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    Home Remedies using Ginger

    Home Remedies using Ginger are immense and through this article we take you through the best uses of Ginger in Indian homes.

    ginger- The Ayurveda Experience

    Ginger is the most common spicy and pungent herb used in Indian homes as condiment in cooking. Because of its antimicrobial properties, that may fight against bacterial and viral infections, it is extensively used in Indian homes during illness and also as a preventive remedy against any infections. Ginger also has antioxidant properties, which provides protective and healing benefits against diseases. The herb became a must have spice in every Indian home especially after Covid 19 pandemic spread.   

    Fresh ginger is found to have more antioxidative benefits, immune boosting capacity, also stimulates immune system to kill viruses. Hence its widely used in routine simple preparations like ginger tea.  

    Botanical name– Zingiber officinale 

    Family- Zingiberaceae 

    How to use Ginger for headache?

    Dry ginger is rubbed over a hard surface by adding a little water. The thin paste is applied over the forehead and person is asked to sleep. The paste is removed after 15 minutes by washing off.  

    Ginger water is used as a remedy to counter side effects of excess intake of sour mango. (Bhava Prakasha) 

    Ginger with hot water: 1 - 3 grams of ginger is administered with a cup of hot water to relieve Ama (altered digestion and metabolism) in case of Irritable bowel disease, associated with low digestion strength - Charaka Chikitsa Sthana 15th chapter.  

    Ginger for excessive sleep:

    Fresh ginger juice, lemon juice and honey - take a teaspoon of each of these and mix well. The dose of this remedy is one teaspoon. It means the remedy will be useful for three persons. Do not overdose, as it may cause stomach irritation. This improves the blood circulation to sense organs and the concentration levels improves due to that. Hence, it is a good remedy for people who feel tired and sleepy all the time. It is also a good remedy to relieve indigestion, vomiting, hangover, nausea and headache.  

    Ginger juice extract 2 - 3 drops is instilled into nose to create irritation and to expel out sputum, to relieve sinusitis. But some may find it highly irritating. Hence precaution is necessary.  

    Ginger powder is added to sesame oil or any pain-relieving oil and is applied as paste to relieve joint stiffness and to improve blood circulation.  

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    Ginger to handle bloating and abdominal colic pain : 

    Sour buttermilk mixed with a pinch of rock salt and 1 - 2 grams of ginger powder at night, before food.  

    During chronic cough, chest injury, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis etc. conditions, 48 ml of juice of fresh ginger is consumed daily along with milk. The dose is increased by 6 ml, every day. This is continued for one month. 
    During this period, the patient should drink only milk and abstain from eating solid foods. 
    This recipe is best to promote nourishment, lifespan, strength, skin health and immunity. 

    Simple home remedies using Ginger: 

    Indigestion: 5 grams crushed rhizome with salt or jaggery twice daily before meal. 

    Ear pain: 2-4 drops of fresh warm juice to be instilled in the ear (don't use when there is discharge) 

    Hoarseness of voice: 1-3 grams powder of dry rhizome with honey in three divided doses. 

    Aches and pains: 10-20 ml. decoction prepared from 2 grams of dry rhizome twice a day. 

    Cold / cough: 2-5 grams powder of dry rhizome with jaggery thrice a day in divided doses. 10ml decoction prepared from a piece of ginger every morning prevents recurrent attack of cold. 

    Head ache: Warm paste should be applied over forehead upto 3 - 4 times a day. 

    Abdominal pain: 5 ml juice in a glass of butter milk with lemon & salt. 

    Joint pain: Mix ginger powder with sesame oil and apply over the affected joints to relieve pain and stiffness. 

    Bloating and abdominal pain: Add one pinch of rock salt and 1 gram of ginger powder into one glass of sour buttermilk and drink before food at night. 

    Ama or undigested material: Drink decoction prepared with dry ginger and rock salt. 

    Chest congestion: Apply paste of ginger and mustard oil over chest to relieve chest congestion. 

    Allergic rashes: Combination of ginger juice and old jaggery twice a day. 

    Swelling: Make balls out of paste prepared with dry ginger and jaggery. Have 1-2 a day to reduce swelling and free stool passage. 

