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Experience the luxuriousness of super soft, butter smooth skincoupled with the aroma of serene tranquility that warms your soul. 

Awakened Soul Face and Body Oil

This is an enlivening and rejuvenating divine skin nourishing potion that enriches the body just as much as its sweet scintillating all-natural fragrance relaxes your mind. 

  • Deep and enduring skin conditioning
  • Moisture-locking hydration
  • Supple and soft skin
  • Smoothness for days
  • Divine aroma that engages and relaxes
  • Brightening, and complexion boosting
  • Gentle, light and soothing skin potion
  • 100% pure and natural

What does Awakened Soul Blend smell like? 

Imagine the way soft, fresh blades of grass feel under your feet. The gently waving but unfaltering stalks of lavender feel buttery smooth as your hands run through them. Through rows and rows of them, every breath filling up with the clean, sweetness of every petal. From the South of France, find yourself in to Valencia’s orchards full of oranges – glorious globes of tropical fruit giving off an enchanting citrusy aroma. The sweet fragrance that melds with warm and earthy patchouli, finds you traversing the tropical forests of south east Asia. Every note of the slightly spicy and musky scent is punctuated with the sharp, minty freshness of peppermint and the pungent, yet saccharine sensation of basil – a journey through the spice fields of Kerala, Bali, Ooty, Malacca – find yourself immersed in the sweet summertime of your dreamy tropical paradise.

The Ayurvedic Awakened Soul Blend experience adds just a little touch of grandeur and just a hint of that something special to your everyday skin supporting rituals. 

Indulge in the gorgeous, satiny skin of your dreams accompanied by a spa-like serenity, with iYURA’s Awakened Soul Face and Body Oil.  

The Awakened Soul experience is about feeling revitalized through the nourishment of your skin, the largest organ of your body. It is about ‘the feel-good’ factor that accompanies taking care of yourself well through the intensely hydrating power of this potion, and feeling calmness through the ethereal scent of this deliciously soothing body oil. 

  • Brightness 
  • Illumination
  • Intense Hydration 
  • Softness 
  • Smoothness 
  • Suppleness
  • Calmness
  • Comfort 
  • And, afterglow! 

What’s in this soul stirring goodness? 

The uplifting body oil is gentle and light for easy application of the face as well as the body. It is perfect or dry, rough and scaly skin that needs some support and alleviation. Its blend of 18 meditative herbs give your skin the confidence to shine and the nutrition for restoration and renewal. The unique combination of ingredients is perfect for sensitive skin that ranges from dry towards normal.  


A fairy popular spice of Indian origin, Turmeric has a lot to offer for personal care. 

  • Even-toned looking skin
  • Brightness and clarified skin surface
  • Firmer looking skin that defies any signs of damage of aging 

Rhetorically hailed as ‘The Protector Herb’ in Ayurvedic texts, this unique and ancient ingredient is both cooling and utterly moisturizing at the same time. If you need an instant skin-purge to clear up the look of dullness and bring around an enlivened feel, then this herb is all you must bank on.  


The base is Sesame Oil for its naturally high level of fat that makes it a good carrier for other herbs and ingredients, ensuring they penetrate well within the skin.

  • Extremely moisturizing and gloss-giving  
  • It effectively locks moisture inside so you stay hydrated longer
  • Rejuvenates skin and adds a glowing vitality to your face and body
  • It is a rich source of Vitamin A and E which are essential actives for building skin-resilience 


Owing to its natural affinity towards skin care and known for its wonderful aroma, Vetiver Grass brings bounty of benefits. 

  • Vetiver is popular for its enlivening scent– but it’s most revered for its complexion-enhancing abilities
  • Uber-nourishing properties that re-plump dry-looking, aging, mature skin
  • Helps in balancing Pitta Dosha (or the element of heat)
  • Make skin look brightened and refreshed 
  • Gives you a cooling, calming and soothing glow 


Revered as a ‘Divine Tree’ in Ayurveda, Indian Banyan cleanses skin from deep within and lights up the complexion. 

  • Induces visible smoothness and clarity in the skin  
  • Possesses high youth-boosting and astringent properties which makes it a perfect ingredient for skincare 
  • Free the appearance of skin that looks dull, rough, and unhealthy  


Ayurvedic texts refer to the Peepal Tree as the ‘Tree of Wisdom’ and as the 'Tree of Life' as every part of this tree has its own unique benefits.  

