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  • Manomaya Kosha: Your Mind Layer + Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthy Mind

    Manomaya Kosha: Your Mind Layer + Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthy Mind

    You may relate to yourself as your body, but there are five layers to the self according to Ayurveda.

    The Koshas

    The Annamaya Kosha, or that which is created by food
    The Pranamaya Kosha, or the energy layer
    The Manomaya Kosha, or the emotional layer
    The Vignyanamaya Kosha, or the discernment layer
    The Ananda Maya Kosha, or the layer of bliss that is fed by spiritual connecting

    What is the Manomaya Kosha?

    The Manomaya Kosha is where the concept that we are separate, individual and alone begins. In the word ‘manomaya’, ‘man’ (pronounced as a ‘u’ as in the word nun) means mind, but it is also inclusive of the emotions or heart.

    The Manomaya Kosha is the layer of self that interprets what it receives as sensory information through the sense organs. It also compares itself to others, devises plans based on the sensory information and houses our opinions, beliefs and feelings.

    The Manomaya Kosha is what makes us stand apart as an individual. It is the home of our unique views and can be considered the home of the ego or individuated self.

    When this layer is healthy, we feel confident, inspired and eager to share our gifts and skills with the world. This Kosha also holds our fears, superstitious beliefs and critical mind as well. So it is important to work with this layer of the self to help keep our thinking clear.

    The Manomaya Kosha is constantly making opinions based on what it receives through the sense organs so it is really important to makes sure that you take some down time for the senses.

    Relax Your Mind

    Have blocks of time in your day when you are not using your senses. Relax in a warm tub in silence. Sit with your eyes closed in the forest. Meditate. Just allow your senses to be relaxed.

    You may also take a closer look at your diet. The foods you eat and the health of your gut can certainly impact the mind. Learn more about your Ayurvedic Body Type by taking the free quiz. Your body type can reveal much about your mental tendencies, both positive and negative. Consider an Ayurvedic body therapy like Ayurvedic massage, Ayurvedic foot massage or shirodhara to calm the mind, ease anxiety and experience peace and balance within. And take a closer look at how your environment is impacting your mind.

    Take A Social Media Break

    One of the main sources of negative, invasive stimuli to the Manomaya Kosha is social media. This includes anything you might read or listen to. Take a day out of every week to unplug from everything media related to give your senses a rest.

    Wake up before others in your household do so you can be in silence. This will give you time to witness what is going on in your mind.  Only in silence can you witness what is running in the deeper layers of your mind. It is sometimes pretty amazing to observe the deeper layers of thought that run as a tape and can be pretty revealing as to why you feel anxious, worried or afraid.

    Many times the thoughts that run in the deeper layers of the mind are things you repeat that you have heard as children or from the media. These run like tapes. Often the intention is to protect you from getting hurt but the result is anxiety and stress.

    Write Down What You Think

    If you are really interested in releasing some of the deeper fear-based thoughts you can spend half an hour writing down every thought that arises in your mind.

    This enables you to see what is informing your mood. You will also learn what you believe about yourself and this can be pretty shocking.

    Your mind is such a huge part of you – a part that you can only see by getting quiet and looking within. The mind generates thoughts that motivate action and your actions ultimately form your outer life.

    Once you have all of your thoughts written down you can put them into two categories:  positive / helpful and negative / depleting.

    Now you can work with these thoughts to transform the inner layers of your mind. Take your negative thoughts and create a counter to them.

    Here are a few examples of negative thoughts:

    I hate my body – why can’t I lose weight. I must be weak.
    I will never get ahead financially. Debt will haunt me forever.
    I’m socially awkward.

    Now here are some of the counter thoughts:

    I love my body. I appreciate all it does for me and I will pay attention to what it needs and do things to show it love.
    I am creative and abundance is all around me. I invite it in.
    I am unique and I love myself just as I am.

    Now that you have your counter thoughts written down, every time you hear the negative thought counter it with your new thought. Do it every single time!

    Write your affirmations in places you will see them or create an affirmation that helps shift all of your beliefs like a poem of love to yourself.

    I adore my unique self
    I am like nobody else
    I am growing, learning and changing each day
    I am open to receive love in every way.

    You can repeat your poem and affirmations when you are physically active to help them replace negativity right down to the layers of tissue.

    Awareness of what is going on within can help keep the mind clear. A mind free from fear is able to make clear plans and see bigger possibilities!  When we can see more opportunity our actions are more clear. With clear action we reduce confusion, waste less time and bring our bigger dreams to life.


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    Kiesha Battles

    May 11, 2024

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