• Learn how to optimize gut function and overhaul your digestive system for better management of Celiac Disease
  • Realize the biggest lifestyle change that can restore your energy levels and help you deal with Celiac Disease with effortless ease
  • Understand and learn to practice the Ayurvedic approach to managing 5 most common autoimmune conditions
  • Revitalize your body down to the cellular level so that you eat well, look good and FEEL good!

Celiac disease affects nearly 3 million Americans every year. You would think that would mean it is probably well researched, its nuances understood, and support made available.
Laughable indeed! It remains one of the most misunderstood diseases, and even more disappointingly, confused with a ‘Gluten free diet’. Or a vegan diet.
And that’s the tip of the iceberg. The quality of life takes a jolt when one has to undergo such humungous lifestyle changes, which not only raise the cost of living, but overall depreciate the quality of social life as well.
Office party? You’ll probably have to carry your own GF snacks.
A wedding reception? Probably the only option for you would be poorly prepared vegetables. A side snack, if the hosts are considerate and thoughtful. But as patients of celiac will attest, such occurrences are rare.

This is considering that you have the energy to have a social life. Celiac also more often than not, saps one of energy, rendering them exhausted most of the time.
That makes one wonder, is this approach correct?
Am I doing this right? If so, why isn’t it working? And if not, are all these changes even worth it?

Living with an autoimmune disorder affects one’s life in more ways than one. It can be debilitating and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding Celiac gives us more insight into what triggers need to be released to deal with this life changing diagnosis.


Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder which is most commonly a result of genetic factors. A hyperactive immune response to the proteins found in wheat, barley and rye among others, causes the immune system to attack the small intestine, where nutrients are processed.

As a result, the microscopic, finger-like projections lining the inner layer of the small intestine (villi) are atrophied, leading to malabsorption of nutrients and poor digestive process. That leads to an accumulation of toxins in the gut and can cause further problems.  

It is estimated that between 1-3% of the population of America suffers from celiac disease, but the actual numbers may be much higher than the estimates since nearly 2.5 million people are still undiagnosed, and at risk for other serious health conditions.  


The most common risk factors include:
• a genetic predisposition to the disease
• type 1 diabetes
• any other autoimmune condition
• down’s syndrome
• turner’s syndrome
• thyroid disorder


This disease often develops slowly and takes years and years to diagnose, which worsens the symptoms over time. While some people are diagnosed within as early as a year after birth, some others are diagnosed when they’re well into their teens, primarily because the symptoms can easily be confused for other, more common diseases. It unfortunately can lead to a variety of health and developmental issues.
Understanding the pathology of this disease is important to manage It effectively and prevent other related health complications. Celiac disease has a variety of symptoms which are often contradictory, and at times not related to the gut at all.
Gastrointestinal symptoms are far more pronounced in children as compared to teens or adults, although the major symptoms include –
• Chronic Diarrhea
• Nausea/vomiting
• Bloating/swelling of the stomach
• Flatulence
• Constipation
• Pale, foul-smelling stool
• Fatigue

The ‘hidden’ risk factors which are not ones we can control, which occur behind the scenes, are the ones we should all be especially careful with. These include –
• Modified wheat DNA profile
• Modified gut flora, or microbiome
• Minimal exposure to a variety of microbes, such as those found on a farm or among farm animals like cows, hens, ducks, sheep etc
• Underlying digestive upsets that go undiagnosed, such as the Leaky Gut syndrome
• Environmental toxins

It is normal to wonder at this point if you can practically address these factors. The beauty of Ayurveda lies in the fact that it has an intuitive understanding of human body, and enormous faith in its ability to heal itself. If provided the right stimuli, you CAN & WILL overcome these factors to be your happy, healthy self again. 

A 19 year-old girl diagnosed with Celiac disease continued with the standard recommended gluten free diet for almost 7 years, during which period her symptoms got progressively worse, gut health deteriorated and stomach aches intensified, despite cutting down on dairy, soy AND caffeine, apart from gluten. After switching to a Selective Carbohydrate Diet and focusing on alternate ways to improve her gut health and gut flora, she bounced back from Celiac and could finally enjoy the fruits of good health.

