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  • Re-Hydrate, Refresh, and Brighten your

    Dry, Dehydrated, Dull, and Fatigued Face

    in just 3 Seconds with an

    Instantly Cooling Splash of Quenching Moisture,

    Any Time or Many Times in the Day!

    Re-Hydrate, Refresh, and Brighten your

    Dry, Dehydrated, Dull, and Fatigued Face

    in just 3 Seconds with an

    Instantly Cooling Splash of Quenching Moisture,

    Any Time or Many Times in the Day!

    • A new way to moisturize and brighten dull, cracking-dry, aging skin that doesn’t involve any oil, cream, or gel!
    • Refresh and replenish your bare skin’s hydration reservoirs for bouncy, youthful-looking skin
    • No need to dunk your face in ice-cold water or burn your skin by rubbing ice on it to get a toned, refined complexion or to cool your skin down
    • Enjoy a Fresh-Faced and Wide-Awake Glow of a makeup finisher with the long-term beauty benefits of skincare in 1 single step

    + get a nice fresh dewy look withoutlooking sweaty, shiny, or greasy!




    An instantly refreshing| hydration-boosting | moisture-locking| and glow-giving

    8-in-1 facial spray that acts as a much-needed, zesty WAKE-UP CALL for your skin by delivering a burst of potent age-defying Ayurvedic ingredients and clinically tested ingredient combinations that lift the look of face-fatigue and keep you LOOKING and FEELING fresh in just 3 sprites

    An instant cool down + glow up, anytime, anywhere!

    • Envelops your skin in a clinically proven ‘multimineral cocktail’
    • Locks in replenished moisture for a plumping effect, and
    • Jump starts a Fresh-Faced & Wide-Awake Glow, on the go
    • A fresher, firmer, and younger-looking appearance
    • A quick detox with its clinically tested ingredient combination that stimulates intelligent superficial dead-cell exfoliation 
    • Cooling and toning hydration with maximum-moisture punch
    • A plumped yet supple baby-like appearance  
    • A soft blend of pearlescent glow topped with a matte finish 
    • A luminous yet soft focus, diffusing the look of wrinkles and fine lines 
    • Smooth-looking skin that reflects light evenly for an even, lit-from-within glow
    • + it locks in moisture, so your grease-free
      ‘CLOUD-LIKE-GLOW does not escape! 

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      cloud like-glow. Now bottled!
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    An instantly refreshing | hydration-boosting | moisture-locking | and glow-giving

    8-in-1facial spray that acts as a much-needed, zesty WAKE-UP CALL for your skin by delivering a burst of potent age-defying Ayurvedic ingredients and clinically tested ingredient combinations that lift the look of face-fatigue and keep you LOOKING and FEELING freshin just 3 sprites


    An instant cool down + glow up, anytime, anywhere!

    • Envelops your skin in a clinically proven ‘multimineral cocktail’
    • Locks in replenished moisture for a plumping effect, and
    • Jump starts a Fresh-Faced & Wide-Awake Glow, on the go

    Feels: Lightweight| Cooling | Hydrating | Refreshing

    Smells: Like a sensory retreat mirroring the uplifting calmness and refreshing aura of a meditative temple

    Results: Fresh-Faced & Wide-Awake Glow, instantly


    You’ll find hundreds of blogs on the internet talking about how a simple ice cube from your freezer is the hack to fresh-faced, pore-less, wrinkle-free, and glowing skin.

    We’ve seen our mother grabbing an ice cube or laying frozen spoons or frozen cucumber slices on their eyes to make the dark circles go away. It's easy, convenient, and costs nothing, but does it sound almost too good to be true?

    Here are the 2 of the most popular ice facial techniques:

    Here are the 2 of the most popular ice facial techniques:

    1. The Bare Cube Method - It's just you, an ice cube, and a mission to rub it all over until you can’t feel your face.

    2. The Ice Facial Method- A water bowl full of ice, a brave face, and a 10-15 second face plunge every minute.

    But hold up, before you sprint to grab that ice cube tray to wake your skin up with a glow, it’s time to fact check the claims doing rounds online on this cool trend!

