce business. We do not              include any affiliate or promotional links. 
    • Should not have copywrite issues. And we cannot stress this enough!! 
    • We are looking for authors who can meet the deadlines and be punctual. 
    • We reserve the right to edit your work for clarity and readability to our users.
    • We do not accept content that sounds promotional about any services or products.
    • All data points and facts used in the article must be verified and the reference for the same shall be shared at the end of          the article.
    • We reserve the right to not publish the blog without giving out any specific reason.

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