    Swelling due to sting: Paste of dry ginger and yogurt should be applied over affected area. 

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    Therapeutic application of Ginger

    • To improve appetite and digestion - Mix trikatu (Piper longum, Piper nigrum and Zingiber officinalis) in some ginger juice and gargle few times to acquire a strong appetite and power of digestion.  
    • In indigestion - the decoction of dry ginger and rock salt is very helpful in tackling undigested material.  
    • In Jaundice - Take a tea spoon of powder of dry ginger with some jaggary twice a day for free passage of stool and as a liver toxic.  
    • In Diarrhoea - Boil dry ginger and roots of poppy plant in a glass of water and take thrice a day to arrest loose motions.  
    • In Cholera - Add some dry ginger powder to decoction of the flesh of Ball fruits and take this twice a day to arrest vomiting and diarrhoea 
    • In Piles - Make small balls of dry ginger and jaggery, eat one twice a day to reduce the masses and allow free passage of stool.  
    • In Colicky pain - Equal parts of ginger, sesame seeds and jaggery should be pasted and drunk with milk twice a day.  
    • In Cold or Asthmatic attacks - Ginger tea – crushed ginger is added to boiling water and tea is prepared with this water. Take this tea to decrease inflammation and relieve congestion and body ache.   
    • In Arthritic Joints - A decoction of dry ginger and caster roots should be taken every morning for lubrication of joints and relief from pain.  
    • Blood in Urine - Boil a small piece of dry ginger in a glass of milk and drink twice a day to arrest the bleeding.  
    • In allergic rashes - Crush some old jaggary in ginger juice and take twice a day.  
    • In Hiccups - Mix jaggary and ginger juice and instill a few drops in the nostrils to stop hiccups.  
    • In Heart disease - Take a hot decoction of dry ginger often the morning meal daily.  
    • Toothache - Apply a paste of dry ginger on the outside of the cheek at the point of pain.  
    • In scrotal swelling - Apply a mixture of dry ginger and salt solution on hydroceles to reduce pain and swelling.  
    • In pain due to orchitis- Fresh ginger juice extract is administered along with one year old jaggery.  
    • In colic pain in the abdomen – Paste of ginger, jaggery and sesame with milk.  
    • In weak digestion - Drink ginger juice with old jaggery.  
    • In case of scorpion bite – Nasal administration of ginger juice along with water.  
    • In hemorrhoids - ginger juice along with jaggery.  
    • To improve digestion – Ginger powder with alkali of Hordeum vulgare plant and ghee.  
    • In Irritable bowel syndrome - Ginger along with balabilva choorna (unripe bael fruit powder)   
    • In allergic skin rashes – Ginger juice along with old ghee.  
    • In recurrent fever – Decoction of ginger and powder of Sida rhombifolia. 
    • In initial stage of diarrhea associated with weak digestion - Ginger juice is administered along with ghee.
    Home Remedies using ginger

    What are the Home Remedies using Ginger that you have tried yourself? Share with The Ayurveda Experience Community and share this article with someone who is unaware of the super herb - Ginger!

    4 Responses

    Ginalyn Ferrer
    Ginalyn Ferrer

    September 13, 2022

    I would like to try ginger (sprig of ginger meaning the younger with roots?) next time for migraine/vertigo next time.

    Janis Nielson
    Janis Nielson

    September 13, 2022

    How’s the young teenager my mother would prepare ginger tea with a little bit of honey and milk to help relieve my cramps from my menstrual period. My mother had so many home remedies that I always thought she was magic. Missing her today. She always had such good advice and remedies. My mother took care of 8 Children and I never remember having to go to the doctors.
    Do you have a book on home remedies?


    September 13, 2022

    Is it possible to save article to refer to hen it’s needed? For example, the article on ‘ginger.’

    Sherri Robinson
    Sherri Robinson

    June 09, 2021

    I eat a sprig of ginger almost daily to stave off vertigo! If I develop the an active episode of vertigo, I use double the amount. It is gone in 15 minutes!!!! I’ve had vertigo for many years, yet this ABSOLUTELY works 4 me!!!

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