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  • A. Modernica products are vegan and have no harmful chemicals, no artificial fragrance, no sulfates, and no parabens.

    Every product is made with ancient Ayurvedic ingredients combined with modern skin-science.

    We NEVER test on animals.

    Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

    A brightening eye cream with Manjistha, Aloe Vera, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid

    • Instant toning, soothing and moisturizing effect
    • Brightened, hydrated and firmer skin over time with regular use
    • Reduced appearance of fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles around the eye-area
    • Nourished and younger-looking eyes with unique, easy-to-blend formula
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    Blavana Ultra-Rich Youth-Boost Face Pommade for Aging Skin

    Ayurveda's Age-Old 'Age Hold' Sultry-Smooth Complex with super-unctuous Black Gram to wipe off all dryness issues in 1 nightly swipe

    • Nurtures and intensely moisturizes dry and aged skin
    • Helps reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and sagginess
    • Restores softness and firmness to the skin
    • Makes the skin smooth, supple and locks in moisture for long
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    Nicumin Brightening & Even-Toning Face Mask

    Unique detoxifying and purifying Face Mask with Turmeric, Black Seeds and an uber-gentle AHA

    • Reduces dullness and the appearance of dark spots and blemishes
    • Draws out deeply settled impurities without any uncomfortable feeling
    • Keeps skin looking youthful
    • Promotes an even-toned looking texture and softness
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    Saffron and Turmeric Body and Face Moisturizing Duo

    The Traditional Glow-boosting Duo of Saffron and Turmeric that makes you glow from head-to-toe

    • Kesaradi Oil nourishes and adds a dewy glow
    • Zafaloe brightens and intensely nourishes the skin
    • Get radiant skin with caring, brightening ingredients
    • Get silky-soft, supple and clear-looking skin with regular use
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    Zafaloe Bright Moisture Hand and Body Lotion

    Ultra-light moisturizer with Saffron and Turmeric Oil, Aloe Vera and Niacinamide

    • Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth and soft
    • Draws out deeply settled impurities without any uncomfortable feeling
    • Gives brightened, glowing, younger-looking skin
    • Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, and marks with regular use over time
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    Nucinel Makeup Remover and Gentle-Cleansing Fluid

    An Ultra-gentle cleansing fluid with youth-boosting Lotus Seeds and brightening Licorice

    • Removes dirt from the pores and deeply nourishes them
    • Has a cooling, heat-reducing, and skin-calming effect
    • Leaves behind crystal-clean and clear, bouncy, baby-soft skin
    • Brightens the skin and leaves a visible glow
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    The wonder eyecream - Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion. 
    I love the Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion. My under eyes appear smoother, hydrated, and visibility of lines have decreased. It's so hard to find a quality eye cream, but here it is!

    - Ilenia C.


    I am using this product and many others, and they are amazing, i fallowed these products for a while, and it said, no need for makeup, your skin glows..... well that is the total truth and which I had started earlier :) these products are amazing :)

    - Genea D.

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