As is evident, Celiac disease can easily be mistaken for any other gastrointestinal disorder such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Colitis. However, a wrong diagnosis can prove to be expensive as an untreated Celiac disease can further lead to weakening of bones, thyroid disorder, infertility, Lactose intolerance, nervous system imbalances and can even lead to cancer.

Here’s the thing that most doctors won’t tell you…
Eliminating gluten won’t necessarily make you healthy.
Eliminating gluten doesn’t necessarily mean you’re never going to experience painful symptoms again.
Despite going gluten-free, you can suffer due to other food items and even products which have traces of gluten.
you might come across insensitive and brash attitude towards your modified lifestyle and peculiar preferences.
Imagine having to cut down on all (or most) of your favorite food, deal with fatigue and constant vigilance, risk coming across as a hygienic freak (for avoiding cross-contamination) AND having to be the butt of jokes!
Does it sound all too familiar?
If you are nodding to this, we have some good news for you! 


Celiac disease can be managed effectively to ensure proper gut functioning and overall health. The ancient science of life, Ayurveda, has some interesting and noteworthy insights about this disease which can be adopted for better health.
For starters, Ayurveda has lengthy passages on diet and nutrition, focusing on one key indicator of overall health – optimum gut function. A healthy gut translates to a healthy body, and any disease that crops up elsewhere in the body can be reasonably traced to the gut. Moreover, any disease in the body is an indicator of an imbalance of the 3 doshas or elemental forces – vata, pitta and kapha. Each dosha has its locus of action and it is extremely important to correctly tap the specific dosha to understand the source of imbalance. 

Then what does it tell us about Celiac disease?
This disease shares some properties with the Pitta dosha, which is a combination of Fire and Water and ensures proper digestion of food. An imbalanced Pitta can lead to unpleasant consequences and prolonged inflammation.
But a flared pitta doesn’t just affect your gut, it also affects your overall health. And Ayurveda takes cognizance of this. Which naturally begs the question…
Is there any remedy in Ayurveda?
More importantly, is there a remedy – ANY remedy that not only makes your tummy feel better, but makes YOU feel better as well?
The answer is YES! 

Interestingly, the remedy is quite contrary to the approach adopted by conventional medicine. Ayurveda does not resort to medicines which only suppress the symptoms. Remember Dr. Akil’s famous gas pedal analogy here. Think of the body as a car, with your immune system controlled by the brakes and gas pedal. When functioning normally, it will keep your ship sailing smoothly.

When your body has an autoimmune disease, this gas pedal is pressed down to the floor, which simply means your immune system is in an overdrive.
Western medicine is like slamming the brakes – the symptoms may be suppressed, but the underlying mechanism is still active, the gas pedal is still pressed.

And this means that the disease resurfaces when you stop the medicines.

The Ayurvedic approach to this problem is to release the gas pedal, to remove the triggers for a hyperactive immune response in the first place, and restore normal immune function. 

This gives us an entirely new and exciting way of looking at how disease progresses and can be reversed.

Dr. Akil Palanisamy, a Harvard trained Medical Practitioner with a specialization in Integrative medicine, operates from a holistic perspective to look at disease as something that affects the entire body, and uses his own brilliant insight to recommend the easiest solutions to bring about the desired changes.
He is an ardent believer in the self-healing ability of the human body, and promises results if you follow his recommendations correctly. 


An Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Akil has worked with thousands of patients to help them heal and recover from chronic diseases using dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

He blends his western medical training with holistic approaches including functional medicine and Ayurveda.

Patients the world over love him for the compassion, insight, holistic approach and in-depth knowledge he brings to his work, successfully treating a wide variety of serious health conditions including autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormone imbalance, and stress-related illnesses.


Dr. Akil does not focus on suppressing symptoms of disease, which Western medicine often does, but on fixing the root cause of disease.

We are used to viewing wellness through the lens of symptom and treatment – we fall sick, we consume pills. But Ayurvedic and yogic sciences treat wellness as a way of life that transcends boundaries of the soul and mind, putting the entire machinery of your being into working rhythm, whether you show symptoms or not. Unlike the medicine most of us have grown up with, Ayurveda is proactive, not reactive.

Unlike western medicine that tells us there is no cure for autoimmune disease, that these are life-long conditions which will degenerate over time, Ayurvedic concepts offer a holistic, root cause analysis of issues leading up to autoimmune diseases and suggest an alternative path for recovery.

