With this Ayurvedic Boss Balm, you have the Chemical-Free,
Fuss-Free, Mess-Free way to Self-Grooming !

Why Fight Aging when you can Boss it?
With the Legendary benefits of time-honored ingredients, this is the only care you’d want for those Charismatic Eyes that exude Youthful Confidence and Positive Vibes!

Pulled off an all-nighter but wish to appear all poised and suave for the presentation the next morning?! Well, your eyes can speak as strongly as you do! Don’t let dull, tired, premature aging look take the charm off of your impressive self! Look your most confident and charming with an aced well-rested
look (even if you haven’t had that long, sound sleep)!

Why let the world know your sleep schedule and why let your under-eyes dull down your impressive, charismatic aura?! But what do you need for that much-coveted wellrested, refreshed, youthful look? Just a dab of this Ayurvedic Boss Balm – Ajara Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter – every night, to ease down the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet, and even-tone the skin around the eyes! Own that charming look with captivating eyes that give you that extra boost of confidence and adds a star to the lasting impression you create!

Whatever be your age, it’s never too late or too early for Eye Care (arguably, the most important skin care routine that can transform your look wholly!)


Introducing, Ajara Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter, enjoy the legendary and distinctive benefits
of the choicest of ingredients packed inside this ‘Pot of Gold’ (name owing to its golden color
and because we live by the saying, ‘health is wealth’).
Here’s why you should absolutely go for this Ayurvedic Boss Balm!  

This Ayurvedic ‘Genius’, a Cult Classic, has been specifically formulated for those concerned with signs of aging (fine lines, crow’s feet) or tired and dull looking under-eyes. A unique and organic blend of pure Ghee (cultured, clarified butter) and four powerful (yet gentle) essential oils (Sandalwood, Rose, Lemon, Lavander), thoughtfully handcrafted to tend to your delicate under-eyes
Experience the toning effect of Sandalwood which helps reduce the appearance of pores, and sagging and aging skin, and plumps up the look of the
skin’s texture.

" This is the best eye cream I've ever purchased. My under eyes have improved drastically! I could see results within a week... I have tried many many products in the past. This is the only one that has worked. "
- Anette C.

Ayurveda’s Night-Time Golden Emollient for tender under-eyes
Full list of Ingredients – Ghee (Cultured Butter), Sandalwood Oil, Rose Oil, Lavender Oil,
Lemon Peel Oil
15 g (0.53 oz)  

Our Eye Butter has redefined the eye-care regimen of thousands of customers across the Globe!  

Try it for yourself for 30 days and if your experience is any less fulfilling as ours is when creating this ultra-functional, uber-satisfactory eye care essential, you can return the product in 30 days and get full refund. 
Imagine it’s the end of a long tiring day, and all the stress and exhaustion sit heavy on the under-eyes giving it a dull, saggy, aging appearance!
Now imagine you get to experience a luxurious, super-indulging massage meant specifically for your under-eyes! A ritual that takes the stress
off your under-eyes, replacing the vibes of exhaustion with a charismatic glow!  

Think of it this way – if your eyes were your body, our Eye Butter will be that perfect, cushiony-comforting mattress for the under-eye skin!

So, when taking care of those tender, delicate under-eyes is so indispensable, the ingredients absolutely safe and natural, and the ritual so luxurious and deliciously indulging, why wait? 

Indulge your under-eye skin, Now!

What can Ajara Eye Butter do for you ?
Can you absolutely bank on it for your under-eye worries ? Well, we'd rather let the gratifying Eye Butter experiences of our verified customers answer that for you. 

“Hydrating & soothing, Amazing eye butter! It adds so much hydration to my eye area that lasts throughout the day...This small little jar lasts a long time as very little is needed with each application in the am & before bedtime. So emollient & very soothing! Love that no chemicals are used, very pure, with lasting results! And great price for the quality you are getting!”
- Cheryl D.
“Love this eye cream , A little goes a very long way. This is perfect for softening lines and keeping a fresh look all day on those
zoom calls !!”
- Karen T.  

What goes into the making of Ajara Eye Butter making it so potent and effective?
What makes it so reliable in combatting under-eye worries?

Fine Lines and Wrinkles:
The presence of Ghee - the Elixir of Life - deeply moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. With supreme penetrative properties, the moisturization and nourishment received from Ghee percolates to all the 7 layers of the skin making it perfectly moisturized, which in turn causes the skin to appear plump and fine lines and wrinkles to look diminished. (See those crinkles at the corner of your eyes?
Well, it’s time they got their perfect dose
of moisturization) 

Sagging, Aged Appearance:
The potent presence of Lemon peel oil and Sandalwood works wonders in improving
the skin tone and brightening the eye area
so that it glows with a healthy radiance.
Rich in Vitamin C, Lemon Peel makes the
skin bright and clear-looking, and adds
a luminous glow.
Sandalwood is revered for its cooling and even-toning goodness. With regular use, your 'around-the-eye' area will look plump and brightened up, adding to your ever-presentable, ready-to-take-on-the-
world look!  

Dull, Tired Look:
With the soothing presence of Lavender and Rose Essential Oil, the very aroma of his Superfood for the eyes calms and soothes the eyes. The Eye Butter feels luscious on the skin and gives an instant feeling of calmness.
Along with its alluring aroma, Lavender is also revered for improving the toned look of the skin thus lightening the look of sagging, crepey skin around the eyes.
Rose lends softness to the skin and makes
the pores look minimized. Together, these time-honored oils imbue the skin with refreshed, vivacious vibes with every use! (Because how much you’ve slept is only your business – why should the world know?!) 

