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    A Modernica Naturalis makes a breakthrough in natural, plant-based skincare that combines the best of East and West in modern formats, much like the artistic movement of Art Nouveau, an ornamental style of art that flourished between 1890 and 1910 throughout the West.

    The Art Nouveau movement, renowned for its response to the Industrial Revolution, witnessed artists seeking refuge from the mass production and substandard quality that plagued their era. In a similar vein, the products of A Modernica Naturalis like Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion, Blavana Ultra-Rich-Youth-Boost Face Pommade, Citrenis Clean and Bright Skin-Buffing Gelly stand testament to craftsmanship and superior quality, providing a respite from synthetic alternatives.  

    With deep reverence for the natural world, A Modernica Naturalis products like Cerabuild Face and Neck Cream and Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask pay homage to the exquisite beauty found in nature's designs. Crafted with utmost care, skincare products like Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly, Zafaloe Bright Moisture Hand and Body Lotion embody the ethos of Art Nouveau, celebrating natural lines and motifs that resonate with the innate harmony of mother nature herself.  


    Cerabuild Face and Neck Cream 

    Cerabuild Face and Neck Cream gives you a potent combination of phyto-ceramides, advanced technologies, and Ayurvedic ingredients to plump and hydrate the skin, resulting in a smooth, youthful, and rejuvenated complexion.


    Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion 

    A unique blend of traditional Ayurvedic ingredients and modern skincare technology, Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion extends a range of benefits such as brightening, firming, and moisturizing the delicate skin around the eyes. Its carefully formulated texture, comprehensive application, and ethical qualities make it a desirable choice.


    Blavana Ultra-Rich-Youth-Boost Face Pommade

    Blavana Ultra-Rich-Youth-Boost Face Pommade stand out for its Ayurvedic formulation, ultra-moisturizing texture, innovative formula, and the use of age-defying Ayurvedic ingredients. It provides a luxurious and effective solution for addressing signs of aging and maintaining youthful, nourished, and radiant skin.


    Citrenis Clean and Bright Skin-Buffing Gelly 

    Citrenis Clean and Bright Skin-Buffing Gelly has dual-action exfoliating and hydrating properties specifically designed for delicate, aging skin. The fluffy texture, high-quality formulation, and focus on natural ingredients make it an exceptional choice for achieving polished, glistening skin without compromising on hydration and gentleness.


    Nucinel Makeup Remover  

    Nucinel Makeup Remover offers a multi-functional approach to skincare, gentle and nourishing formula, and suitability for various skin types. Its ability to cleanse, remove impurities and makeup, and provide intense hydration makes it a convenient and effective addition to a skincare routine.


    Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly 

    Nicumin Black Seed Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly is enriched with the ability to cleanse, brighten, and soften the skin while providing a comfortable and non-drying experience. Its unique formulation, enriched with beneficial ingredients, and its suitability for various skin types make it a desirable choice for individuals looking for an effective and gentle face cleanser. 


    Nicumin Black Seed Even-Toning Face Cream 

    Nicumin Black Seed Even-Toning Face Cream is bestowed with a unique combination of Ayurveda and science, addressing specific skin concerns such as mature-acne-prone or dull menopausal/post-menopausal skin. Its ability to even-tone, brighten, purify, and provide balanced moisture, along with its non-oily smooth suede finish, makes it a desirable choice for individuals with these specific skincare needs.


    Zafaloe Bright Moisture Hand and Body Lotion 

    Zafaloe Bright Moisture Hand and Body Lotion with its silk-slip moisturizing experience, provides an invisible, non-sticky, and silky finish to the skin and offers brightening, moisturizing, and skin-clarifying benefits. With regular use, it can help reduce the appearance of dark patches, scars, and marks on the body. 


    Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask   

    Nicumin Brightening and Even Toning Face Mask advances superlative cleansing with the power of Black Seeds, Turmeric, and an uber-gentle AHA. It provides triple benefits of even-toning, exfoliating, and brightening the skin. The mask being an excellent detoxifier and complexion enhancer, helps in reducing dullness and the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. 


    Remember to make a thoughtful decision when it comes to your skin, the largest organ of your body and note that there’s not 1, but 4 feats A Modernica has managed to achieve as a brand that make it a sought-after skincare solution!

    The ‘Four-Feats' Feature: 

    #1  92-100% Natural with NO Harmful Chemicals, NO Artificial Fragrance

    All A Modernica products comprise mostly of natural origin ingredients with only 0-8% processed ingredients used to stabilize the formula and to keep it bacteria-free/prevent it from spoiling - not like other natural products that contain a small amount of natural extracts and a large amount of chemicals and label themselves as natural!

    Pick up and read the label of any other product of any other brand that offers creams, lotions etc. And note their natural content and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

    We also do not use harmful chemicals, sulfates, parabens and follow a strict no-nasties policy. For aroma, only 100% natural essential oils are used and not fragrances.

    #2  The Best of Ancient Ayurveda and Modern Science, Together Tested for Stability and Performance

    All A Modernica products contain traditional Ayurvedic oils/ingredients which are then brought together with modern skin-science wonders such as Hyaluronic Acid or Niacinamide which are not harmful. These formulations have now taken shape after years of deliberation, improvisation and taking into account user feedback.

    #3  Convenient, Modern, Affordable

    All A Modernica products are in easy-to-use formats – you no longer need to spend a long time cleaning up the mess! What’s more, these skin and environment friendly products made with high quality natural extracts, herbs and oils are reasonably priced, keeping in mind the powerful 92-100% natural composition.

    #4  30-Day Money Back Guarantee, 'The Ayurveda Experience' backing

    The icing on the cake is our confidence in the brand – if you use the product and don’t like it, simply write to us within
    30 days of purchase and get your money back! Now when was the last time a beauty company took its used/opened bottles back from you?! The Ayurveda Experience’s backing for this brand means we deliver quality to you and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance!


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    Golden Years - Face Serum For Age Spots, Clear Complexion & Unwrinkled-Appearance