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    How To Get Rid Of Fine Lines With Ayurveda?

    The Ayurveda Experience January 03, 2019

    If you have ever stretched or lifted your skin to see how your face would look if it had a firmer appearance... 

    If your face, especially now that you’ve crossed your 40s, looks like a canvas of lines and wrinkles... 

    If you are someone who is FINALLY thinking of tossing those expensive, so-called ‘miraculous solutions’ out of your dresser, because they failed you... 

    If you are someone who just can't stop frowning more when looking at those frown lines in the mirror (argh!)…  

    We are here to spill the secrets out of the 5000-year-old chest of Ayurvedic selfcare!

    First things first! Before learning about the Ayurvedic answer to looking youthful and effectively targeting those inevitable signs of aging, let's understand: 

    What are fine lines? Are they the same as wrinkles? Is there a difference between the two?

    Fine lines, more often than not, are the very first signs of aging! 

    Chances are, you have been clubbing both fine lines and wrinkles together and thought they were the same thing all this time. 

    But as a matter of fact, they actually have key differences! 

    According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)1, Fine lines are created when you repeatedly contract the same muscles in your face day after day. 

    Simply put, fine lines are basically baby wrinkles! They will eventually turn into deep wrinkles that become permanent, and it is harder to reduce the appearance of wrinkles than that of fine lines. 

    So, gear up to take effective care of those fine lines and avoid/delay the formation of wrinkles in the first place.  

    “But are fine lines preventable?”: This question might have popped in your head by now.

    To answer in short, diminishing the look of Fine lines is, indeed, possible! 

    Ayurveda can help!  

    What causes the appearance of fine lines in aging and mature skin?

    Fine lines are caused by the natural breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, over the years. As these fibers break down, our skin begins to lose its strength and elasticity. As a result of this, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. 

    Another reason is the years of exposure to harmful and damaging UV rays from the sun, which adds to the problem. 

    Did you know, fine lines are also called “expression lines”? Years of facial expression can also form these lines. Most of the first appearance of fine lines can be noticed around the eyes and the mouth, mostly in 30’s in women. 

    If you are someone who lives in the bustle of city life, then you are exposing your skin to the dangers of pollution and oxidative stress on a day-to-day basis, which can cause premature aging and make the appearance of fine lines even more prominent. 

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    But fortunately for you, Ayurveda has plenty of ways to soften their appearance before they develop into deeper lines and wrinkles! 

    The importance of diet in defying the signs of aging 

    Growth, development and maintenance of the anatomy and physiology of the body is completely dependent on the following 4 factors. 

    • The seasons 
    • Your inherent nature  
    • A diet full of nutrients  
    • The absence of any obstructive factors to the body’s growth

    All these affect proper growth and development as well as the appearance of fine lines. 

    Among the above, diet is the most important. 

    It nourishes the body’s systems and is responsible for the maintenance of the body’s compactness and strength. 

    Excellent body systems reflect in what’s called sara, which makes a person look young and beautiful.  

    When the diet is defective and when the (Ayurvedic) rules regarding diet and lifestyle are not followed, there is a vitiation of the tridosha. This leads to various progressive pathological changes due to improper utilization of the diet. 

    A defective diet is one that is deficient and unorganized. 

    What are these Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle rules?

    • Daytime sleeping 
    • Daily coitus without Vaajikarana (aphrodisiacs) 
    • Daily alcohol drinking 
    • Excessive physical work 
    • Lack of exercise 
    • Mental and emotional fluctuations, and more

    The undesirable pathological changes that occur as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle are: 

    • Loss of compactness of the muscles 
    • Looseness of the joints 
    • Vitiation of Rakta (blood) 
    • Excessive production of Meda (fatty tissue) 
    • A failure of Majja (marrow) to accumulate in the bones  
    • A failure of production of Shukra (reproductive fluid) 
    • Loss of Oja (vital factor) 

    These pathological changes lead to various symptoms of aging, including the appearance of fine lines!  

    What can I do about it? What is THE solution?

    Ayurveda, the Holistic Indian Wellness Science. 

    It is the ancient 5000-year-old treasure chest filled with lots of wonderful solutions for glowing, youthful looking and luminous skin. 

    In fact, Ayurveda is known to document over 200 herbs, minerals, and fats that maintain and enhance the health and beauty of the skin. 

    Now, who wouldn’t want to discover such treasure, right? 

