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  • 100 Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Tips: Skincare, Haircare, Diet, And More

    100 Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Tips: Skincare, Haircare, Diet, And More

    This article outlines 100 natural and traditional Ayurvedic beauty tips that can be used to enrich self-care practices and infuse beauty into daily and seasonal routines.

    100 Natural Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

    Ayurveda, the science of life, is also an art of living. One of the many benefits of the art of Ayurveda is its ability to bring forth one’s innate beauty as well as to emphasize the healing potentials of beauty in life.

    That which is pleasing to the senses offers a perceptual experience of joy, or brings satisfaction to the heart is considered beautiful.

    Beauty can help to nurture a greater sense of svastha, situatedness in self, which Vagbhat describes as one of the essential elements of health.

    It can encourage greater self-confidence, courage, self-care, and self-love. Beauty can radiate into the lives of those around you and inspire joyful and radiant living.

    ayurvedic beauty tips

    Skincare: Glow And Radiate

    1. Abhyanga: a daily self-massage with a simple base oil, such as sesame or sunflower, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while preventing skin discoloration, wrinkles, and cellulite.
    2. Gharshana: for increased lymphatic flow and circulation, try Ayurvedic dry brushing for a radiant complexion.
    3. Oatmeal face mask: for a fresh pick-me-up after a stressful day. A really simple Ayurvedic beauty tip.
    4. Neem oil: keep this on hand for blemishes!
    5. Sandalwood oil: promotes smooth skin and can help with rashes and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
    6. Rosewater: use rosewater as a refreshing all-natural toner or cleanser in the morning.
    7. Manjistha: one of the best Ayurvedic herbs for radiant skin health! Take internally or use in a face mask.
    8. Herbal dusting: invigorate the body and reduce cellulite with herbal dusting.
    9. Jade rolling: for puffy eyes.
    10. Cilantro pulp paste: a quick remedy for rashes, or red, itchy, inflamed skin.
    11. Jojoba oil: one of the best oils for the face as it closely resembles human skin sebum.
    12. Kansa wand: For the stimulation of marma on the face, to restore tone and luster.
    13. Avoid excessive sun exposure: prevention is the best cure!
    14. Use homemade skincare remedies: excessive chemicals in skin care products will cause damage over time.
    15. Fenugreek: drink fenugreek tea to prevent wrinkles.
    16. Tulsi and milk facemask: for a healthy glow.
    17. Chickpea flour for dark spots: apply a paste overnight to discolored spots.
    18. Clay mask: use bentonite clay to draw out toxins.
    19. Switch to all-natural soap.
    20. Drink bhumyamalaki tea before bed to cleanse the liver: The liver is the root of rakta vaha srotas, which is very related to the skin.
    21. Switch to an oil-based moisturizer, or, better yet, use plain sesame or sunflower oil as an overnight moisturizer.

    Haircare: Nourish And Style

    1. Bhringraj oil for hair loss: applying bhringaraj oil to the scalp before bed is said to help support hair growth. In Sanskrit, bhringaraj means “ king of the hair”.
    2. Castor oil: apply castor oil to repair damaged hair and split ends.
    3. Olive oil: for a healthy glow – apply as an overnight mask for hair that shines!
    4. Shirodhara: a steady stream of oil flows onto the forehead during this Ayurvedic treatment, and saturates the hair with warm, medicated oil. Among many other benefits, this treatment can support hair health.
    5. Amla: high in vitamin C, amla is an excellent herb to support hair health.
    6. Brahmi: This herb has an affinity to the head and hair, helpful for hair loss and for calming Pitta dosha in the mind.
    7. Aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey hair mask: mix ¼ C aloe vera gel, ¼ C coconut oil, and 2T honey. Apply to the scalp and roots first, then work your way down. Allow the mask to sit for thirty minutes, then rinse out for a healthy and natural shine and stronger hair.
    8. Pacify Pitta dosha for hair fall: early hair loss is often associated with elevated pitta dosha. Pacify Pitta to help mitigate the root cause of hair fall.
    9. Add essential oils to your hair care routine. Sandalwood, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender all support the hair.
    10. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with harsh chemicals
    11. Avoid using heat styling tools: these can damage and cause brittle hair.
    12. Avoid chemical hair dyes: try natural herbal products such as henna instead.
    13. Only wash the hair when necessary: over washing will dry and weaken the hair over time.

    Oral Hygiene: Smile Bright

    Ayurvedic beauty tips

    1. Gandush: oil pulling with coconut or sesame oil will strengthen the teeth and gums and help reduce bacteria which are the root cause of bad breath & gingivitis.
    2. Tongue scraping: clearing the white coating off of the tongue in the morning.
    3. Triphala mouthwash: these three herbs strengthen the teeth and gums and promote healthy flora.
    4. Whiter teeth: Babul wood, roasted alum, and some rock salt.
    5. Baking soda and bentonite clay tooth powder: an easy-to-make toothpaste alternative.
    6. Chew on fennel seeds after meals to freshen your breath.
    7. Chew on neem sticks: for a natural supplement to flossing.