Let’s hear it from people who’ve seen actual results, shall we?

“Hydrating & soothing Amazing eye butter! It adds so much hydration to my eye area that lasts throughout the day. It really smooths out the lines too! This small little jar lasts a long time as very little is needed with each application in the am & before bedtime. So emollient & very soothing! Love that no chemicals are used, very pure, with lasting results! And great price for the quality you are getting!”
- Cheryl D.
“A little goes a long way I love Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter. I’ve used many different eye creams, but this one outperforms them all. It nourishes the dry under-eye area and keeps it looking fresh and dewy all day. I especially love to use it as a night treatment. And a bonus—a very little goes a long way, so it lasts longer than most alternatives.”
- Patricia M. 

How to Use:
Don’t want the fuss and mess of elaborate rituals and massages?
Not enough time to wait for the product to absorb so that you can get going? Feel urgh-ish with the thought of heavy eye creams?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

All you need is 1 Dab and a couple of minutes!

Simply take a pea-sized amount or a dab of this golden decadent emollient onto your fingertips (remember a little goes a long, long way!) Start by gently massaging your eye area in circular motions.
Go from one end of the eye to the other, taking some time to concentrate on the Marma points - like the sides of the eyes and the top of the brow.
Perform this ritual at night and let Eye Butter work wonders as you sleep, so you can wake up to smooth-looking, magnetic eyes with a minimized appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and shadows.
Step 4: Although we recommend that you let this buttery formulation do its job overnight for maximum results, you can also apply it during the daytime. Take little than what you’d use at night and let it glide easily on your skin. Feel it melting quickly into your skin!  

Why Using a dedicated Eye Cream is Important:

We know what you’re thinking! “Why do I need to have a special eye cream? Why can’t I use my regular moisturizer on my under-eyes as well?” (go ahead, you can appreciate us for our strong sixth sense *wink*).
Here’s why you should invest in a dedicated eye care regimen!
The area under the eyes is thinner and more delicate than other parts of the face which results in lesser retention of moisture making the skin look and feel dry, flaky and loose! Regular face creams, lotions or serums might provide a temporary solution but can fall short in the longer run. What those delicate under-eyes really need is something that reaches down to the deeper layers of the skin!
The combination of super-nourishing, super-moisturizing Ghee and essential oils is handcrafted just for those hard-working eyes! Not just on the surface, this gentle eye butter gels into the various layers of the under-eye skin to let it experience the benefits of each of its ingredients to nourish it from within... 

Hear what our invaluable, happy buyers have to say about their Eye Butter experience!

“amazing eye butter! in the past months the skin at the corner of my eyelids was cracking and raw and my bottom lid was always red and sometimes even swollen. I had tried everything even prescription treatments (which scared me because it said not to get it IN my eyes but it was hard to avoid). I decided to try your eye butter. TWO days was all it took to see a difference. My eyelids and the skin around my eyes feels and looks so much better. My eyes themselves even seem less irritated and brighter. Thank you so much for this product!!!”
- Brenda P.

“Simply amazing! Over the years, I have tried more eye creams than I can count, some of which caused my eyes to sting and water and do very little to improve their appearance. I am so delighted to have found Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter! I melts into the skin and in the short time I have used it, has smoothed out most of the "crinkles" in the corners of my eyes, eyelids and under the brows. My skin is more supple than it's ever been and looks much younger than my 67 years. I will never use anything else.”
- Susan H.  

With hundreds and thousands of “organic”, “natural” products tried and tested, what difference can Ayurveda and Ajara offer?
Well, we’re glad you asked (honestly, this is one of our most favorite questions!)
Here’s why you should choose AJARA!

Something unique about Ajara, in fact, is its USP - every single ingredient in every single product of the Ajara skin care line is recognizable. It's important for you to know what you're putting on your skin. It's important that you know it's safe and natural.

Each of the Ajara products are carefully formulated on the basis of Ayurvedic principles. Each product caters to a specific need of the skin and yet they're all very nurturing with only the most effective herbs and essential oil combinations.

All essential oils are pure and come from the most reliable resources and thus carry their own original fragrance, which in itself is so healing and transporting. When you use Ajara products, you'll know what real nature smells like and it feels calming and soothing for the mind, body and the spirit. Want to be sure of the difference? Just pick up any other skin care product in your home and compare the way they smell and feel and you'll know what natural really means.

While the organic ingredients come from various parts of the world, all of Ajara's products are handcrafted in the USA. Each bottle is packaged with considerate love, affection and appreciation of you, to ensure the safety of every household and to serve you with the very best.  

If you're still deciding, here's something for you to keep in consideration, Your eyes can speak as strongly as you do!

Your Eyes can make or break your look. Why take the chance?!
Our under-eye skin is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the skin, and shows more signs of premature aging.
So, why expose your tender under-eyes to chemicals and toxic risks, especially when you have the all-natural Eye Butter that you can absolutely bank on?!
This Eye Butter recognizes the tenderness of the skin around the eyes, and gently works its wonders!
Oh, and the experience is so luxurious, the aroma so uplifting, the texture so indulging, that it's like a spa experience - for your eyes! And at a reasonable price! One jar of Eye Butter really lasts as a tiny amount of it goes a long way. Yes, with one jar, you can ensure several spa sessions for your eyes - right in the comfort of your home, every night!
And with our 100% satisfaction, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you should really be loading your cart by now!