    6 False Claims About Ice Facials That You Must be Cautious of:

    Claim 1: Dunking your Face in Ice Water Will Shrink Large Pores

    Reality: Pores DO NOT physically change in size. The chilling effect of ice temporarily creates the illusion of smaller and tighter pores by contracting the blood vessels beneath the skin -solidifying the water within your cells, causing lasting harm to the molecular structures!

    Blue, black skin or redness due to broken capillaries? Ummmm—no way!

    Claim 2: Ice Cubes Help Tighten and Smooth Skin

    Reality: Ever felt that taut feeling post ice dunk? Any sensation of firmness is just a stress reaction to the extreme cold that makes the skin feel tight. It could even lead to frostbite causing inflammation, redness, and soreness that makes a visit to the dermatologist mandatory!

    Wanted skin that’s firm, but got an expensive trip to the derm? Runnnnn!

    Claim 3: A Daily Ice Dunk Will Reduce Wrinkles

    Reality: Moisture is the secret weapon to plump the look of wrinkles, but guess what ice does? In the long run, ice facials make your fine lines become more prominent by dehydrating the skin.

    Spoiler: Hey, Ice Dunkers- Wrinkles might just make a center-stage appearance soon!

    Claim 4: Rubbing Ice Cubes on Skin Instantly Gives a Glowing Complexion

    Reality: Frozen water or ice may give you a temporary flush, but it will constrict blood vessels that reduce blood flow, limiting essential nutrients from reaching your skin, resulting in the opposite of a radiant complexion.

    Big dullness blow for a 5-minute post-ice-glow? Think again!

    Claim 5: Ice Facials and Ice Cubes Reduce Puffiness

    Reality: Ice cubes can indeed help with morning puffiness. This claim is real. But the potential damage might not be worth it. Expect some redness, itchiness, and maybe even burst capillaries – the kind that requires a date with an expensive laser later.

    Ice, not so innocent, huh?

    Claim 6: Ice Dunks Will Hydrate Your Dehydrated Skin

    Reality: This claim might just melt away. While you may think ice equals hydration, it's quite the opposite. Ice strips away the moisture your skin craves, leaving it cracked, burnt, dry and a leaky barrier that exposes your skin to external environmental stressors.

    Now we know the Dangers of Ice Facials!

    Everyone wants that instant refresh, that visible natural glow and flush, without the fuss.

    That's why we cooked up something ‘cool’ – a formula that's like the good parts of an ice facial BUT minus the bad, and PLUS some bonus benefits, too!

    No scary dehydration, no frostbite scares, and definitely no extra wrinkles.

    In fact, Ice-Bath does the exact opposite by going the extra mile: it cools, hydrates, locks in moisture, and, if you use it regularly, even reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, we did a study on it to verify all this!

    In a Consumer Perception Study, encompassing details from 110 women aged 25 to 65 over a 4-week duration, the following insights were gathered:

    • 100% of participants affirmed an immediate cooling sensation.
    • 100% of participants highlighted the skin-soothing effects.
    • 100% of participants acknowledged an instantaneous refreshing effect.
    • 74% experienced instant brightening, lasting for 2 hours. 83% noticed this effect lasted for 30 mins.
    • 74% of participants attested to an immediate glowing effect for 30 mins.
    • 100% of participants agreed on instant hydration, with a sustained effect over 2 hours.
    • 79% reported instant skin softening at T+5 mins. 100% perceived this effect at T+15 mins, persisting for the next 2 hours.
    • 100% Respondents noted that the aroma of the product lasted until T+2hrs.
    • Following regular use for 14 days, 100% reported enhanced skin hydration, appearance, and maintenance compared to the pre-study condition.
    • 71% acknowledged sustained skin brightening compared to the initial stage.
    • Regular use for 14 days resulted in 100% perceiving improved skin tone and texture.
    • 100% reported satisfaction with the fragrance of the product at both T+14 days and T+28 days.
    • The aroma or scent of the product was unanimously deemed refreshing by all participants.
    • 100% of participants found the product easy to apply and agreed that it spreads effortlessly after application, both at T+14 days and T+28 days.

    Here are 8 benefits that will not only make it a staple in your skincare arsenal but also your new handbag buddy, all year long!

    Ice-Bath Face Mist: 8-in-1 Benefits for the Ultimate Skin Refresh

    1. Hydration and Moisture Booster: Refresh Your Skin!

    Not your average watery mist! Ice-Bath Face Mist is a moisture powerhouse. 3 sprays and your skin will feel an instant surge of hydration—lightweight, non-greasy, shine-free yet dewy and deeply nourishing. It's like a wake-up call for your skin!

    2. Winter Skincare, Even with the Mittens On!

    Dry and cracked winter skin? A few pumps and your skin stays hydrated, juicy, and glowing, defying the winter chill without having to worry about taking off your mittens or letting your hands covered in dust and bacteria touch your skin. It's hygienic, convenient, and oh-so versatile!

    3. Your Portable Cooling Oasis During Summers!

    Ice-Bath Face Mist delivers a burst of refreshing coolness, resetting your skin instantly after a face-puffing night’s sleep, a tiring day at work, or a run in the summer sun. This mist is like your portable oasis, providing an escape without disrupting your routine. 1, 2, 3, spritez- GO!

    4. Glow Enhancer: Banish Dullness!

    If you think you can’t combat dullness without an elaborate skincare routine set for the night, pause! Ice-Bath Face Mist will enhance your glow instantly with powerful brightening compounds and add instantly noticeable brightness.

    5. Toodles to the look of visible signs aging!

    Formulated with moisture-locking wonders of modern science and age-defying herbs of Ayurveda, just 3 pumps of Ice-Bath smooth away the look of wrinkles and fine lines with consistent use. Not just that, your face will appear plump and firm instantly, with a lifted and wide-awake appearance.

    6. Pre/Post Workout Buddy: Fitness Meets Freshness

    Whether you're deep into yoga flow, enjoying a refreshing morning jog, or finding your balance in Pilates, Ice-Bath Face Mist will be your pre-workout moisturizer and mid or post-workout cooler, ensuring you stay fresh without the fuss. Let each spritz be a reminder that your skin deserves a cool-down, just as much as you do.

    7. Hot Flash Buster: Instant Cool-down for Menopausal Moments

    Hot flashes disrupting your day? Ice-Bath Face Mist provides instant cooling and refreshing relief during menopausal moments. 3 spritz will feel like a cool breeze, bringing an instantly refreshing feeling!

    8. Subtle Aroma on Sweaty Skin: Freshness Where You Need It

    If you thought Ice-Bath Face Mist was just for the face, you’re wrong! If you want a burst of freshness plus an added bonus of subtle fragrance on those sweaty stingy patches, you’re in the right spot.

    So, what's the secret of this 3-second spritz face mist?

    It's all in the ingredients – 5 pure and powerful Ayurvedic wonders mixed with clinically tested ingredients. This 3-second quick, hydrating pick-me-up isn't here to replace your ice cubes. This recipe flips the script on ice facial side effects, making sure your skin gets the cooling hydration it craves and keeps it locked in for that extra bounce and glow.

    Let’s go through the ingredients that make Ice-Bath Face Mist your hydration hero and a cooling companion for your dry, dull, and fatigued complexion!


    #1 Saffron

    Saffron, known as 'Red Gold' or 'Autumn Gold' – is the priciest spice globally. Often referred to as the "golden spice," it isn't just a culinary treasure; it's also an Ayurvedic skincare secret that has stood the test of time. Derived from the purple Crocus sativus flower's red stamen, saffron is as valuable as gold. What makes it so costly? Well, in each flower, there are only three stamens, and it takes a whopping 50,000–75,000 flowers to get just 16 ounces (450 grams) of dry saffron. Want to know why? The benefits speak volumes!

