iYURA and Ayurveda 

iYURA is THE brand to experience authentic, effective Ayurveda in the most beautiful and compliant way!
iYURA is a 100% natural, authentic Ayurvedic skincare brand that brings ancient beauty formulas to you in a modern way.
If a product is from iYURA, it is pure, it is effective, it is natural and looks mesmerizing.

Along with great results and the true blessings of nature, iYURA also brings to the fore the beauty of hand-painted artwork created in the ancient Indian tradition of Madhubani painting.  

You can identify an              product from afar and recognize it with closed eyes.


You can identify an            product from afar and recognize it with closed eyes.


Why is iYURA different as a skin-care brand?

iYURA brings pure, authentic, traditional Ayurveda in a modern, usable, alluring format, at reasonable prices with results that are not mere promises – the gorgeous glow on your face speaks for it. iYURA is 100% natural, 100% Ayurvedic and it works!
To the connoisseur, iYURA’s look and personality embodies the grace of its results, the grandiosity of its roots and the supreme purity of its ingredients. To others, it’s go-to Ayurveda, 100% natural skincare that works.

How is iYURA different as an Ayurvedic brand?

We’re compliant, we’re safe and we’re effective. We take pains that few others do.

Here is exactly how serious we are about getting you the safest, most effective Ayurvedic Products:


We’re proud to openly declare that we take the utmost pains to create Ayurvedic products which are the right balance of compliant, effective and just really gorgeous! Yes – all our products are ethical and are manufactured to be compliant to the FDA regulations as well as other laws and regulations applicable in the territories that our products are sold in – like US, Canada, Australia. 


Let us explain this to you in detail.

We have no qualms in stating the fact that most Ayurvedic companies are unaware of regulations or do not follow them. To give you one example, products often contain ingredients that are illegal to export out of India because they’re endangered. Another example would be how many products would contain heavy metals, which may be an accepted practice in some parts of the world, but is not something a conscious consumer would be open to!

We at iYURA take major steps at multiple levels to ensure you get to touch a product only from the batch that’s gone through rigorous checks.

Our products do NOT expose you to the risks of pesticides or heavy metal toxicity. How do we ensure that? 

Batch of herbs

Manual check by team of experts 

Laboratory test of the approved batches

Our team of EXPERTS manually check and observe every batch of herbs that are to be used as raw materials. Only the batch that meets the high standards of organoleptic evaluation is then sent to a third-party laboratory for testing for several factors like:

  • Water extractive value
  • Alcohol extractive value 
  • Total Ash value 
  • Acid insoluble ash value 
  • Foreign matter
  • Volatile oil content
  • TLC profile
  • Moisture content
  • TYC
  • TPC
  • Ecoli
  • S aureus
  • Salmonella
  • Heavy metal
  • Pesticides

All our products are ‘Vegetarian’. No meat, No Fish, No Egg. However, some products do contain Milk.

We wanted to stay as authentic as possible to ancient, classical Ayurvedic texts and Milk as well as milk products like Ghee have an almost sacred place in Ayurveda.

We source milk from cooperative dairies in India where cows and not treated badly. In our oils, milk is added during the cooking process. Most of the liquid is evaporated but some protein content is left behind in the formulation. Because milk is cooked so well into the oil, oil itself being a preservative, the oils have a long shelf life.


We respect the emotions of those who have consciously chosen the Vegan path and hence also offer vegan products.

iYURA's Ingredients

iYURA contains only the best quality, pure, authentic Ayurvedic herbs that will bring about the result that they’re supposed to. We use only those ingredients that have been recommended by the ancient Ayurvedic texts and then go through modern research literature to ensure safety and assess its effects.

NO – all herbs are not organic, most are wild-crafted. Why? It is often very dificult to source all herbs for every formulation. However, as a strict brand policy, every single ingredient goes through a rigorous quality check – first manually by experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and only upon organoleptic approval by them are they tested in laboratories to make sure it the right herb and is free from any pesticide or heavy metal toxicity exposure.

At iYURA, you will never find a low quality ingredient used in its formulations. 

What iYURA stands for

            stands for a conscious choice of natural beauty, realistic beauty and loving beauty that is also good to mother nature.


 iYURA also stands for thoughtfulness and the celebration of life, the celebration of the colors and the complexities of life, the depth of harmony between humans and nature.

iYURA stands for embracing real beauty, for not hiding under layers of coverage makeup, for not being somebody you’re not. iYURA stands for honesty and courage that allow one to celebrate oneself and strive for self-improvement in that spirit, rather than in the spirit of fixing something that is wrong.

Meet the Products: The Legend of iYURA

She came from a time when labs were pop-ups under trees...she was either found collecting herbs, or helping an ailing being, or, most interestingly, scribbling on a piece of parchment with red ink made of Indian Madder...
Wherever she went, her reputation preceded her. Women who lived in the nearby villages would often come looking for her to seek her help, referring to her as the ‘wandering sage-woman'. They wanted to be stronger, healthier and feel more beautiful, inside out and this sage-woman, who glowed like she hid the sun under her skin seemed to be the magnetic answer to many of their questions...
This graceful figure, whose intellectual prowess impressed anyone who happened to interact with her, commanded reverence and exuded motherly warmth in her conduct.
She was mesmerized by nature’s powers and was moved by the pain of the various people she met on her journey.
She... had a purpose.
A purpose that didn’t only pull others to her to find solutions to their problems... but also pulled some of those who shared her transformative powers as well!