To help you adopt such paradigm shifting lifestyle adjustments, we bring to you :

With this course, you will learn to...
• Understand the pathophysiology of autoimmune diseases such as celiac
• Differentiate between the doshas operating in the body
• Tune into your body’s rhythm and accurately tap the way it communicates
• detoxify the body with proven techniques from the Ayurveda
• Relax your body and mind
• Systematically overhaul your symptoms and fallouts to revitalize energy on the cellular level
• Recognize the vital, elemental energies and how to balance them
• Catch a disease even before the symptoms appear
• Make dietary changes according to your unique dosha combination and heal the leaky gut
• Restore your immune system from an overdrive to its normal state 


Cost Effective Solution
One consultation with a doctor can cost you anywhere between $300-$500. Repeated consultations mean x times the money, while buying this course means you can avail the expert recommendations of Dr. Akil at your own convenience, anytime you want! Would you rather spend thousands of dollars on bills and medicines, which come with a disclaimer of autoimmune diseases being ‘life-long and incurable’, or buy this course that will help you heal?

Everybody needs this program AND needs it urgently because more and more people today are at a risk of developing chronic conditions. Statistics from around the world show us the rates of autoimmune diseases are skyrocketing, making autoimmune diseases the fastest growing category of disorders. 

Dr. Akil’s program harnesses the power of Ayurveda and integrative medicine to focus on the PREVENTIVE aspect of wellness, sending these diseases packing even before they take up board in our bodies! 

Here's a look at the Course Contents......


• An interesting case study about the transformative power of Ayurveda
• Why is it the nature of the body to heal itself
• What even doctors don’t know about your body
• What is an autoimmune disease Learn about the Dhatus – our various tissues or organs
• How do energies interact to create our unique physiology – learn about Vata, Pitta and Kapha
• Why are autoimmune diseases rising at an alarming rate globally
• The elephant in the room: Western medicine and its healing deficit
• How does Ayurveda work to close this deficit and heal gracefully
• What are the six stages of pathogenesis or the way all disease progresses in the body
• The correlation of Ayurveda pathogenesis with Allopathy
• Why is it already too late by the time allopathic medicine even catches a disease
• What makes the Ayurvedic perspective on catching and healing a disease so distinct and effective
• We are Energy: the five crucial elements of heat flow in the body 


•Determining which elements dominate your prakruti or unique physiology
• Why the food you eat should be in-sync with your prakruti
• Learn which foods are unnatural for you and why you need to eliminate them NOW  


• The role of toxins in blocking energy flow
• Eliminating the toxins that have accumulated in your body for decades through:
• Oil-pulling
• The neti pot and Nasya
• Abhyanga and the infused oils you ought to use
• Sweating
• Moving the rasa or lymph
• Hydrotherapy  


• Secret and powerful strategies to build a formidable immunity
• Which rasayana or rejuvenating formula can kick-start your sluggish immune system
• Supplements and food habits that harness your ojas or energy
• Learn the right daily routine to balance your body’s rhythms and cycles


• Incorporating spices for multiple health benefits
• The four disease-causing biochemical mechanisms and by-products of metabolism spices have been proven to reverse and neutralize
• Alpha spices you cannot omit from your diet
• Which oxygen product is bad for us and how spices can neutralize it
• How spices calm down chronic inflammation
• How spices fight the by-products of metabolism to lift energy levels and give you better skin
• Reversing the biochemistry of aging
• How excess of any kind is bad and how “sweet” energy must be balanced by spices
• Spice as medicine: the irreplaceable value of spices in healing the gut 


• The role of stress in precipitating disease
• Purifying nadis or energy channels
• How mental and emotional health mirrors your physical being
• Learning how to calm the parasympathetic nervous system
• What is Neuroplasticity and why is it such an important concept
• Mind-body techniques
• How to practice meditation for better health  


• Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease
• Celiac Disease
• Eczema and Psoriasis  


Many patients come to me and tell me that their doctors had told them that they would never get better. But how could their doctors know? The body has a tremendous ability to heal, often more rapidly and completely than you might expect and that is something that you should never forget. Whether you are taking this course in order to learn tools to help your patients, or interested in working on healing yourself, the first thing to remember is that YOU CAN GET BETTER. I have created this course to give you the knowledge and understanding to help begin the journey of healing and transformation …. and you will love being on it.