The ancient but simple method of ticking all the boxes with a single ingredient – without a single additive or preservative! 

The main character in many of Ayurvedic preparations, the age old grandmother’s solution for every problem and the incredible botanical find whose every part can greatly increase wellness.

Neem is all that and more – and now its powerful essence is captured in every bottle of

 iYURA Pure's Neem Oil!

In traditional Ayurveda, Neem has been famously called, ‘Sarva Rogya Nivarini’, meaning “one that cures all ills and ailments”.

Its monumental endowments in skin care and hair care have been well-established through thousands of years of its use.

It is the fruits and seeds which are the source of neem oil.

This potent derivation of neem can be used for face care, body care, hair care, scalp maintenance, among other uses.

Some of its benefits are: 

Controlling the appearance of facial acne and easing the associated redness 

Soothes a sensitive and troubled scalp while nourishing hair 

Adds resilience in hair that is weak and prone to breakage 

Soothing mild irritations and discomforts on the surface of the skin 

Reducing the appearance of marks and blemishes 

Reducing visible dryness and appearance of wrinkles on skin

Improving the appearance of the texture of skin 

Supporting hair and skin that has suffered from environmental damage 

Soothing and cooling effect 

What is the reason for the endless list of advantages from such an ordinary looking herb?

The herb, neem, is enriched with several actives that are the basis of personal care and improvement. 

In traditional Ayurveda, Neem is known for containing:

  • Fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids, which deeply moisturize and add plumpness to skin that is dry, stretched, wrinkled and sun damaged – so your skin not only looks good, but FEELS good too!
  • Limonoids, which aid in restoration, inflammation relief and providing comfort to skin
  • Vitamin E, which slows down the process of cell damage, boosts immune response and repairs the surface of the skin and hair 
  • Triglycerides, the good kind of fat that encourages and preserves the texture and smoothness of skin and hair, while adding some glow and oomph! 
  • Antioxidants, found in retinol and niacinamide, they protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals that can damage the skin. With regular use, sun spots and visible signs of aging can be minimized. 
  • Calcium, which encourages skin regeneration and turnover while also upholding the skin barrier for healthy, good looking skin. It visibly improves how every strand of hair looks for hair that looks fuller, voluminous and luxurious. 

And that is just the half of it: Neem Oil is an Ayurvedic route to clean, clear and comforted skin that with visibly fewer breakouts and reduced appearance of pigmentation and spotting!



When it comes to this “reliever of all sickness”, Ayurveda holds by the truth that there is nothing that Neem can’t cure!

  • Traditionally, Neem oil is used applied to soles of feet and palms of the hand to support appropriate perspiration besides providing a natural deodorant-like effect to eliminate body odor
  • In Ayurveda, it’s believed that the Neem tree is so highly effective that eating a neem leaf a day can have glorious health benefits despite its strong bitter taste. 
  • Parts of the Neem plant are also used as an herbal add-on that boost general immunity when included in ‘Kadha’, an Ayurvedic health potion which is a mix of ginger, tulsi leaves and pepper corn (crushed) in boiling hot water. 
  • Interestingly, in the olden days, people used to brush teeth with a neem twig as it releases a small amount of its oil which greatly elevates dental and gum health by reducing microbial infections. 
  • Traditionally, since neem leaves have powerful antibacterial properties, they are also used for cooling and soothing rashes and blisters associated with chicken pox, either by taking a bath in water boiled with neem leaves or by lying in a bed strewn with them. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. iYURA Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil is only meant for cosmetic use.



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Pure neem oil is very strong and therefore, perfect for spot treatment to reduce the appearance of acne, scars, spots, warts and so on. The correct way to do it is:

Dab it on the affected region lightly with a q-tip

Leave it on for 30 minutes

Then, wash it off

If a more general and/or liberal application is required, mix neem oil with a more neutral carrier oil such as the iYURA Pure Oils. Since neem oil is extremely potent, it can be quite overpowering and intense all on its own.

Once combined, the mixture can be used over the face, body or hair to enjoy its benefits.

For a simpler way to incorporate neem oil into your daily personal care routine: use a few drops of neem oil with your regular care products for routine care. You can choose aloe vera gel, face packs, nail oil, hand cream, face oil, moisturizer, hair oil, body lotion or any other external application product to add it to. The regular application allows for preservation, upkeep and clarification of the skin.

A few drops in a hot bath can cleanse your pores while relaxing and soothing your body after a long, tiring day.

Experience the 100% natural, vegan multipurpose oil that can bring real improvement in the quality of your life with its full body effectiveness! 


NOTE: Always patch test products to ensure their suitability for your skin type and disposition. 

NOTE: Not meant for consumption.