The Being Behind the Brand 

Our humble origins... 

Over eleven years ago, our founder started a company, the mission and vision of which, was to take the wonderful ideas of India to the rest of the world! Considering ‘Knowledge’ the biggest gift ever – the company began with marketing personal development content based on India’s rich literary, philosophical and mythological history, but soon encountered what was to become its biggest discovery and that of thousands of American homes -  

Ayurveda! With the publishing of our first ever course on Ayurveda in 2013, there was no looking back – “All-Things-Ayurveda" became the mantra and the single-point focus of this small organization based out of the capital city of India. 

In 2013, The Ayurveda Experience started as a home-grown brand that created and marketed video programs that would educate consumers about Ayurveda, but soon began working towards bringing the very real, physical experience of Ayurveda into consumers’ hands and moved on to launch its flagship skincare brand iYURA in the USA, in October 2017.  

Today, iYURA is the largest Ayurvedic Skincare brand in the USA, and The Ayurveda Experience, the largest global Ayurveda platform with over 400,000 customers and reach spread across 4 continents and 150 countries! While our corporate head office is situated in the capital city of Delhi in India, our manufacturers are spread across the country bringing you the best of North and South. In the USA, you can find us in 2 of our offices in Georgia and Wisconsin, including a facility where the products of one of our brands are manufactured. 

In addition to iYURA, we now have more brands that cater to diverse needs, in innovative ways. We have now also brought certain USDA Certified Organic Ayurvedic supplements under our new brand, “Ayuttva” -the Ayurveda way of being, or ‘Ayurveda’-ism. 

Our Founder...

(the storytelling approach, people love stories, they want stories) 

Going back to 2010, you meet a dynamic, energetic individual, who has travelled to 26 countries for work by the young age of 24, representing India and its ideas in various roles and positions, who has decided to take his education further in one of the topmost business colleges in India – someone who works nights and studies in the day to fulfil his entrepreneurial dream – to create a transformative business of impact and scale, a business that truly helps transform lives for the better.  

Meet Rishabh Chopra, the founder of The Ayurveda Experience. 

An alum of one of India’s most coveted business schools - Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India, Rishabh founded and incubated this business at ISB. The company was founded in 2010 while Rishabh was still doing his MBA at ISB, and thereafter incubated by ISB and invested in by several investors who resonated with his vision. Since then, the company has received institutional capital from investors such as Fireside Ventures, The Kalpvriksh Fund (Centrum Group), Riverwalk and Sharp Ventures. 

Prior to ISB and Founding TAE, Rishabh had several years in senior leadership positions at one of the largest global not-for-profit youth development organizations called AIESEC with over 100,000 volunteers annually, which gave Rishabh a vast global network and experience of managing a large number of people at a young age. 

Why Ayurveda?... 

A vast and dynamic ancient science, Ayurveda deserved to be known by many more people than those who actually knew of it then. This science of life prescribed habits, diets and lifestyles as keys to living a healthy, thriving, happy life! It also had its own treasure-trove of herbs and oils that did to your body from the outside, what your diet and lifestyle did to it from within.
But, this science, like most great things, was complex. Most knowledge is in Sanskrit, a language which not a lot of people understand. And yet, the lure of India’s natural-health legacy had drawn many towards it. Even today, people travel far and wide to come to India to experience the profound powers of Ayurveda. 

What if it became a little bit easier to experience Ayurveda? What if it became more accessible to westerners who cannot always travel far east? What if it was possible to make Ayurveda an everyday word in millions of homes – wouldn't that make a healthier world? 

But of course, there is a problem that every business solves. Let’s come to the ones we were trying to solve.

As the motherland of Ayurveda, India had a large number of Ayurvedic Vaids or doctors and practitioners, manufacturers, herb-farmers and suppliers... but, operating in a largely unorganized manner. While language and familiarity with western lifestyles was a problem for some, awareness of the quality standards and even ability to meet those standards was a challenge for others.

We wanted to solve the problem on the supply front and bring to markets products specifically designed to meet western compliance and utility requirements. On the demand side of things, many health and wellness seekers didn’t know about Ayurveda, those who did, could not get access to clean, top-quality products easily in the west.

So we decided to solve the problem by making the world become aware of Ayurveda through the medium of pure, 100% natural Ayurvedic skincare, and giving them the quality experience that Ayurveda lovers in the west had been seeking for years, along with the convenience of accessing these ayurvedic products and education from the convenience of their homes. 

We bring to the western world, compliant and effective Ayurvedic or Ayurveda-inspired: 

Skincare, Haircare and Personal Care under the brands – iYURA, Ajara, A.Modernica Naturalis*, Ayulogica* 

(*soon to be launched)

AND Supplements, Foods and Beverages under the brand -AYUTTVA 

Learn more our brands here: 

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