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  • Discover the Simplest 3-Step Process Ever

    That Will Not Only Save You Precious Time & Hundreds of Dollars, But Will Also Make the Rest of Your Life
    a Guaranteed Healthier and Happier Experience

    • Baffle your friends and everyone around you with your stunning personality and the glow of perfect health radiating from your face 
    • Find out about your personality type and learn things about your own self you had no idea about 
    • Uncover the hidden cause behind a lot of your physical and psychological issues 
    • Find the easiest and the most natural ways to smoothen out your complex life and maintain perfect health 
    • There is indeed a right time for everything, but the same time is not right for everyone! Get the perfect customized schedule for the right time to perform daily activities specifically for you!

    What to eat, what to avoid, what is the right body work for you, which is the most suitable
    meditation technique for you, how to take care of yourself the natural way, the secret mantras
    to suit your needs - everything you can think of is right here.

    “You’re such a moody person!”

    “Why do you keep complaining all the time?”

    “You really need to watch your weight.”

    “You’re this and you’re that. This is wrong with you, and that, you just can't do that.” 

    Yes, these are mean, harsh things that we've all heard from others. Whether out of concern or just a thoughtless impulse, sometimes even our closest friends end up saying things to us that may be true but are hurtful nevertheless. 

    And then come suggestions: 

    Why don’t you get a makeover? Try a new haircut.” 

    “You know, I got to know about new mind-body training sessions. They only cost $100 an hour, let’s join them together!” (As if $100/hour is ‘only’!) 

    “Everything in this world is pointless. Just sit at home and read the big book of depression.” 

    – Well, this last one isn’t actually advice you get, but more often is what you actually end up doing. 

    So at the end of it all (which is usually every other night), you’re left thinking of the bills and the comment someone made about you, shifting uncomfortably in your bed and your clothes feel a bit tight around your waist, just to make it worse for you. And then all those other low feelings you have about yourself which you just can’t share with anyone, come together in your head and you are left with no other choice but to wish that YOU WERE NOT YOU. 

    But tell me:

    Are you really the sad, helpless person that life seems to be trying to
    make out of you?

    [If you said 'no' read on. If you said 'yes', DEFINITELY READ ON!] 

    Who likes to be unhappy? I’m sure you didn’t ask for problems to come flying your way! But this, nobody really
    understands, do they? 

    I do. And this is why I WANT TO TELL YOU HOW...

    You can make both your physical and mental problems fly away from you without reaching your wits end!

    A clue: The solution lies in correct diagnosis, in EXACTLY HOW UNIQUE YOU REALLY ARE… I'll just tell you more
    about it, but before that,

    There is something I’d like to warn you about…

    When you try to change yourself as a person or mould your lifestyle without first understanding and appreciating your true self, you end up, well, in a situation like a few lines above! 

    Did you know how dangerous it is to take these random suggestions and trying out all sorts of life-changing methods without taking into account what you really require? 

    It’s like making more mistakes to escape from one mistake, in fact, it is worse than that: you actually end up watering the weeds in your own life!

    And this is one of your greatest problems that I am going to
    solve for you today.

    Be it a physical problem of not being able to exercise for long, or a seemingly mental tendency to get worked up too
    fast, I will tell you exactly why this happens with you particularly, and how you can deal with it.

    Did you know that most emotional, physical and mental health issues are
    actually rooted in your biological set-up

    And thus, it is also in your ‘biological set-up’ where the critical truth about living a perfectly happy life lies hidden!

    The ancient Indian “science of life” called Ayurveda explains that human beings, like the universe, are made up of each of the five elements (air, space, fire, water and earth) and the Soul. Therefore, our bodies are a microcosm of the universe within itself.

    These elements, in their biological form, are known as doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is made up of a combination of Air and Space. Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water. Kapha is made up of a combination of Earth and Water.

    Every activity and function of our mind and body is dependent upon the balanced or unbalanced state of our doshas.

    And it is these doshas that play a role more critical than you can imagine… And there is no bigger lie than this about Ayurveda…

    That you really need to be noticeably unwell to turn to Ayurveda! 

    Save yourself from making the great error that everyone else is blindly making!

