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7-Oil Set


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7 Premium, Full-Size iYURA Oils

3 Face Oils + 1 Hair Oil + 1 Body Oil + 1 Joint-Health Oil + 1 Foot Oil

  1. Kesaradi Daytime Face Oil
    Ayurveda’s Brightening, Revitalizing, Uber-Nourishing Secret

  2. Manjish Glow Elixir Nighttime Face Oil
    4 drops, 5 minutes, every night - and you won't need makeup

  3. Kansa Oil
    Lift your look, uplift your spirits!

  4. Rujahari Joint-Health Oil
    The Stuff of Legends. 50 Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs

  5. Himaruti Foot Oil
    The Eternal Oil to Soothe the Feet

  6. Vyam Yoga Oil
    The First Ancient Ayurvedic Yoga Oil Introduced in the West

  7. Nidradi Blissful Head Massage Oil
    An Instantly Relaxing, Blissful Head Massage Oil
Kesaradi Oil

Kesaradi Oil

iYURA Kesaradi has been designed to be light and gentle on the skin and have aromatic benefits too.

With base oils cooked meticulously with a number of herbs, it is rightly called 'the beauty elixir'. This precious oil uses the powerful properties of saffron that has been known to:

  1. Give a radiant and smooth skin
  2. Brighten dull skin
  3. Bring about a luminous complexion
  4. Improve face texture
  5. Moisturize dry skin

This precious bottle of oil not only contains Saffron - an extremely expensive glow-giving herb but also rose oil, known for its beauty, turmeric and other powerful Ayurvedic herbs and unique flowers like Manjishtha, Lodhra, Priyangu, Kamal, Palashphool and more.

If you’re the discerning consumer who likes to know what they’re putting onto their skin, you’ll be happy about the profound power of the ingredients of this oil and you will also appreciate that we did our bit for the planet by refusing to use any herbs or ingredients that may be endangered or scarce.

This oil contains no artificial binders, additives, heavy metals or any such thing that you wouldn’t want on your skin!

Suitable for all skin types, it can be used as a part of your daycare regime or under the night care regime. It’s great when used on the face with the iYURA Kansa Wands.


Take 2-3 drops of the oil in your palm. Gently massage in upward, circular motion onto the face and neck every morning & night after cleansing and toning. To use with the Kansa wands, take 2-4 drops of oil in your palm, dab on your face and neck. Massage with the wand in to and fro as well as circular motions. First complete one side of the face and then move on to the other.


Sesame Oil [Sesamum indicum] - Tila Taila Indian barberry [Berberis aristata] - Daruharidra  | Turmeric [Curcuma longa] - Haridra  |Licorice [Glycyrrihza glabra] - Yashtimadhu  | Symplocus Tree [Symplocus recemosa] - Lodhra  | Indian Madder [Rubia cordifolia] - Manjistha  | Black Mustard [Brassica nigra] - Sarshapa  | Rose Chestnut [Mesua ferra] - Nagkeshar  | Indian Bark [Cinnamomum tamala] - Tejpatra  | Sweet Flag [Acorus calamus] - Vacha  | Saffron [Crocus sativus] - Kumkum  | Sacred Lotus [Nelumbo nucifera] - Kamal  |Beauty berry [Callicarpa macrophylla] - Priyangu  | Flame of the Forest [Butea monosperma] - Palash  | Banyan tree [Ficus benghalensis] - Vata  | Vetiver Grass [Viteveria zizanioides] - Ushira  | Rose [Rosa centifolia] - Taruni  | Water [Aqua] - Jala  | Cow milk  -  Godugdha     Quantity: 50 ml (1.69 fl oz) Always perform a patch test to test for allergies. For external use only.  Contains cow milk. Not tested on animals.
Manjish Glow Elixir

Manjish Glow Elixir

Glow-Giving, Even-Toning and Complexion Boosting Nighttime Face Massage Oil

Ayurveda’s Pink Power Potion

The key ingredient of this oil is Manjishtha or Indian Madder which gives this amazing elixir its beautiful pink color. Manjistha is fantastic for the skin and is found in several Ayurvedic formulations! It's used to give the skin an even-toned, clear appearance. 

For those familiar with Ayurveda, this oil is very Pitta and Kapha balancing, which means it's soothing, calming and discourages stagnation.


This pure power-potion or ‘Pink Oil’ should be used once a day as a part of your nightly skin-care regime. Cleanse your face as usual. Take 3 drops of Manjish Glow Elixir in your palm and gently dab across your face, neck and décolleté. Take more or fewer drops to suit your moisturization needs. Massage with outward & upward strokes until it gets completely absorbed in the skin.

This oil is also great for specialized facial massage.


iYURA’s Manjish Glow Elixir does not contain any added essential oils or fragrance. It has its own herbaceous aroma which does not last very long.


Cow milk

Tila Taila

Sesame oil [Sesamum Indicum]


Lemon [Citrus Limon]


Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia]


Butter tree [Madhuca Indica]


Lac resin [Laccifer Lacca]


Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra]

Net Content 1.69 fl oz (50 ml)

Use Within 24 Months From Date Of Mfg.


Kansa Oil

Kansa Oil

Introducing the first and only authentic Kansa Oil that keeps both your wand and your skin glowing for longer!

iYURA’s Kansa Oil has been specifically formulated for use with the Kansa Wands. Based on the classical Ayurvedic formulation of ‘Kanaka’ Oil, this oil is a unique formulation that not only gives the perfect glide needed for the wand to do its work but also brings you the superlative skin-enhancing benefits of specific Ayurvedic herbs.

iYURA Kansa Oil’s traditional formulation is called ‘Mukhakantikar’ in Sanskrit, meaning ‘that which adds glow or brings glow to your face’This complete formulation of the Kansa Oil has been taken from a revered Ayurvedic text called ‘Bhaishajya Ratnavali’ and was very thoughtfully selected to supplement any Kansa Massage.

According to this text, the complete formulation of this oil is useful to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and is great for complexion enhancement, making your skin appear clear, moisturized, toned and radiant.

The iYURA Kansa Oil is vegan and contains no mineral oil, no chemicals whatsoever, and is great for the entire body!

If you have a Kansa Wand or wish to buy one, think no further about which oil to use - iYURA’s Kansa Oil is the best choice to start with!


For Face Massage

  • Cleanse your face as usual. 
  • Spray your favorite toner on your face to tone the skin. 
  • Take 3-8 drops of Kansa Oil in your palm and take a moment to enjoy the aroma of the oil – this is a self-care ritual.
  • Gently dab across your face, neck and décolleté to assist the smooth gliding of the wand.
  • Take more or fewer drops to suit your moisturization needs.
  • Gently use the wand in circular strokes, circles around the eyes (people love this move, in particular!) in circular and zig-zag strokes from one side to the other, strokes along the cheekbone and the jawline.

For Body Massage 

  • Apply oil generously. 
  • Move the wand in gentle circles around joints and long, back and forth strokes on the bones. Experiment with different strokes as per what feels good for you.
  • You can do a Kansa massage on the legs, arms, back and shoulders, belly, or glutes. 


iYURA’s Kansa Oil is 100% natural and vegan. 

  1. Til oil or Sesame oil (Sesamum Indicum)
  2. Priyangu flower or Beautyberry (Callicarpa Macrophylla)
  3. Manjishtha root or Indian Madder (Rubia Cordifolia)
  4. Usheer root or Cuscus grass (Vetiveria Zizanioides)
  5. Indian Blue Water Lily (Nymphaea Stellata)
  6. Nagkeshar stamens or Indian rose chestnut (Mesua Ferrea)
  7. Yashtimadhu root or Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
  8. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Net Content 1.69 fl oz (50 ml)

Use Within 24 Months From Date Of Mfg.

Rujahari Oil

Rujahari Oil

Why not relax, rejuvenate, live it up and rejoice, play outdoors in the sun with an active body and healthy joints?!

The Stuff of Legends

50 Powerful Ayurvedic Ingredients 

  • Get natural, Ayurvedic support in dealing with discomfort
  • Rejuvenate your joints
  • Promote attractiveness of the body
  • Promote longevity
  • Get the most suitable safe and natural external support in extending positive energy to your body

Say, ‘Rouge-aah-haaree’ and you’ve spoken the wonder-word!

What is this Rujahari and why all the hype?

In Sanskrit, ‘ruja’ refers to suffering and ‘har’ refers to the one who ‘seizes’ or ‘takes away’ or 'liberates'.

In India, where Ayurveda is one of the mainstream medical sciences, this oil is very popular for its use by those who wish to relax their muscles or those who want to relax their nerves, muscles or joints and have occasional anxiety. 

Rujahari Oil contains both Saffron and Turmeric as well as five other important herbs that have been individually as well as collectively researched in India for powerful soothing effects. These are called ‘Laghu Panch Mula’ – They are Solanum indicum, Tribulus terrestris, Uraria picta, Desmodium gangeticum, Solanum surattense. Not only this, Rujahari Oil contains four other herbs, which in addition to the above five, consist the Dashmoola (the 10-herb collection with exception of just one herb.)  Get Rujahari Oil now to reap the benefits:
  • Maintain flexibility and youthful agility

  • Promote healthy muscles and joints

  • Support comfortable physical movement

  • Soothe discomfort

iYURA’s Rujahari Oil does not contain any added essential oils or fragrance.