One night, as she sat under a ‘Mahua’ tree, examining it, she saw a woman walk towards her, as if she was descending from the night sky. That woman wore dark clothes but was difficult to miss ‘cause she had a strange moon-lit glow which sparkled with specs of gold in it! The sage-woman had never seen anything like it. Her skin was so clear it was as if you could see through it. The sage-woman stood up respectfully to greet the glow-woman- MANJISH, and as both their eyes met, they gently broke into an all-knowing smile... they both were one in their purpose... 

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United in their purpose, together they set out northwards. On a fine, brilliant morning when the sun shone exceptionally beautifully in the early hours of the morning, they saw her. They were in a mountain valley of Kashmir, where, in a field of purple Saffron flowers, she sat picking saffron stamens from the flowers... when she looked up, her saffron hair tied in a bun, rosy cheeks and skin that looked softer than cotton was enough to tell them, they had met yet another comrade.... KESARADI or the Saffron-Woman had greeted them with open arms... Kesaradi and the nocturnal Glow-woman, Manjish, forged a bond that could never again be broken. Like day and night, the sun and the moon, they pledged to travel together forever.

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One night, as she sat under a ‘Mahua’ tree, examining it, she saw a woman walk towards her, as if she was descending from the night sky. That woman wore dark clothes but was difficult to miss ‘cause she had a strange moon-lit glow which sparkled with specs of gold in it! The sage-woman had never seen anything like it. Her skin was so clear it was as if you could see through it. The sage-woman stood up respectfully to greet the glow-woman- Manjish, and as both their eyes met, they gently broke into an all-knowing smile... they both were one in their purpose...

It was said in Ayurvedic texts, amla cares for the body like a mother cares for its child... as she shared this with her comrades, they met with yet another partner who had the same purpose as them... she had long, thick gorgeous hair, and was rather stately and beautiful... she was clearly much older than all of the others, but her alertness was sharper than them all put together. Her strength lay in her hair...her name was AMBHRING for Amla the fruit and Bhringraj, the herb. 

Years went by, iYURA was able to spread the gift of beauty and glowing skin wherever she went.

But that was not all....

iYURA was constantly bothered by the thought, “No matter how my skin looks, no matter how my hair grows – there should be a way to remain centered still, she thought.”
She’d been in contact with many yoginis in her life.    

She’d seen them struggle with their practice due to lack of focus. “Even the yogis struggle sometimes. Imagine the plight of the common woman as her lifestyle gets more tedious”, she thought. 

At dawn, the next morning – emerged from the Earth – beautiful & balanced VYAM-woman. Bearing heaps of Himalayan Cedar, Nardus Root & 11 other powerful Ayurvedic ingredients. For the first time in history, a Yoga Oil was cooked.With time, it was discovered that Vyam not only made physical practices more fruitful but also imparted firmed look and a toned appearance to the body. It grounded the mind, preparing it for a peacefully active day. As Vyam joined iYURA and the other women, she became popular not only among the yogis....but among warriors, kings and the workers alike...

On another night, while the sage-woman and the others rested underneath a starlit sky – they saw the Queen’s guard coming towards them from a distance.
They could tell by the engravings on hislantern and the shadows they created all around. To their surprise, it was the Queen disguised as her own guard. And no ordinary queen was this. Her crown was made of herbs – and robe sewn with flowers. She was tall and looked as strong as a soldier from an army. “This is the stuff of legends that my ancestors passed on to me”, said the queen. And handed thesage-women a bottle filled with an elixir.
“The people of the future need this. This contains herbs like Indian Asparagus, Indian Mallow, Indian Ginseng. Spreading Hogweed. Stone Apple, Indian Nightshade, Puncture Vine, Broken Bones Tree, Indian Coral Tree, Wild Egg Plant, Indian Headache Tree. It’s called RUJAHARI - meaning ‘the one who seizes suffering’.It opens energy channels and keeps joints and muscles well cared for”,
she added.  

With the thought of happiness, iYURA realized that there’s going to be less and less of that as time proceeds on its own journey. She thought, there must be something that touches people and takes them back into the oasis of peace and bliss on the toughest of their days... and with this thought was born NIDRADI... a silvery, glimmering presence that had the hypnotic beauty of the moon with the quiet power of the ocean. With the tenderness of the nourishing and cooling tender coconut water and the gentleness of chamomile flowers, Nidradi’s powers were like none other... she made all negativity vanish at her first touch! 

As iYURA went on to discover the wonders of nature’s creations, she met more icons of strength in other women like RUKSHADI... Rukshadi who emerged from under a stack of dried, rough grass, who made a rough mane as smooth as silk, who was blessed with the transforming genes inherited from not one or two but a large number of herbs like Green Chiretta, Turmeric, Neem, Vetiver, Triphala and more along with the emollient love of coconut oil... 

Together the women travelled on and went forward on their journey of learning... often giving the credit for being able to sustain their long, tiring journey to another one of them, and that woman was HIMARUTI. She hailed from a cold place of mountains and wind and provided mountainous support to the feet and cooling, soothing energy to the skin. Her own essential nature, though, was in fact, quite different. She was inherently unctuous, oozing with the richness of love and care... with the ‘eternal root’ or ‘Anantamool’ she provided eternal youthfulness to her comrades and with beeswax, she kept them protected from the harshness of the world... soft, supple and well-cared for. 

The wandering sage woman, iYURA had started her journey in India... Along with so many others who had become one with her in their purpose, she had crossed southern Indian backwaters and went through the himalayan mountains and had reached the western part of the world...

This journey continued for thousands of years... The concerns of the people changed in appearance, but the essential causes remained the same. The unwavering sense of purpose of the sage-women rendered them immortal. Nature’s messengers they were, and nature had recognised in them, her eternal allies – their collective goal - WELLNESS FOR ALL!