    The Ayurveda Experience, through its 3-step process, prevents us from going on practicing habits that are bad for us. Without truly understanding your nature, you pile on different diets, lifestyles and practices to improve your life, but instead end up making it worse!

    Because we all have all of the elements in our bodies, we all have each of the doshas as well. But every one of us is born with a unique, individual balance of these doshas. So, no two of us are alike!

    Ayurveda helps us understand our natural tendencies, how we operate, and what it takes for us to get along with the people in our lives. Ayurvedic remedy is actually a universal 3-step process which eliminates the concept of forceful change and makes living a complex life simple & full of happiness!

    And Why Should You Believe Me?

    Because I am a living example of what Ayurveda can really do for you! And there is NO GREATER PROOF than my very own life.

    When my first son was young, he was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). I was very concerned because even though he was really smart (he scored high on an IQ test), the teacher wanted to hold him back a grade. I felt he was too young to be on medication, so I investigated everything else I could do – I considered all of the options and alternatives. I needed something to help him concentrate, to focus, to pay attention in school. I tried homeopathy, naturopathy, and many other natural healing techniques with mixed success. And then I discovered Ayurveda. And Ayurveda showed me how to look at a person’s state of balance, and imbalance, and how to bring that person back to their natural state of balance so they can be at their best.  

    I learned that my son, being very Vata in nature, was experiencing a Vata imbalance that showed up as ADHD. So I set about putting him on a Vata balancing routine. Instead of giving him cold cereal for breakfast, I made him fresh oatmeal in the morning. I taught him how to meditate, and how to do abhyanga, I made sure my son had a regular routine, and I started to see a difference in his behavior, and his teacher did, too. She allowed my son to finish out the year with his class.

    When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, I learned that this is a genetic condition, and that he got it from me! 

    Knowing this made a lot of what I had been through in my childhood make sense to me – a low sense of self-esteem, struggles in school, and socially, and difficulty in getting and staying organized.

    Once I got myself on the Vata routine, I felt much more focused. So much so that I’ve been able to write 8 books!

    My relationships flourish, not only because I understand myself better, but because I also understand other people and their own natures so much better. I feel more confident, happy, and my anxiety has diminished.

    There have been many other times when I have used the wisdom of Ayurveda to overcome challenges in my life. When I was going through a divorce, I was stressed out and filled with anxiety. Yet Ayurveda got me through. I stuck to my daily routine, and especially my Vata rituals, and I got through it with grace and ease. 

    When my brother-in-law died, I felt a deep depression coming on. Knowing that depression is a Kapha imbalance, I stuck to my routine and applied some of the Kapha balancing techniques, and I got through it. I was able to support my sister, and deal with all the sadness and turmoil going on in my family. I was the one that the family looked to for stability and strength, and thanks to Ayurveda, I was able to be there for them.

    When I went through menopause, I never had to take hormones, I never had a serious hot flash, I never suffered any of the side effects or symptoms that my friends complained about. Menopause was easy for me, and I know it was all because I incorporated the 3-Step Process, applying the principles of Ayurveda to my life.

    What is that 3-Step Process?

    Ayurveda recognizes how unique you are with your own individual combination of Doshas. By empowering you with in-depth knowledge of your Dosha, The Ayurveda Experience will help you truly understand your real personality, and then appreciate your strengths and weaknesses or Prakruti and Vikruti. (I explain these concepts in detail in the program.)

    This is only possible through in-depth knowledge of the Science of Life: Ayurveda.

    Once the knowledge is acquired and you recognize, understand and appreciate your true self, you then know how to correctly adapt and optimize your lifestyle to attain that perfect balance.

    I converted this 3-step process of:

    into a very easy to understand and entertaining to watch HD video course:

    I invite you to come along with me and discover The Science of Life for yourself with “The Ayurveda Experience”.
    With this course, you get everything you need to experience balance and bliss! I’ve made it very easy for you start right now, right where you are, with what you already have. All of the concepts are clear and simple to integrate into your life as much or as little as you choose to do so.

    You’ll see right away how much goodness Ayurveda brings to your days at home, at work, in all areas of your life.

    Divided in 3 stages, The Ayurveda Experience gives you everything you need to experience balance and bliss!

    "Coffey brings the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to a contemporary audience and shows us how to discover more about ourselves and our relationship."