    Deep Cleanses Pores and Clarifies Complexion:Saffron effectively removes impurities and built-up debris that can clog your pores and help clarify your complexion, making your skin look clearer and more radiant.

    Fades Away the look of Dark Spots, Blemishes, and Pigmentation: Saffron has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, blemishes, and uneven pigmentation, revealing a more even-toned complexion.

    Brightens Dull Skin:Saffron is known for its skin-brightening properties. It contains compounds that can help brighten the skin, giving you a more luminous and radiant complexion.

    Improves the Look of Skin Texture: The essential nutrients in saffron can work to improve the look of your skin’s texture, giving it a healthy and youthful appearance.

    #2 Kewra Water

    Kewra water, derived from the flowers of the Pandanus amaryllifolius plant, is a fragrant and aromatic water that has been traditionally used in various cultural and culinary applications. It has a distinct floral and sweet fragrance. The scent is often described as a combination of floral, fruity, and slightly woody notes. When it comes to skincare, Kewra water offers several benefits:

    It is clear why you need Ice-Bath in hot summer months, but here's why you need Ice-Bath all year round, especially in the bitter winters!

    Now, some women might be making the mistake of skipping hydrating mists, focusing more on makeup, and probably thinking, "Why should I use a cooling, hydrating moisturizing mist in winter? It's already cold!” Some might say, “Oh, I use a moisturizer every day. Why do I need a face mist?"

    Let's break it down:

    Cold Air, Less Moisture:Winter air tends to be dry, withholding moisture. And what does that mean? Possible skin dryness, flakiness, and those wrinkles might make a grand appearance. And let’s not forget the tacky powder stuck in those under-eye creases!

    Aging Skin Adds to Dryness: Aging skin loves to hold even less moisture, taking the dryness from bad to worse. This can lead to cracking, flaking, and a weakened skin barrier.

    Indoor Heating Dries Skin: As if that's not enough, indoor heating during winter can suck the moisture out of the indoor air, contributing to the ongoing dryness saga.

    And with the party season in full swing: from cheerful gatherings to glittering celebrations and parties – the never-ending doses of dehydrating drinks, face-fatiguing late-night parties, and layers of makeup expose your skin to extra dryness, heightened flakiness, and the risk of accentuated wrinkles.

    So, here's a simple question - Why do you expect your regular skincare to work overtime when the harsh winters and festivities are GUARANTEED to drain the life out of your skin?

    You shouldn't. That’s why Ice-Bath Face Mist NEEDS to be your Winter (& all season) Holy Grail!

    This on-the-go powerhouse will become your skin's essential, ensuring a constant infusion of EXTRA DOSE of hydration, freshness, and an undeniable glow – whether you're out on a dry, chilly winter day or out for a party night. THIS 3-SECOND EXTRA STEP WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

    Whether you spritz it before, during, or after parties, this moisture-packed cooling splash will be your handbag essential, combating the effects of late-night complexion fatigue, countering the dry air of winter, neutralizing the skin-drying effects of radiators, and the weariness from jet lag (if you're vacationing).

    You'll feel your dry skin drink up the replenishing hydration and moisture as it bounces back from the skin-deflating face-fatigue and dehydration that celebratory winter weather brings.

    5 more reasons why Ice-Bath Face Mist deserves a permanent spot in your handbag

    Do you know how most face mists out there are basically just fancy-scented water pretending to do wonders for your skin?

    Well, we decided to kick it up a notch with our Ice-Bath Face Mist because, let's face it, adding a step to your routine should come with some serious perks, right?

    About ICE BATH

    about ICE BATH

    1. When to Spritz Ice-Bath Face Mist?

    It's not limited to your bathroom countertop—no! This Pick-Me-Up is meant to be with you, by your side, always.

    • Reach for Ice-Bath Face Mist in the morning, post-cleansing and just before your serums and sunscreen.
    • Need a midday pick-me-up? Spritz anytime for a refreshing boost.
    • Wind down in the evening after cleansing, prepping your skin for treatment products.


    This experiential mist incorporates the calming essence of meditative kewra, the rich tones of saffron, and the soothing touch of aloe vera. It's not about overpowering scents; rather, it aims to create a subtle harmony, a yin-yang fusion of grounding and uplifting notes that you won't find elsewhere. It doesn't force you into a particular feeling; instead, it seamlessly blends with your mood.

    Picture this: you close your eyes and, with a single spritz, a wave of coolness envelops your skin. It's as if a gentle breeze from a distant paradise has whisked you to a world untouched by the chaos of everyday life.

    But here's the secret: it's not just about the physical sensation. It's about the emotional and sensory journey that awaits. With Ice-Bath Face Mist, you're not just pampering your skin; you're embarking on an immersive experience that feeds your soul. It's a modern-day elixir that combines the power of skincare with the art of Ayurvedic self-care with convenience.


    Think of it as your personal invitation to indulge in a moment of pure bliss whenever and wherever you need it most. Whether you're hustling through a hectic day, caught in the summer heat, or simply seeking a refreshing pick-me-up, this magical mist has got you covered.

    Close your eyes and let the cooling mist transport you to a place of pure serenity— a state of mind where time slows down, and the weight of the world is lifted off your shoulders. This is your Frosty Nirvana, a destination reserved exclusively for those who dare to embrace the extraordinary.


    And let's not forget the versatility of this marvel in a bottle. It's not just a moisturizer or a toner — it's an all-in-one wonder. It effortlessly hydrates your skin, refines your pores, and even doubles as a makeup refresher. No other product can match its multi-faceted benefits or the sheer convenience it offers. Say goodbye to the mundane and make room in your daily handbag for the ultimate transformative experience. Ice-Bath Face Mist is your passport to a world of cool, refreshing rejuvenation. Get ready to unlock the modern-day magic that awaits and let your journey to Frosty Nirvana begin.

    How to use Ice Bath:

    Prepare for an extraordinary skincare ritual with the Ice-Bath Face Mist. Follow these steps to unlock its captivating powers:

    1. Activate the Mist

    Give the bottle a vigorous shake, ensuring that its enchanting ingredients mingle harmoniously.

    2. Embrace Serenity

    Close your eyes and surrender to a moment of instant refreshment, immersing yourself in the blissful experience.

    3. Spritz with Grace

    Hold the bottle at least 10 inches away from your face and indulge in 2-4 gentle sprays. Feel the cooling mist envelop your skin with a delicate touch.

    Pro Makeup Tip: Spray some on your foundation brush to help the makeup stay dewy and non-patchy.

    Now, let's break down the incredible value you get with Ice-Bath Face Mist, essentially combining the benefits of various skincare products:


    Refreshing & Cooling Toner

    A quality toner alone can cost around $30 USD.


    Hydrating Mist

    Hydrating mists on the market typically range from $20 USD to $40 USD.


    Brightening Solution

    Brightening products often go for $40 USD or more.


    Lightweight Moisturizer

    Lightweight moisturizers can cost between $25 USD and $50 USD.

    When you sum up the costs of these skincare essentials, you could easily surpass the $120 USD mark. And, mind you, we're talking about basic products, not even the top-of-the-line bestsellers.

    But here's the game-changer – with Ice-Bath Face Mist, you're getting all these benefits in one scientifically backed, Ayurveda-approved formulation – and all for just $32 USD! It's not just a product; it's a cost-effective skincare solution crafted to elevate your regular skincare routine conveniently and effortlessly.

    Ice-Bath Face Mist

    just $32 USD!

    Even when compared to spending $10 USD on diluted floral water packaged as a face mist, choosing Ice-Bath Face Mist means you're making a smart investment. With its hydrating, brightening, moisturizing, and cooling benefits, it's a powerhouse you can spritz all day, every day – a beauty investment that genuinely pays off!

    And guess what? We stand by our product, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, return it. But we're pretty confident – once you experience the cooling magic, you'll keep coming back for more.