5 Ways to DiVE into your Personality TRAITS through Ayurveda

Ayurveda (pronounced: aa-you-r-way-duh!) – the ancient Indian ‘science of life’ and sister science to Yoga that is 5000 years old – unveils the secret of Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) to help you land a deeper understanding of your personality and actions, through your body type and more! This holistic science is not just for discovering your true nature and balance but also offers powerful methods of herbology, to serve the realms of wellness and beauty, optimum health, and fully natural lifestyle practices.

Ever wondered why you do the things you do, and why these actions feel unique to your personality? Do you feel highly impassioned, your brain paces ahead of your thoughts, teeming with ideas? Or are you more of a focused, consistent personality with a steady pace of thinking and doing things? A combination of all these traits, perhaps? Obviously, the western world has an approach to all this. But when it comes to investigating these behaviors through a much more holistic mapping of your being... If you are a wee bit curious about yourself and want to embark on a journey of
exploration of Self, we recommend you wear the lenses of Ayurveda, and hang around! 

1. Understand the five elements in nature that all of us are comprised of


Akasha (Space):

Also known as Ether, it is one of the most profound elements of our universe. It signifies not the presence of something, but it is the absence of qualities that form the basis of Ether. This element is cold, light, subtle, unmoving, not because it carries these traits, but because it lacks warmth, heaviness, solidity, mobility caused by the other elements!


Vayu (Air):

You know how we sometimes want to ‘give air to an idea’, or ‘give air to an opinion’? This is what the element of Air teaches us – providing mobility caused by expression and moving things forward. Air is nothing but an evolved form of Ether, which alters its nature through the synergy of the two. The key traits of Vayu are sharpness, grace, coolness, subtlety, dryness, and lightness.


Agni (Fire):

Fire is a powerful element that is born out of Space and Air. It relates to the pursuit of perceptive thought, as its main characteristics resemble heat and light. Light gives form to color and texture, and entwines this element deeply with the gift of sight, resulting in excellent perception. Other major qualities of Fire are hotness, dryness, softness, intensity, and flexibility. 


Jala (Water):

If one of your core elements is Water, then you must be feeling a certain fluidity in your personality that helps you sail through smoothly and elegantly in life. Among its many duties, water is, first and foremost, a protector. It counters the emptiness of Space, the dryness of air, and the hotness of fire for a harmonious existence. Water, when present in adequacy brings about stability, coolness, focus, softness, and peace.


Prithvi (Earth):

Finally, Earth – the heaviest of the five elements, holding everything from space to water in its cradle – completes the pentagon. It signifies the structure and abundance in one’s psychological as well as physiological frame. Along with those, Earth is a carrier of stark presence of smells that can cause a person to have vivid odors. People with a large portion of Earth in them show signs of rigidity, density, clarity, coolness, and resilience. 

2. Ties between Elements and Doshas

Now that you have a basic awareness of the five elements, or the mahabhutas of Ayurveda, let’s talk about the identification process of your traits through Doshas.

The first thing to know here is that all of us are made of the combination of these doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha – BUT each one of us has a distinct balance of these doshas, so no two of us are ever alike!

elemental ties between doshas

While it can be puzzling to read these foreign terms for the first time, once studied and grasped, this knowledge can transform every aspect of your life in unimaginable ways!

Doshas not only teach you about your individual actions in life, but it also pours an abundant amount of insight into the functioning of your relationships, body type, features, what foods to eat, a tailored exercise regime and more.  

3. Analyze your body type

Body type is imperative in the recognition of the Doshas. Vata type typically has a slim body frame with visible veins and a narrow bone structure. Pitta body type is athletic, medium built, and flaunts a muscular look. Kapha tends to represent a sturdier, curvier appearance and roundness of the body than other types, which is often susceptible to overweight.

Check out other features resembling Doshas here: 

Analyze your dosha

4. Be mindful of the foods you consume

Did you know that a lot of, or should we say, all the food that you consume has a DIRECT impact on your doshas? One of the three doshas, whichever is dominant at that point of time in your personality, can be balanced by your food choices. If we talk in biological terms, then, drawing a holistic balance in your doshas can soothe your metabolic system and smooth out the fine lines in the face of your health. One great example of this problem is the Metabolic Syndrome, that causes many of us to feel older, much, much faster and earlier in life than we deserve!

