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FREE GIFT: Bite-Sized Dfenz Bar - with Chyawanprash and Dark Chocolate

FREE GIFT: Bite-Sized Dfenz Bar - with Chyawanprash and Dark Chocolate


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Get the ultimate immunity boost with the traditional, supercharging superfood made with around 40 nutrient-rich Ayurvedic herbs- Chyawanprash in a delectable dark chocolatey bar and get Vitamins, Fiber, Minerals, Iron, and a Multitude of Benefits.

Introducing Dfenz Bar
The time-tested formulation of Ayurvedic polyherbal jam- Chyawanprash- now in a chocolatey bar for improved immunity and a stronger, healthier version of you. 
  • A tasty, wholesome, and chocolatey delight with immunity-boosting Chyawanprash
  • Natural & convenient source of high dietary fiber (12% of DV!), protein, iron, vitamins, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids 
  • Boosts immunity, strength, memory, energy, and digestion 
  • A convenient morning-delight/ mid-day snack/ evening filler to stay healthy 
  • 16 g of traditional Ayurvedic Chyawanprash and 11 g of Millets per serving 
  • Has Real Dark Chocolate, made with real cocoa butter 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Quantity: 0.35 oz (10 g)

    This Ayurvedic Goodness is
    100% Natural | Gluten-Free | Rich in Dietary Fiber | Free of Preservatives and Artificial Colors & Additives
    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


    Full list of ingredients:

    Chyawanprash Herbal Powder:

    • Amla [Emblica Officinalis]
    • Sugar
    • Ghee (Clarified Butter)
    • Honey
    • Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum]
    • African Egg Plant [Solanum Indicum]
    • Bamboo [Bambusa Bambos]
    • Indian Kudzu [Pueraria Tuberosa]
    • Shatavari [Asparagus Racemosus]
    • Wild Bean [Phaseolus Trilobus]
    • Puncture Vine [Tribulus Terrestris]
    • Indian Long Pepper [Piper Longum]
    • Guduchi [Tinospora Cordifolia]
    • Indian Silver Fir [Abbies Webbiana]
    • Malabar Nut [Adhatoda Vasica]
    • Spreading Hogweed [Boerhaavia Diffusa]
    • Ceylon Cinnamon [Cinnamomum Verum]
    • White Turmeric [Curcuma Zedoaria]
    • Nutgrass [Cyperus Rotundus]
    • Sal Leaved Desmodium [Desmodium Gangeticum]
    • Cardamom [Elettaria Cardamomum]
    • Gmelina [Gmelina Arborea]
    • Pushkarmool [Inula Racemosa]
    • Cork Swallow Wort [Leptadenia Reticulata]
    • Ceylon Ironwood [Mesua Ferrea]
    • Indian Blue Water Lily [Nymphaea Stellata]
    • Indian Trumpet Tree [Oroxylum Indicum]
    • Gale of the Wind [Phyllanthus Amarus]
    • Zebrawood [Pistacia Integerrima]
    • Premna Integrifolia (Wind Killer)
    • Sandalwood [Santalum Album]
    • Terminalia Chebula [Chebulic Myrobalan]
    • Grape Vine [Vitis Vinifera]
    • Ashwagandha [Withania Somnifera]

    Finger Millet Flour

    Dark Chocolate

    • Sugar
    • Cocoa Solids
    • Cocoa Flour
    • Soy Lecithin
    • Polyglycerol Polyrcinolerate
    • Vanilla Flavor


    Sorghum Flour

    Almond Bits

    Flax Seeds

    Emulsifier (Acacia Gum)

    Rosemary extract


    Best before: 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

    100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Quantity: 0.35 oz (10 g)

    How to Consume

    This Ayurvedic Goodness is meant to be consumed anytime, anywhere. 

    Occasionally, you can have it with a glass of warm milk, for even better results.

      100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee

      About Ayuttva

      About Ayuttva

      The latest addition to The Ayurveda Experience’s Range of Authentic Ayurvedic Brands, AYUTTVA brings the thoughtfulness of Ayurveda’s holistic outlook to your daily life
      through a range of uniquely prepared Ayurvedic Foods, Beverages, and Supplements in convenient, modern, easy-to-consume formats, helping weave more authentic Ayurveda more deeply into your daily routine!

      The brand name finds its genesis in two Sanskrit words - 'Ayu' meaning Life and 'Tattva' meaning Element, referring to the 5 elements of Nature - Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space - which are crucial in maintaining the balance of our bodily composition or 'Doshas'!

      An eye-catching brand with a unique identity that brings forth the element of surprise in Ayurvedic healthcare, bringing together the authenticity of the past and the convenience of the present in a truly artistic way.

      The bright, colorful, engaging, hand-made artwork on Ayuttva packages appeals to one and all and calls out to all generations to embrace Ayurveda evermore readily!

      Ayuttva aims to make Ayurveda an unmissable part of your daily life, where it is not just something you don’t want to miss, but is something you look forward to every day!

      100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee