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    The Ayurveda Experience

    Following our motto, we want to improve in accord with your feedback.

    Here's your chance to get 

    A magnificent, one-of-a-kind, traditional artisan-made collector's edition item (worth $60 USD on a normal day)


    So, go ahead!

    Get on a zoom call with us and share your thoughts, feedback and opinion on our brand, directly with us!

    Indulge our interest in taking this step to hear you - literally!

    Click here to book a zoom call with us and get a GIFT (normally worth $60 USD) FOR FREE!

    Have you ever talked to a brand?

    Have you ever encountered a brand that has given you a chance to share your thoughts, give your opinion, or just simply give them feedback?

    Or, have you ever liked a brand, followed it, been a part of their journey, but thought maybe if they improved on this one thing, they'd go a long way, and wanted a chance to tell them what that one thing was?

    You've probably dropped comments on their websites or written them testimonials, but, have you ever gotten a chance to get on a call with them and tell them how you feel? Basically, have you ever talked or wanted to talk to a brand? 

    Well, you can with us! 

    The Ayurveda Experience is taking the initiative to make sure your voice is heard! And to do that, we want to get on a call with you.

    You probably haven't encountered many brands that would take the initiative to get on a zoom call with you and actually make notes of your feedback, but we strive to be the brand that serves you consciously in every possible way and actually - literally - listens to you!

    Just book a 15 minute call with us and talk to our experts! Tell them what you want to, answer their questions about how you perceive our brand and what all you would like us to do differently. And by the end of the call, a beautiful, traditional surprise and completely free 'thank you' gift (which originally is worth $60 USD) will be on your way!

    Book a 15 minute meeting with us, here.

    Your surprise gift, an artisan-made collector's edition item, (worth $60 USD) which you'll be getting for FREE, because we value your effort to carve out some time for us, will be shipped to you in the first week of January :)

    All you need to do is:

    1. Click on the button above or below
    2. Book a 15 minute meeting on zoom with us: 'The Ayurveda Experience'
    3. Have a fun chat with us, share your thoughts and feedback
    4. Wait for the surprise artisan-made collector's edition item (worth $60 USD) to get to your doorsteps for absolutely FREE! 

    Have a chat with us, here.


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