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    An immidiate cooling sensation

    Artboard 2 copy 3.png__PID:a61215a3-cb11-47bb-96b4-1b3194281ed4

    A skin soothing feel

    Artboard 2 copy 6.png__PID:2abfecfe-795c-4189-8803-7ff1486c3133

    An instantaneous refreshing feel

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    Instant hydration, with a sustained effect over 2 hours.

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    Instant skin softening at T + 15 mins, persisting for the next 2 hours.

    Artboard 2 copy 2.png__PID:2ca61215-a3cb-4117-bb96-b41b3194281e

    That the aroma of the product lasted until T + 2 hours.

    After regular use for 14 days.

    Artboard 2 copy 7.png__PID:bfecfe79-5ce1-4988-837f-f1486c313310

    Enhanced skin hydration, appearance, and maintainance compared to the pre-study condition.

    Artboard 2 copy 4.png__PID:1215a3cb-1117-4b96-b41b-3194281ed439

    Inmproved skin tone and texture.

    At both T + 14 and T + 28 days:

    Artboard 2 copy 5.png__PID:15a3cb11-17bb-46b4-9b31-94281ed43993

    Satisfaction with the fragrance of the product.

    Artboard 2.png__PID:cb1117bb-96b4-4b31-9428-1ed439938b8e

    That the aroma/scent of the product was refreshing.