    Ayurveda categorizes skin on the basis of doshas and the solutions are based on balancing the doshas or the bio elements. 

    There are three doshas present in us in a combination of 5 elements:  

    • Vata Constitution: Akash (Ether or Space) + Vayu (Air) 
    • Pitta Constitution: Agni (Fire) + Jala (Water) 
    • Kapha Constitution: Prithvi (Earth) + Jala (Water) 

    An effective Ayurvedic age-defying solution supports all three doshas. 

    An imbalance in the three doshas can give rise to a plethora of skin woes: 

    • A deviation of Vata from its baseline state leads to inefficient circulation of the blood and nutrients to the different layers of the skin.  
    • Effective metabolic functioning balances the various chemical and hormonal reactions of the skin. Pitta affects these aspects.  
    • A deviation of Kapha from its baseline state affects the moisture balance of the skin

    Here’s what you can do to counter these deviations: 

    • Vata Skin Type: This skin type should be nourished and re-hydrated to avoid wrinkles and premature aging. Warm oil self-massage and natural moisturizers help. 
    • Pitta Skin Type: Good sunscreens and facial skin oils should be used daily. 
    • Kapha Skin Type: Daily warm oil massage and cleansing of the skin with gentle exfoliation is advised.

    What should I include in my age defying diet?

    You are what you eat. and your skin, being a big part of you, is inevitably also composed of what you eat and feed your skin! 

    Food for thought, isn't it?! 

    So, it is needless to say that your diet plays a huge role in maintaining the health of your skin! 

    And Ayurveda considers a healthy Vata dosha to be extremely beneficial in getting rid of the look of fine lines and discovering healthy skin. 

    Hence, it is essential that you take care of your Vata diet! 

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    Here’s how: 

    • Include green leafy vegetables in your diet 
    • Make sure that you get enough vitamins in your diet because they directly affect the health of the skin 
    • Eat protein and mineral rich foods to prevent the skin from losing its elasticity and developing premature wrinkles or fine lines 
    • Water is essential for survival. Needless to say, drink plenty of water so undigested food can be flushed out of the body

    So, a Vata plate should look like: 

    • 50% carbohydrates 
    • 20% proteins 
    • 20% vegetables 
    • 10% fruits

    The benefits of Ayurvedic remedies, including a vast array of natural ingredients with exotic and effective herbs, have been literally written in history. 

     What better test of proven efficacy than that of time? 

    These remedies have been proven for over 5000 years and that is exactly what we have for you here! 

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    Here is a list of 8 Ayurvedic Home Remedies for reducing the appearance of Fine Lines in 40+ aging skin

    1. Boil rosemary leaves in 2 cups of water and reduce to half. Add half a cup of brandy to the concoction and strain. Apply onto wrinkled skin twice a day.
    2. Another Ayurvedic home remedy for fine lines is Indian gooseberry or amalaki. Rub it on prominent wrinkles and lines. It is a rich source of vitamin C. Use lemons if you don’t have amalaki.
    3. Cucumbers are extremely beneficial when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. Grate some cucumber and strain it to gather the juice. Apply the juice onto the wrinkle-affected area daily for half an hour.
    4. Tulsi or holy basil is known for its age-defying and stress relieving properties. Drink a simple decoction of the leaves – a tea – every day. You may also chew a few leaves if they’re available to you.
    5. A mixture of ginger and honey will keep you looking and feeling young.
    6. A paste of turmeric with sugarcane juice is a very effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines.
    7. Place castor oil on spots which have developed fine lines. This works best when applied at night and left overnight.
    8. You can also massage your face with almond or coconut oil every night to improve the appearance of fine lines.

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    Ayurveda has been around for millenniums, and its reputation still holds a high ground in the modern world. Something like this is possible only if the system of science proves itself. And Ayurveda has proved its efficacy and legitimacy for over 5000 years now! 

    It withstood the test of time and bestowed upon humankind the remedies and treatments for not just skincare that keeps you looking young, but also a wide array of health-related treatments.  

    Although Ayurveda can prove to be extremely beneficial for your skin, it is not a miracle solution that shows results overnight. With un-failed, regular practice, Ayurveda promises positive results!  

    Do not forget to include yoga and meditation in your daily routine. Stress relief and movement are key to aging well. 

    Have you tried any Ayurvedic or natural home remedy for your skin? Share with us in the comments! 


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