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  • Angaya Podi: South Indian Ayurvedic Postnatal Herbal Formula (Recipe)

    Angaya Podi: South Indian Ayurvedic Postnatal Herbal Formula (Recipe)

    The Ayurveda Experience February 18, 2018

    Angaya podi is an Ayurvedic postnatal herbal formula. It is used to maintain the health and beauty of the postnatal woman. This traditional formulation is from the state of Tamil Nadu in south India, near Kerala, where it is passed on generation after generation.

    It is known that upon delivery, the digestive power of the woman is poor, and Vata dosha seems to be aggravated. This formula will help.

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    ‘Podi’ means ‘powder’ in the Tamil language.

    Ingredients that stimulates the digestion are included in this recipe for Angaya Podi. This recipe can also be used by others, specifically those suffering from poor digestion, diabetes, cholesterol and gas trouble.

    Recipe For Angaya Podi, Ayurvedic Postnatal Herbal Formula


    1/2 cup coriander seeds
    1/4 cup dried neem flowers or 1/2 cup dried neem leaves
    1/4 cup manathakkali vattal (dried wonderberry or sunberry or solanum retroflexum)
    sundakkai vattal (dried turkey berry or solanum torvum)  – 20 to 30 berries1/2  cup curry leaves
    3 teaspoons black pepper
    kandda thippili or long pepper – a small 1 inch stick
    1 dried red chilli
    3 teaspoons cumin seeds
    1 teaspoon omam (ajwain) seeds
    dried ginger – a small piece
    perungayam (asafoetida) – a pinch
    salt (preferably rock salt) – to taste


    The above ingredients are dry fried (without oil) in a wok. Grind to a smooth powder in a dry kitchen blender. Once you have made the podi and tasted it, you can adjust the ingredients to suit your taste.

    Store in a clean, air-tight container. This podi can last for a few months. Serve this podi with one teaspoon of ghee and cooked rice. It can also be added to curries and sauteed vegetable dishes.

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