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  • Medhya Rasayana: Ayurveda For Cognitive Health + Natural Nootropics, Brain Herbs

    Medhya Rasayana: Ayurveda For Cognitive Health + Natural Nootropics, Brain Herbs

    The Ayurveda Experience June 24, 2019

    The Ayurvedic Solution To Maintaining Nervous Health

    With the kind of lifestyles that people follow these days, mental health and nervous system issues have become commonplace. Ayurveda offers an ideal solution –medhya rasayanas (Ayurvedic nootropics).

    Common issues people face nowadays include anxiety, depression, unnecessary stress, and mood swings.

    While conventional psychotropic medications like anti-anxiety pills work on the symptom, they often don’t address the root causes of these problems.

    With a large number of side-effects associated with such medications, regular use isn’t recommended (due to long-term side effects or habit-forming tendencies).

    Let’s discuss Medhya Rasayanas in detail and learn how they can help maintain nervous health.

    What Is Medhya Rasayana?

    herbs for brain

    Medhya rasayana is a group of nootropic (cognition-boosting) herbs and plants with medicinal benefits as described in Ayurveda.

    The term medhya rasayana has been derived from the Sanskrit words medhya, which means cognition or intellect, and rasayana, which means therapeutic/rejuvenating.

    These are known for improving health, memory, immunity, longevity, and intelligence. These Ayurvedic nootropics have amazing health benefits and produce excellent results without any side-effects.

    Medhya Rasayana collectively refers to a group of four medicinal plants, which are described as follows.

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    Mandukaparni (Centella Asiatica Linn.)

    gotu kola for brain health medhya rasayana

    Mandukaparni (also known as Gotu Kola) is an evergreen herb with its roots at the nodes. It is used for a variety of therapeutic and medicinal purposes. It helps in improving mental abilities like reaction time and memory.

    The juice of the whole plant is used. It slows down the process of memory impairment and promotes brain growth. It comes with great neuro-protective potential as well.

    Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.)

    licorice brain health medhya

    Yastimadhu (licorice) is a medicinal herb that belongs to the family of Fabaceae. The root of this herb dried and finely powdered. It is usually taken with milk and has various mental health benefits.

    With its antioxidant properties, it is used as a tonic for improving brain function. It improves circulation in the nervous system and also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels. It enhances memory and learning abilities.

    Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia (Wild) Miers)

    guduchi brain health

    Guduchi is rich in minerals like copper and zinc. This large shrub has excellent antioxidant properties and is useful in the treatment of nervous disorders like vertigo and behavioural issues.

    It helps in enhancing logical memory and reduces stress. It also improves verbal abilities. It works as a natural anti-depressant as well.

    Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pleuricaulis Chois)

    shankhpushpi for brain health rasayana

    Shankhapushpi is an evergreen hairy hub popularly known for improving the intellectual power of a person. It boosts memory and is useful in the treatment of disorders like epilepsy and anxiety.

    It fights stress related to social isolation anxiety. It also acts as a mood enhancer. It is usually taken in the form of a paste made from the whole plant.

    Mode Of Administration For Medhya Rasayana

    The mode of administration of medhya rasayana determines the effect it will produce. It can be taken in two different ways – vatatapika and kutipraveshika.

    In vatatapika, the word Vata refers to air, and atapa refers to heat. It is ideal for people who spend most of their time doing outdoor activities.

    In kutipraveshika, kuti refers to the cottage, and pravesha means to enter. It involves the taking medhya rasayana or Ayurvedic nootropics while living in a cottage for a set period.

    By ensuring the appropriate mode of administration, we can achieve the maximum benefits of taking medhya rasayana.

    It helps us in tackling neuro-psychiatric disorders like loss of mental function, degrading mental faculties, and general memory loss.

    Benefits Of Ayurvedic Nootropics

    benefits of medhya rasayana

    • It helps in enhancing cognition and longevity.
    • It is useful in treating diseases related to the mind and nervous system.
    • It stabilizes one’s mental and nervous health.
    • It helps in improving the tone of your voice and facial appearance.
    • It enhances the capability of adapting to different types of environments (adaptogen).
    • It increases the brain’s functionality and efficiency.
    • It acts as a stress-buster and a mood-enhancer.
    • It helps in cultivating mental peace and stability.

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    Medhya Rasayana’s Effects On Cognition

    benefits of medhya rasayana


    It is the capability of the mind through which it can keep hold of past experiences and recall them again later. The use of medhya rasayana helps in enhancing the power of retention and improves memory.


    It is a process related to cognition, which helps a person in acquiring skills and gaining knowledge. Medhya rasayana is effective in improving learning capabilities.


    Recollection is the process of the mind through which one recollects/retrieves the information stored in the memory. Medhya rasayana improve the processing, storing, and retrieving information capabilities of the brain.

    Safety Profile Of Medhya Rasayana

    There are no side-effects associated with the use of medhya rasayana. It is considered to be one of the safest Ayurvedic medicines. It can easily be taken under the guidance of an Ayurvedic expert and is well-accepted by the body.


    Medhya rasayana is undoubtedly one of the best most effective medicinal therapies in Ayurveda for achieving and maintaining good mental and nervous system health.

    With the wide range of benefits that it offers, it can be an ideal solution for treating and managing disorders related to the mind and the nervous system.

    It can help you in attaining health, peace, and happiness. It works as a blessing for those suffering from anxiety issues.

    The Ayurvedic herbs under medhya rasayana are readily available, and people of any age group can take it without the risk of any side-effects.

    Consult your Ayurvedic practitioner before trying the herbs mentioned in this article. If you are on any psychotropic medication, consult your mental healthcare provider before using these Ayurvedic nootropics.


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