Take 5 ml oil and massage gently into the joints, muscles, and skin for 15 to 20 minutes. After massage, wipe out the excess oil that has remained unabsorbed over the skin. Keep the massaged area warm, covered with clothes. Use Rujahari Oil preferably at bedtime. Leave the oil applied on overnight and wash in the morning, preferably with lukewarm water. Continue to use daily for at least 3 months.



Water [Water (Aqua)], Indian Asparagus [Asparagus Racemosus], Gingelly Seeds [Sesamum Indicum], Cow Milk, Stone Apple [Aegle Marmelos], Indian Ginseng [Withania Somnifera ], Indian Nightshade [Solanum Indicum], Puncture Vine [Tribulus Terrestris], Broken Bones Tree [Oroxylum Indicum], Bala [Sida Cordifolia], Indian Coral Tree [Erythrina Variegata], Wild Eggplant [Solanum Surattense], Spreading Hogweed [Boerhaavia Diffusa], Indian Mallow [Abutilon Indicum], Indian Headache tree [Premna Mucronata], Stinkvine [Paederia Foetida], ‎Rose Flower Fragrant [Sterospermum Suaveolens],   Indian Kudzu [Pueraria Tuberosa], Air Potato [Dioscorea Bulbifera], Sweet Flag [Acorus Calamus], Nut Grass [Cyperus Rotundus], Indian Camphorweed [Pluchea Lanceolata], Indian Dill [Anethum Sowa], Himalayan Cedar [Cedrus Deodara], Cuscus grass [Vetiveria Zizanoides], Shal Leafed Bush [Desmodium Gangeticum], Lagopoides ‎[ Uraria Picta], Wild gram [Phaseolus Trilobus], Vogel-Tephrosis [Teramnus Labialis], Cobra Saffron [Mesua Ferrea], Rock Salt, Nardus Root [ Nardostachys Jatamansi], Turmeric [Curcuma Longa], Indian Barberry [Berberis Aristata], Stone Flower [Parmelia Perlata], Orris Root [Inula Racemosa], Cardamom [Elettaria Cardamomum], Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia], Licorice [Glycyrrhiza Glabra], Indian Valerian [Valeriana Wallichi], Nut Grass [Cyperus Rotundus], Indian Cinnamon [Cinnamomum Tamala], False Daisy [Eclipta Alba], Fragrant Swamp Mallow [Pavonia Odorata], Flame Of The Forest [Butea Monosperma], Hill Glory Bower [Clerodendrum Infortunatum], Erect Spiderling [Boerhavia Erecta], Gum Camphor [Cinnamomum Camphora], Saffron [Crocus Sativus], Nutmeg [Myristica Fragrans]   Quantity: 100 ml (3.38 fl oz) Always perform a patch test to test for allergies. For external use only.  Contains cow milk. Not tested on animals.


Himaruti Oil

Himaruti Oil

The Eternal Oil to Soothe the Feet
A Unique Foot Oil with ‘The Eternal Root’ - Pure, Classical 

With ‘Him’ referring to ‘ice’ and ‘maruti’ referring to ‘wind’, Himaruti Oil is the name of a uniquedual-balance formulation.

A massage oil that ancient Ayurvedic texts prescribe for burning feet and to help soothe dryness, this oil helps pacify both Pitta and Vata dosha - meaning, it soothes as well as moisturizes the skin.

Amongst its special ingredients, this oil contains the herb Indian Sarsaparilla, which is also called ‘Anantamool’ or ‘the eternal root’. In the Samhitas - or ancient Ayurvedic texts -, Indian Sarsaparilla has been classified under the categories of plants which improve the complexion (“varnya”).

Some believe that regular use of Indian Sarsaparilla brings energy and buoyancy to the body as if one was young again, which is why its other name is ‘the eternal root’!

It is considered to be one of the Rasayana herbs, believed to promote longevity of life.

The addition of Beeswax makes this oil very emollient and keeps your feet soft and smooth. Being a humectant, beeswax also helps retain moisture in the skin and forms a protective barrier without suffocating the pores.

In some countries, Ayurvedic practitioners used this oil to help people with gout or related discomfort as well. Overall, on a day when you’re tired, a foot or leg massage with this oil can be very rewarding for you!


Warm the oil and then apply it over your feet. Massage using your hands or the Kansa Foot wand for an even better experience and excellent results. It can be used 1 to 2 times a day, especially at night before sleep.