  • The soft leaves of Peepal enhances skin tone and cleanses skin for a healthy and glowy-looking sheen
  • Works well for sensitive type skin that gets inflamed easily 
  • Extracts of Peepal are also highly beneficial in reducing rough and crackly-looking skin for a smoother and softer appearance 


This restorative skin-herb is a natural youth-booster, in all sense. It is known, in Ayurveda, for smoothening uneven skin tone and improving skin complexion for softer and settled skin 


  • As a Kapha-Pitta pacifying herb, it balances the oiliness of the skin
  • It is a natural coolant, which is why it can be extremely useful in soothing the skin when it feels especially agitated or disturbed
  • It helps the skin stay moisturized with a de-clogged, poreless appearance and a balanced texture


  • Haritaki is rich in vitamin C along with having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • It is beneficial for the vitiation of the ‘Vata’ dosha
  • Its emollient properties make it an effective face and body moisturizer  


  • Pacifies the ‘Kapha’ dosha and balances the skin
  • Contains several essential vitamins like Vitamin C, proteins, and minerals like potassium, selenium, manganese, iron, and copper that boost the skin and nourish it
  • Brings out your natural beauty and enhances radiance


  • Hailed as an Ayurvedic superfood, Amla has a rich source of natural Vitamin C 
  • Amla is packed with antioxidants that tone the appearance of skin and leave it looking much more youthful 


The term ‘Pushkar’ in its Indian name means 'that which nourishes the body'.

  • It pacifies the Vata and Kapha Doshas and keeps the skin in the right balance of dryness and oiliness 


  • A keen complexion booster and skin brightener 
  • It enhances and evens out the skin tone (Varnakrit), exfoliates and purifies the skin (Vishahar), soothes the skin (Shothahar), and brings a healthy-looking glow to the face, for a fresh, gorgeous look.
  • Takes away the day-to-day dullness that sits on your skin  



For your face 

After you cleanse your face and tone it, take a pump of the oil into your palm and gently rub it into your face, neck and décolleté.  

Adjust quantity as per hydration needs and refresh moisturizer whenever required. 

The oil can also be used to remove make up – just take a pump or two onto a cotton pad and wipe it off. Alternatively, you could rub a few pumps onto your face first and then wipe it off with a clean cotton pad. 


For your Body 

As a full body moisturizer, the best time to apply is post-shower when the skin is softened and slightly damp. Take a few pumps or as required and rub it gently into the skin until it is absorbed completely. Refresh as required for individual need. 

The oil can also be used pre-shower for conditioning the skin. Massage well into skin before taking a bath or a shower and wait for 30 minutes to wash it off.  

As an aromatic relaxant, the body oil can add some oomph to your baths. Add a few pumps to your bath water before you get in, and experience the soothing rejuvenation of the Awakened Soul. 

During winters or the drier months or even if you’re just suffering from dry hands and feet, this is a great emollient for such situations. Just rub the oil into the desired area. For best results, apply 3 times a day to keep dehydrated, rough and scaly skin nourished.

Gratifying good skin 

A good body oil should be able to moisturize your skin well and help your skin retain that moisture. But, body oils are much more than just emollients – they are a slice of luxury, nestled in the simple act of keeping your skin healthy. 

Get transported from your bathroom or bedroom to endless fields of lavender, from hydrating your arms to sitting among fresh, ripe oranges hanging from bowers. The warmth and comfort of your favourite body oil can be like an embrace from a loved one or its spicy and pungency could take you on an adventure through a tropical paradise – just brimming with delightful spa-like dewiness, an experience unto itself. When you rub that oil into your skin post-shower, it should make you feel more alive, awake, rested, refreshed, and renewed every time you indulge in some tender loving care for your skin. 

The primary reason body oils rock is straightforward: they’re light and gentle on application, without any stickiness, greasiness or oiliness. Once they are applied (especially on damp skin!), they get absorbed fairly easily and well for long lasting moisture and healthy, happy skin. They form a barrier on the skin without blocking the pores, that helps in retaining within your skin. The vitamins and minerals, natural pampering ingredients and mild base humectants make it the ideal choice for keeping your skin feeling good.

They are also excellent all year skin helpers – in the summer they keep the skin relaxed and nourished through chlorinated pool water, rough beachy sands, salty sea water and environmental dryness. In the winters, they ensure skin doesn’t get stretched and dehydrated through deep hydration but also protect the skin from the abrasion of multiple layers of clothing, especially at a time when there is a tendency towards sensitivity. No residue, no roughness, only resilience.

You don’t need a reason to get super soft skin – especially if it is fresh, soul-soothing and only contains 100% natural ingredients!