    Deepak Chopra, Indian-American author, holistic health/New Age guru


    As the first section of the program, this stage will introduce you to and familiarize you with the Science of Ayurveda with some background and historical information.

    In this section, Lissa explains:

    •  Ayurveda: the Beginning
    •  Ayurveda and Modern Medicine
    • The History and Evolution of the Science of Ayurveda

    Stage 2: RECOGNIZING

      Module 1: Ayurveda: The Science of Life

    • This module will explain the 3 doshas in detail and help you find out & recognize which type you truly are. 
    • Every person is different and so are you! Ayurveda recognizes your unique nature.Through this module you will be able to identify your own unique combination of doshas that no one else has! 
    • Once you learn about your ‘Prakruti’, you will also be able to understand why you face certain problems in your life: blame it on your ‘Vikruti’! In this module, you will find out what your ‘Vikruti’ or ‘personal imbalance’ is which is causing you all the trouble!

    Module 2: Ayurveda Through the Day and Through the Years

    • Did you know that your lifespan, too, is divided into the different stages of Vata, Pitta and Kapha? Find out which stage of your life you’re in and adjust your lifestyle to suit that stage and the accurate combination of your doshas.
    • Not only is your lifespan divided into these 3 phases, even the entire year is divided into Vata,Pitta and Kapha seasons. Learn particularly how to take care of yourself in these seasons according to your dosha or personality type. 
    • Learn how to derive the most perfect routine for your everyday life with understanding the Vata, Pitta and Kapha hours of the day.This module will explain the  dosha-based division of the 24 hours of the day and help you get the most accurate daily schedule, to maintain correct body weight and complete perfect balance in your life. 
    • Understand the 3 Powerful Pillars of Health according to Ayurveda.

    Module 3: Digestion

    • Are you sure you’re including all the required elements of food in your and your family's daily diet? Well, this module will make sure you do! Learn about the 6 Fundamental Categories food is divided into and how you must include them in your daily diet. 
    • Not all kinds of diets work for everybody, not all kinds of foods suit everybody. There is a reason. While certain kinds of foods may be really beneficial for your particular combination of doshas, others may be poisonous for you, not just physically, even mentally! Discover which foods you should totally be staying away from and which foods you must immediately begin including in your diet. 
    • Sometimes, some very small habits make such a huge difference that they often go unnoticed and you never get to know what’s going wrong! Learn 7 prescribed Ayurvedic eating habits which can help you come closer to the perfect lifestyle for a stable, positive, healthy and happy life.

    Module 4: Exercise and Body Work

    • Anyone who tells you that you can live a perfectly healthy life without any exercise is absolutely deluded! Yes, everyone needs exercise, but are all exercises good for everyone? While there are some exercises that you might keep doing all your life but wouldn’t do much for you, there are some exercises that will work like magic! Find out what those certain poses particularly good for your type are and exercise the correct way. I will share different exercises for each dosha in this section. 
    • In this module, I will also talk about Abhyanga: the daily massage recommended by  Ayurveda. 
    • I will share with you the right time and way to do it and will also tell you the correct oil to use for your personality type. 
    • You will learn the secret areas to focus on to stimulate your internal organs. 
    • But why do all this? Watch this module to know about the 4 Super Benefits of Abhyanga Massage and why you must stop missing out on it right away! 
    • I will also tell you a fantastic trick that will help you save hundreds of dollars which you spend at Ayurvedic Spas! 
    • And lastly, along with telling you more about other kinds of massages, I will also teach you how to use Ayurvedic Massage to connect with your partner!

    Module 4: Meditation Techniques

    • When you follow the principles of Ayurveda, you understand exactly how to correctly customize your diet and daily schedule according to what your body needs, and meditation is no different! In this module, you will get guidelines along with the most perfect timing and postures that are right specifically for you. 
    • You will also learn about 7 different Kinds of Meditation and follow the one that’s particularly suited to the natural composition and requirements of your body according to your Dosha. 
    • What’s more? In this module, you will also learn how to use tools for. meditation. I will explain the astrological significance of Mala beads and the right way to use them. 
    • I will also give you the right Mantra for every dosha to help you balance your particular dosha

