iYURA and Ayurveda 

iYURA is THE brand to experience authentic, effective Ayurveda in the most beautiful and compliant way!
iYURA is a 100% natural, authentic Ayurvedic skincare brand that brings ancient beauty formulas to you in a modern way.
If a product is from iYURA, it is pure, it is effective, it is natural and looks mesmerizing.

Along with great results and the true blessings of nature, iYURA also brings to the fore the beauty of hand-painted artwork created in the ancient Indian tradition of Madhubani painting.  

You can identify an              product from afar and recognize it with closed eyes.


Why is iYURA different as a skin-care brand?

iYURA brings pure, authentic, traditional Ayurveda in a modern, usable, alluring format, at reasonable prices with results that are not mere promises – the gorgeous glow on your face speaks for it. iYURA is 100% natural, 100% Ayurvedic and it works!
To the connoisseur, iYURA’s look and personality embodies the grace of its results, the grandiosity of its roots and the supreme purity of its ingredients. To others, it’s go-to Ayurveda, 100% natural skincare that works.

How is iYURA different as an Ayurvedic brand?

We’re compliant, we’re safe and we’re effective. We take pains that few others do.

Here is exactly how serious we are about getting you the safest, most effective Ayurvedic Products:


We’re proud to openly declare that we take the utmost pains to create Ayurvedic products which are the right balance of compliant, effective and just really gorgeous! Yes – all our products are ethical and are manufactured to be compliant to the FDA regulations as well as other laws and regulations applicable in the territories that our products are sold in – like US, Canada, Australia. 


Let us explain this to you in detail.

We have no qualms in stating the fact that most Ayurvedic companies are unaware of regulations or do not follow them. To give you one example, products often contain ingredients that are illegal to export out of India because they’re endangered. Another example would be how many products would contain heavy metals, which may be an accepted practice in some parts of the world, but is not something a conscious consumer would be open to!

We at iYURA take major steps at multiple levels to ensure you get to touch a product only from the batch that’s gone through rigorous checks.

Our products do NOT expose you to the risks of pesticides or heavy metal toxicity. How do we ensure that? 

Batch of herbs

Manual check by team of experts 

Laboratory test of the approved batches

Our team of EXPERTS manually check and observe every batch of herbs that are to be used as raw materials. Only the batch that meets the high standards of organoleptic evaluation is then sent to a third-party laboratory for testing for several factors like:

  • Water extractive value
  • Alcohol extractive value 
  • Total Ash value 
  • Acid insoluble ash value 
  • Foreign matter
  • Volatile oil content
  • TLC profile
  • Moisture content
  • TYC
  • TPC
  • Ecoli
  • S aureus
  • Salmonella
  • Heavy metal
  • Pesticides

All our products are ‘Vegetarian’. No meat, No Fish, No Egg. However, some products do contain Milk.

We wanted to stay as authentic as possible to ancient, classical Ayurvedic texts and Milk as well as milk products like Ghee have an almost sacred place in Ayurveda.

We source milk from cooperative dairies in India where cows and not treated badly. In our oils, milk is added during the cooking process. Most of the liquid is evaporated but some protein content is left behind in the formulation. Because milk is cooked so well into the oil, oil itself being a preservative, the oils have a long shelf life.


We respect the emotions of those who have consciously chosen the Vegan path and hence also offer vegan products.

iYURA's Ingredients

iYURA contains only the best quality, pure, authentic Ayurvedic herbs that will bring about the result that they’re supposed to. We use only those ingredients that have been recommended by the ancient Ayurvedic texts and then go through modern research literature to ensure safety and assess its effects.

NO – all herbs are not organic, most are wild-crafted. Why? It is often very dificult to source all herbs for every formulation. However, as a strict brand policy, every single ingredient goes through a rigorous quality check – first manually by experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and only upon organoleptic approval by them are they tested in laboratories to make sure it the right herb and is free from any pesticide or heavy metal toxicity exposure.

At iYURA, you will never find a low quality ingredient used in its formulations. 

What iYURA stands for

            stands for a conscious choice of natural beauty, realistic beauty and loving beauty that is also good to mother nature.


 iYURA also stands for thoughtfulness and the celebration of life, the celebration of the colors and the complexities of life, the depth of harmony between humans and nature.

iYURA stands for embracing real beauty, for not hiding under layers of coverage makeup, for not being somebody you’re not. iYURA stands for honesty and courage that allow one to celebrate oneself and strive for self-improvement in that spirit, rather than in the spirit of fixing something that is wrong.

Meet the Products: The Legend of iYURA