    Eye Care: Look With Beauty


    1. Use coconut oil and vitamin E as natural eye makeup removers.
    2. Castor oil: Apply to lashes for a natural shine.
    3. Triphala eyewash: for sensitive eyes.
    4. Rosewater alum eye drops: for eyes prone to redness and itching.
    5. Netra basti: a treatment wherein the eye is saturated in ghee for long-lasting support.
    6. Netra vyayama: eye exercises to keep the eyes and surrounding muscles strong.
    7. Palming: placing your warm palms over the eyes after a long day to bring restoration to tired eyes.
    8. Splash eyes with cool water first thing in the morning for a refreshing way to begin the day.
    9. Take screen breaks to avoid overstraining.

    50 More Ayurvedic Beauty Tips

    Diet: The Foundations Of Beauty

    1. Water: drink at least 6-8 glasses a day for proper hydration.
    2. Warm water with apple cider vinegar and honey in the morning to kindle agni.
    3. Dosha pacifying foods: follow a dosha pacifying diet to support your radiant beauty and health.
    4. Seasonal eating: foods which are in season are highest in prana and are generally most supportive of the overall balance.
    5. Ojas rich foods: Foods such as dates, almonds, milk, and berries are rich in ojas and support inner vitality and luminescence.
    6. Ghee: incorporating healthy fats in the diet helps keep the body flexible, lubricated and youthful.
    7. Plant-based diet: to reduce inflammation and bolster longevity.
    8. Alkaline foods: to support skin health.
    9. Golden milk: to support relaxation.
    10. Avoid excessively processed foods.
    11. Avoid excess sugar and salt.
    12. Cut down on caffeine.
    13. Eat all six Ayurvedic tastes: a balanced diet includes sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent foods in balance.
    14. Colorful fruits and vegetables: rich in antioxidants.
    15. Nutrient-dense leafy green vegetables.
    16. Fasting once or twice each year: a kitchari or fruit mono-diet, or a full Panchakarma for restoration and renewal.
    17. Aloe vera: a cooling supplement to manage elevated Pitta.
    18. Saffron: a powerful antioxidant, known for its ability to stabilize the nervous system.
    19. Turmeric: reduces inflammation, among many other benefits!
    20. Eat mindfully & enjoy the tastes of your food!

    Gut Health: Shine From The Inside Out

    ayurvedic beauty tips gut health

    1. Know your agni: being able to recognize when metabolism is too slow (manda), too fast (tikshna), or variable (vishama), can help us make choices to support our metabolism, which in turn helps our outer glow!
    2. Ginger tea: drinking ginger tea can help improve digestion as well as complexion through its effect on the circulatory system.
    3. Trikatu: trikatu can help speed up a weak metabolic fire.
    4. Hingvastak: to support gas, bloating and cramping.
    5. Triphala: to support the colon and regular elimination of wastes.
    6. Probiotics: for a healthy gut flora!
    7. CCF tea: to calm Pitta dosha and support agni.

    Lifestyle: Living A Beauty Life

    1. Seasonal Rhythms: honor the fluctuations of the elements throughout the year to support doshic balance sustainable wellness.
    2. Sleep: getting adequate sleep is crucial for the body’s ability to rest and restore.
    3. Alternate nostril breathing: clearing the energetic channels of the body supports the movement of prana which brings youthfulness and vitality to the body.
    4. Breath of victory: bring some courageousness into your day with ujjayi pranayama.
    5. Shavasana: taking intentional time to rest will help lower cortisol levels and help inspire beauty in your day.
    6. Yoga nidra: if you struggle with insomnia, try listening to a guided yoga nidra session before bed.
    7. Facial exercises: to strengthen and tone the muscles of the face.
    8. Meditation: equanimity to carry you.
    9. Movement: find activity within your day to boost serotonin levels and support your health and wellbeing
    10. Relationship: Ayurveda is a science of relationship. Take time to nourish relationships as these connections can be a source of beauty and nourishment in our lives.
    11. Nauli: tones the digestive system as well as the muscles of the stomach.
    12. Sun salutations: to activate the solar energy within the body and improve energy and circulation.
    13. Moon salutations: to cool and calm the body.
    14. Marma chikitsa: activating acupressure points throughout the body can support health and wellness.
    15. De-Stress: Stress can amplify the signs and symptoms of aging in the body.
    16. Confidence: there is great beauty in the sense of svastha, situatedness in self.
    17. Boundaries: maintaining healthy boundaries and knowing when to say no is a form of inner beauty.
    18. Channel your creativity: engage in creative projects to help channel beauty into the world.
    19. Moon bathing: soaking up the moon’s rays can help to bolster ojas, which contributes to immunity and vitality. One of the best Ayurvedic beauty tips.
    20. Herbal baths: nourish body and mind with herbal baths made of rose, ginger, chamomile, or tulsi.
    21. Yoni steaming: using herbal vaginal steam is a traditional Ayurvedic self-care practice from women.
    22. Planetary colors: the Ayurvedic sister science of jyotish (astrology) recommends honoring the planets through our dress – wearing white on Monday (Moon), red on Tuesday (Mars), green on Wednesday (Mercury), green on Thursday (Jupiter), purple on Friday (Venus), blue on Saturday (Saturn), and bright colors on Sunday (sun).
    23. Smell the roses: take time to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

    Share your own Ayurvedic beauty tips with us in the comments below!


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    simone walker
    simone walker

    September 13, 2022

    just wondering if using paraania oil on hair and scalp is ok?

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