Net Content: 3.38  fl oz (100 ml)

Taila (Tila)

Sesame Seed Oil [Sesamum Indicum]


Indian Madder [Rubia Cordifolia]


Indian Sarsaparilla [Hemidesmus Indicus]


Beeswax [Cera alba]

Sarja rasa

Indian Dammer [Shorea Robusta Resin]


iYURA’s Himaruti Oil does not contain any added essential oils or fragrance. It has its own herbaceous aroma which does not last very long.

Use Within 24 Months From Date Of Mfg.



Nidradi Oil

Nidradi Oil

An Instantly Relaxing, Blissful Head Massage Oil with Tender Coconut Water, Blue Water Lily and the Essential Oil Of Chamomile...

Not just soothing but zzzzzzzoothing oil for the hair and the senses…
Your Instant Wind-Down Button to unwind, relax and get beautiful hair in return!

If you inhale and experience this decadently relaxing oil, it will make you want to shut your eyes and surrender your senses to blissful slumber!

Ultra soft to touch - even for an oil - this luxuriant, indulgent oil is a complex formulation created only by following the traditional Ayurvedic method of oil curing.

The welcome inclusion of Chamomile essential oil makes it an utterly delectable oil, which one simply can’t get enough of! You’ll be astounded by its unique silky texture and an unanticipated lightness that makes this oil an instant favorite of many!

However, not only do you experience a systematic cooling down and calming down when you massage your scalp with this oil, but its ultra-nourishing ingredients also create some magic with the hair shaft - moisture replenishing nutrients coat it with a softness and sheen that makes your hair gorgeous to ‘behold’ and ‘hold’!


Pump some of this oil in your palm and apply it on the roots of the hair, behind your ears, back of your neck and across your scalp. Enjoy a blissful massage, wind down, and relax. Leave the oil applied to the hair for at least 30 minutes before washing off. For best results, massage before going to bed and wash off in the morning.


Tender Coconut Water, Sesame Seed Oil, Greater Galangal, Cuscus Grass, Indian Blue Water Lily, Cow Milk, Licorice, Sandalwood, Chamomile

Net content 3.38 fl. oz. (100 ml)

Vyam Yoga Oil

Vyam Yoga Oil

Introducing the 1st Ancient Yoga Oil brought to the USA!

A Grounding Full Body Oil for Pre-Yoga Prep, For Yogis, Sportspersons, Seniors and anyone who would love an active lifestyle glowing with vitality!

Vyam oil gets its name from ‘Vya-yam’- the sanskrit word for exercise. It’s a perfect pre-yoga oil but also works excellently as a body oil for someone who does yoga regularly or has/desires a physically active life.

This incredibly balancing oil is warming and stimulating. Not only does it gently shake-off laziness, it also firmly soothes the agitation your muscle groups experience after physical activity.

This is not your ordinary, floral-smelling body oil… This is a Yoga Oil, it has survived for over 800 years, contains about 16 ingredients, and is developed using a complex cooking procedure!


You can use this oil simply as your daily body oil for full-body massage.

It is best to use it in the morning before you start your Yoga practice/workout/exercise/walk.

Alternatively, you can also apply this oil post your work out, in the evenings.


Cow milk, Skunk Vine (Paederia Foetida), Sesame Seed Oil (Sesamum Indicum), Yogurt, Fermented Rice Gruel, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra), Long Pepper (Piper Longum), Leadwort (Plumbago Zeylanica), Himalayan Rock Salt, Sweet Flag (Acorus Calamus), Himalayan Cedar (Cedrus Deodara), Indian Camphorweed (Pluchea Lanceolata), Java Long Pepper (Scindapsus Officinalis), Indian Dill Seed (Anethum Sowa), Nardus Root  (Nardostachys Jatamansi).

Net content 3.38 fl. oz. (100 ml)

Use Within 24 Months From Date Of Mfg.

For external use only. Test for allergy. Contains cow milk. Not tested on animals. Do not apply to wounds and rashes. This product is not meant to treat, mitigate, prevent, heal or cure any disease.

Why iYURA?

Why iYURA?

Here’s something that differentiates iYURA - All iYURA products, while remaining authentic to the classical formulations, cater to the modern, western user.

We at iYURA, ensure that we stay abreast with time and meet your contemporary needs in a way that’s preferable for you.

We’re also known to introduce innovation to Ayurvedic products without compromising on the authenticity of the formulation or the original idea behind the product.

At the same time, we take care of the fact that getting the best, most premium, authentic and effective Ayurvedic products does not get overwhelming for you.

All iYURA products are absolutely clean, free of any additives, chemicals, binders etc. We do not even think of testing on animals.