    Module 4: Breath and Energy

    • Ayurveda provides holistic health solutions, and breath and energy form a very important part of healthy living. In this module, I will explain the meaning of ‘Prana’ and share different Pranayama exercises with you. 
    • I will show you exactly which Pranayama exercise is good for which type and help you to get better results by teaching the right way to do them. 
    • In this module, I will also talk about The 7 Chakras and give you your own mantra! Yes, you will learn the secret Mantra for every chakra to balance your dosha

    Module 7: Ayurvedic Self-Care

    • Did you know that food is not the only culprit behind weight gain?! In this module, I will share with you other secret sources of weight gain which you can begin controlling immediately! 
    • The way your body responds to different diets depends a lot on your dosha and not all ideas work for everyone! Get specific weight loss tips according to your dosha and attain that healthy body that gives you a chance to be proud, happy and peaceful!

    Stage 3: OPTIMIZING

    With this, we come to the third and the last stage of the program - (and the most exciting one!) Optimizing - where you get to apply the concepts in everyday practices!

    This part contains videos on:

    • Ayurveda and Beauty: Secrets to Natural Grace and Charm
    • Ayurvedic Remedies for Top 10 Common Health Disorders
    • Sample meals for Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas
    • Where are we going wrong- 10 Specific/Most Dangerous Modern habits we unknowingly practice and must stop immediately

    Note This:

    These are just a few highlights of all the modules! In the entire Program of 7 Modules, not only do I explain more concepts and ideas in detail but I also demonstrate exactly how to perform all those exercises, the correct techniques of massage, even how to cook the Ayurvedic Way and much more!

    Not only that, when you order now, you will also get 3 Bonus Videos absolutely FREE!

    In these bonuses, I actually make the most perfect Ayurvedic Breakfast for you, show you some special exercise and body work and discuss some particular Ayurvedic herbs!

    But wait a minute, if you order now, there is another very special video that I’ll be happy to add on! In this Special Bonus Video, I will share with you the Secret Mantra to attract the right partner completely free!

    So on ordering RIGHT NOW, you will not only get the 7 Modules, you will also get 4 Bonus Videos ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

    Bonus 1: The Perfect Ayurvedic Breakfast

    • This is a fun Bonus Module! Here,I don’t just tell you, but actually show you how to prepare the perfect Ayurvedic breakfast! 
    • On ordering The Ayurveda Experience now, you get this video absolutely free

    Bonus 2: Ayurvedic Exercise and Bodywork

    • In this video, I will demonstrate a dry brushing technique to stimulate and improve  circulation - and that's great for cellulite!
    • I will also demonstrate how to do an Ayurvedic foot massage

    Bonus 3: Ayurvedic Herbs

    • In this Bonus Module, I will tell you about some Ayurvedic herbs that are very beneficial for you. I will explain how you can enjoy the benefits of these herbs and use them to live a perfectly balanced, healthy life!

    Special Bonus: Secret Mantras to Attract and Keep the Right
    Partner in Your Life 

    • Whether latent or active, there lies unbelievable power hidden in your beliefs and the way you focus your energies! 
    • In this bonus video, I shall reveal to you how to focus your energies and use the ultimate mantras to attract the right person in your life. 
    • Also, how to find the right partner and what sustains a good relationship are 2 very vital questions that I will answer in this Bonus Video which you will get for absolutely no cost at all if you order The Ayurveda Experience Program now!

    Bonus: Free Text Companion

    When you order the Program now, you also get a Text Companion to the program completely free! For easy reference, you can read through the Text Companion which contains an account of all the modules. Not only that, it makes an interesting read with pictures and concepts explained in a simple format of tables and charts. If at any moment you want to find out whether you’re a Vata, Pitta or a Kapha, or the right Mantras for you, or information on different Chakras, just open the book and refer to the easy charts!

    On ordering now, not only will you get full access to the entire course,

    You will get another 7 hours of highly valuable content through interviews with 7 top Ayurvedic Experts in the USA.


      Ayurveda & Professional Opportunities in this Sphere

    • Ayurveda and Lyme Disease 
    • Ayurveda and Backache 
    • Ayurveda and Mental Concerns 
    • Functional Medicine and Ayurveda 
    • How to build a career in Ayurveda 
    • Where to go for the right guidance


      Ayurveda & Mental Health

    • The Ayurvedic Approach to Mental Health
    • What creates a lack of stability in  the mind
    • How Doshic imbalance is expressed as a mental condition 
    • How to identify Doshic imbalance  causing mental conditions 
    • How to identify state of mind (Sattwa/ Rajas/ Tamas) 
    • How to pacify your Doshas to balance the state of mind (Reference studies showing food/sleep/energy affect mood) 
    • The 3 steps of Ayurvedic treatment 
    • What are the Ayurvedic protocols  around the Three Pillars of Health and how they affect you


      Ayurveda & Digestion

    • How our Western lives embrace    Ayurveda
    • How is 'Digestion' is key to perfect health
    • What is the real significance of 'diet' 
    • What is 'Digestive Agni' or fire? 
    • What is the impact of food and your digestion on your mind?


      Ayurveda, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

    • What are the oils for different Sub-Doshas
    • Which oils can burn you and which can heal 
    • How does internal consumption of essential oils affect you 
    • Which oils have anti-depressant    qualities
    • What are the spiritual benefits of  aromatherapy. 


      Women's Health

    • Melanie Sach's famous, unique Breast Massage Ritual. This Massage ritual helps you relax, tone your breasts, improve blood circulation and positively affects your sense of confidence and much more!



    • A fantastic marma point for 'Dry Eyes Syndrome' as well as runny/inflamed eyes
    • A surprising technique to relax your eyes
    • The best marma points for a migraine headache 
    • Places where we hide stress 
    • A special technique to aid deep breathing
    • All of this along with a live demo of face massage, abdomen massage,  foot massage, using Kansa tools and more!


      Ayurvedic Herbs

    • What Ayurveda says about Soy 
    • Ayurvedic herbs to take to kill sweet cravings and to lower your blood sugar 
    • Long-lasting, sustaining energizing herb 
    • Benefits of Ashwagandha and how and why to take it 
    • An 'anxiety-erasing' herb? 
    • Trans-dermal use of herbs 
    • Herbs helpful to cut out boating? 
    • Top 5, most helpful herbs and much more!

    USD 17/ USD 27/ USD 47

    "Lissa Coffey’s book puts health back into the word “diet”. Using the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, she shows you how to make positive changes in both your diet and your life to move in the direction of greater health. Lissa’s book is a welcome resource for every health and wellness library."

    Sarah Maria, author, Love Your Body, Love Your Life.

    Why The Ayurveda Experience?

    • The Ayurveda Experience is the only HD Multimedia Program that combines the Ancient Indian Wisdom of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in an extremely unique, applicable manner. 
    • Unlike other texts and programs, in this program, I don’t just discuss concepts and ideas but also ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATE HOW TO correctly perform the recommended practices. 
    • This program does not overload you with any overly academic, bookish knowledge which is of no practical use to you. This program shares all the important ways to cut the stress levels of your life by half in the most easy manner possible! 
    • This program also has a rare feature: a unique perspective towards relationships and you will find it full of useful tips to improve your relationships, particularly with your partner. 
    • Not only does The Ayurveda Experience guide you to attain perfectly balanced health, it also focuses on balance in relationships! It is one unique program that first educates you and makes you capable of understanding your own self first. It helps you. Understand people as they are, not as who you want them to be. Once you understand the 3 Doshas, you also understand why a person possibly reacts in one way and not in another which then enables you to accept them and thereby deal with them in a more suitable manner. 
    • The Ayurveda Experience is a holistic Multimedia Program that provides you with a complete audio-visual and practical experience. There is no other program that combines physical health, mental and spiritual health, lifestyle and personal relationships as comprehensively as The Ayurveda Experience! Also, other courses focus only on one aspect: either your body or your mind, either lifestyle or spiritual practice. They do not take into account your unique combination of physical and behav -ioural tendencies which prevents them from reaching the real root of your problems. 
    • Ayurveda teaches you to explore your own true nature, accept yourself and love yourself exactly as you are. It helps you to more easily learn to love and accept others for who they are. Ayurveda improves your health, and also the health of your relationships.

    Enjoy perfect balance and all these benefits that come along with living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. Enjoy “The Ayurveda Experience” now!

    Meet Lissa Coffey...

    Lissa Coffey is a lifestyle and relationship expert who serves up an inspiring blend of ancient wisdom and modern style. She’s been living an Ayurvedic lifestyle since researching her first book, “The Healthy Family Handbook,” in 1996. Lissa appears frequently on television and radio and contributes to many national publications with her insightful and compassionate approach to modern-day issues.

    Lissa Coffey is a certified instructor with The Chopra Center. Deepak Chopra says: “Coffey brings the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to a contemporary audience and shows us how to discover more about ourselves and our relationship.”

    In 2005 she was awarded a commendation from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for her “Outstanding Contribution to the Yoga Community.” In 2012 AAPNA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals North America) awarded Lissa the “Dharma Award” for “Excellence in Promoting Awareness of Ayurveda.”

    Lifestyle and Relationship Expert

    With warmth and authenticity, Ayurveda expert and author Lissa Coffey helps people unveil the boundless possibilities and pragmatic wisdom that dwells within them. She is a lifestyle expert, and the media’s go-to person for Lifestyle and relationship advice. Lissa is a life coach who taps into her vast knowledge of Ayurveda, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy and other ancient philosophies to come up with positive solutions for contemporary challenges. Engaging and media-friendly, Lissa is a fixture on many national and local television shows.

    Corporate Spokesperson

    Lissa Coffey is media savvy and has the professional experience necessary to best represent many companies and products. Lissa is currently the spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council and for A Jaron Fine Jewelry.

    Multi-media Author & Producer

    Combining her two passions – spirituality and media – Lissa Coffey writes books, TV segments, and articles that inspire, educate and entertain. She wrote and produced the award-winning “Positive Music for Today’s Kids” series, and her music videos have aired on Nickelodeon, The Learning Channel, and Discovery Kids. “Karate for Kids: Instruction and Exercise” is now on DVD. Her “Dosha Yoga” DVD earned a commendation from L.A. Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa for its contribution to the yoga community!

    Lissa received the “Dharma Award” from AAPNA for her Excellence in Promoting Awareness of Ayurveda.

    Her best-selling book “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?
    Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love” is the only book ever published on Ayurveda and Relationships, and it has been translated into five languages.

    Lissa Coffey has appeared on national television and has lectured worldwide on the subject of Ayurveda and Relationships.

    In 2005 she was awarded a commendation from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for “Outstanding Contribution to the Yoga Community.”

    Her first book on Ayurveda: “The Healthy Family Handbook: Natural Remedies for Parents and Children” was released in 1997.

    She has had eight books published. 

    Lissa received the “Dharma Award” from AAPNA for her Excellence in Promoting Awareness of Ayurveda.

    Her best-selling book “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?
    Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love” is the only book ever published on Ayurveda and Relationships, and it has been translated into five languages.

    Lissa Coffey has appeared on national television and has lectured worldwide on the subject of Ayurveda and Relationships.

    In 2005 she was awarded a commendation from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for “Outstanding Contribution to the Yoga Community.”

    Her first book on Ayurveda: “The Healthy Family Handbook: Natural Remedies for Parents and Children” was released in 1997.

    She has had eight books published. 

    “Lissa Coffey has created a treasure of a handbook with countless practical suggestions based on the teachings of Ayurveda, showing us how we can eat, live, sleep, and interact with other people to find and maintain a balanced lifestyle. When we are naturally in balance, as Lissa suggests, we feel good, look good, and do good.”

    Lothar Schäfer, author 'Infinite Potential: What Quantum Physics Reveals About How We Should Live'

    USD 17/ USD 27/ USD 47

    “Lissa Coffey walks her talk, and now has written a beautiful and clear book to teach us the most advanced and ancient ideas about achieving the perfect balance that results in the kind of health that helps us look, feel and be our very blessed best! She is an amazing woman and I am thrilled to recommend her book!”

    Candace Pert, PhD, author: 'Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine'

    Why you simply don't want to miss out on this Exceptionally Beneficial Program:

    • Not only is it a pain to find a good, genuine Ayurvedic Center, but when you do find one, a single type of treatment can cost an  average of $1750! And that's just 1 session! What’s even worse? These treatments only provide short-term relief and are not sustainable over a long period of time. They do not educate you, impart no true knowledge or understanding of yourself and therefore, you are never empowered enough to understand what is right for you. 
    • The Ayurveda Experience Program makes this problem dissolve in thin air! This program, which costs even less than 1/10th of a single session at an Ayurvedic Centre, provides you with knowledge and guidelines which you can follow for YOUR WHOLE LIFE! The worth of ease, peace, self-empowerment and positivity it will bring to your life is beyond anything that money can measure! Not only that, your family too can enjoy the resultant benefits of your learning: ALL OF IT FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF A BOTTLE OF PERFUME! 
    • Along with a text book to refer to, the program has a unique video format which doesn't just give you unconnected advice/suggestions but instead takes you along an interactive journey where you’re fully involved. Full of presentations and demonstrations, the course is both educative and entertaining. 
    • No other multimedia experience has been able to capture the essence of Ayurveda, Yoga and Mediation in such a comprehensive synergistic manner as The Ayurveda Experience. Right from the right kind of food to eat, to the perfect schedule, the right  postures, the right Mantras and the ideal meditation practices for you, this program covers EVERYTHING! This is the MOST COMPLETE, EASY TO FOLLOW AND EFFICIENT LIFESTYLE GUIDE EVER.

    The top feature of this program is that, unlike all other diet and lifestyle guides, this program offers you customized solutions to particularly suit not just your body type separately or the mind separately but your whole unique personality together.

    The Ayurveda Experience recognizes that you are different from others hence your needs and requirements are different, and so it empowers you with personalized tips and solutions which no other program does!

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    “I’ve known Lissa Coffey for many years and have been impressed with her depth of knowledge and the ease in which she shares it, I always learn something.”

    - The Ven. Rev. Kusala Bhikshu, founder: UrbanDharma.org

    “These tiny tidbits bring huge wisdom to the task at hand – the task called life. And wisdom is always a wonderful gift.”

    - Neale Donald Walsch, author: 'Getting There With Grace'

    USD 17/ USD 27/ USD 47

    “The Vedic way gives us much direction about our life purpose, or dharma, and Lissa Coffey shows us how we can apply this beautiful philosophy in our lives right here and now.”

    - William Levacy, author: 'Vedic Astrology', 'Simply Put'

    “The Healthy Family Handbook is one of those everyday miracles that shows us practical and easy ways to care for our own health and the health of our families.”

    - Marianne Williamson, author: 'A Return to Love'

    “I have watched the webinar of this and loved every minute of it. Your techniques will make my massage sessions more vigorous and open to my clients. The abdomen technique you've shown will push my knowledge. I will add your technique to mine and the facial parts too. Thank you very much to help further my knowledge. Namaste.”

    - Charles

    “Great Webinar I am getting to learn so much about the various herbs and their uses. Thanks Lissa and KP Khalsa for the great webinar.”

    - Judith

    “Thank you so much for these awesome seminars. Life enhancing and totally inspiring. Ayurveda is the oldest and the newest science. Just like life it keeps on going round. The totality!”

    - Claire Watt-Powell


    • Not get 50% Off Again 
    • Will miss out on all the healthy, easy yet interesting recipes and the exclusive 28-day diet program. 
    • You will continue to make dangerous changes in your lifestyle without really knowing what really is the right thing to do. 
    • You will keep blowing hundreds of dollars repeatedly and reach back to square one without getting a life-long solution to your life problems. 
    • Never know your perfect combination of Doshas correctly, therefore will not be able to configure the right eating habits and the lifestyle to suit you individually! 
    • You will also end up wasting more of your time on short cut shams which will not give you a complete, natural, holistic, lifelong solution to your problems.

    IMP: The Ayurveda Experience is a life choice, it is a holistic solution that lasts as long as you want it to and its benefits can be reaped for over a lifetime.

    You may have tried out various diet plans, programs and many different options to live a holistically satisfied life. But when you try pasting different, disintegrated bits and pieces together, all you can get is a patchy picture! But Ayurveda is that holistic solution which gives you all the tools you need to both get into balance and to maintain that state of perfect balance so that you can be your best.

    The Ayurveda Experience combines the power of Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation. All of these sciences are practiced together, as the energy created by them is synergistic, meaning that one practice helps to strengthen the benefits of the others. To practice one without the other would be like wearing a left shoe without a right one. You get some benefit, but you understand what you’ve really been missing when you put that other shoe on! 


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