Want a sneak-peek into different diets suitable for each dosha? Here’s some Thought for Food! 😀

Food advices for Vata Doshas
  • Avoid dry fruits like prunes, raisins, figs, dates
  • Stay away from raw fruits like apples, cranberries, watermelon
  • Cooked apples, soaked prunes and raisins are good for intake
  • In general, food should be warm and cooked; can be sweet, sour, and salty. It should not be raw, cold, or dry.
  • Avoid caffeine as it spikes Vata and causes imbalance.
Food advices for Pitta Doshas
  • Avoid sour fruits like sour apples, kiwi, pineapple and sour foods like vinegar, cream
  • Exclude salted foods like salted butter and cheese, yogurt, buttermilk
  • Choose sweet lime juice instead of vinegar to season vegetables and salads
  • Eat cool or warm foods, but stay away from hot, hard foods, like red meat
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol to fine-tune Pitta dosha
Food advices for Kapha Doshas
  • Choose spicy, astringent, bitter foods like garlic, leafy greens, peppers
  • Prefer warm foods over cool ones such as tofu, eggs, soups, curries
  • Replace sugar with honey to sweeten food and drinks
  • Avoid dairy products, cold, fizzy drinks between meals and fried foods
  • Eat smaller portions and avoid snacking in between meals

5. Recognize the imbalance in Doshas

When one of the three doshas is in excess, it can deviate from its typical virtues and trigger flip side effects.

For instance, if your skin feels extremely oily, or if you’re struggling with maintaining a healthy body weight and exercising is not much help, if you’ve been feeling generally demotivated, Kapha dosha may be overly dominant in your personality.
If you’ve been splurging on the things that you don’t need, purely out of impulse... your Vata inclinations might be piqued!

And for all this knowledge of BALANCE and IMBALANCE that guides us to a truly fulfilling existence, we owe it to Ayurveda! Without it, we as humans would be lost, deprived of a holistic understanding of ourselves which finds the connections that a naked eye can't see. 

It could be tempting to visit tarot card readers and seek what your stars are professing... Or take online personality tests to understand how the universe of your psychology or physiology really works... Or bury yourself under myriad articles to get a better peek at what goes on in the workings of the human vessel.

We have all been there. But is it really that easy to understand ourselves? Or is there, perhaps, a deeper knowledge that goes beyond the reach of the western world? And if yes, then, where does one attain this knowledge?

To answer all these questions and more, in the sincerest way possible, 
The Ayurveda Experience – an online platform for All-Things-Ayurveda was created, to help you collect the secrets of holistic health and complete wellness from the comfort of your home. We do this through a Range of Ayurvedic Programs by noteworthy experts so that you can learn to live life mindfully and holistically.

Watch easy to follow HD multimedia programs which demystify the ancient Indian science of life and help you experience tangible improvements in your life as you learn about the different aspects of your health and personality through Ayurvedic concepts. 

At The Ayurveda Experience, we say,

"You deserve to live a holistic life, free of illnesses and anxieties, through real Ayurvedic applications and natural healing that is worthy of your time and efforts."

Our stand is that everybody deserves to live a life of peace, health, and awareness. Ayurveda solves any problems related with these, in 100% natural, authentic ways. For instance, solely through food, as it is a key element in painting the picture of your overall wellness,
maybe more than you can ever imagine.

The Ayurvedic courses come for distinguished purposes, targeting different sects of health, including the body and the mind. You’d be surprised to know how deep the connection between our physiological and psychological being goes!

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In this course, you will also learn that every person needs their own specific schedules, diets and meditative techniques. What may work for someone may not work for you! As a response to this requirement, you will get your perfect customized schedule so you can perform your daily activities at the time that suits your unique composition. All in all, we like to call this course the Treasury of Life and Sustainable Happiness! 

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The Ayurveda Experience - Fundamentals of Ayurveda on Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Beauty and Body Work - Digital

60 days money back guarantee
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